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August 12, 2017 18:06

The method of laying porcelain tiles on the floor

The method of laying porcelain tiles on the floor

To answer the question: how to carry out laying porcelain tiles on the floor with your hands, you need to understand the technology.

In fact, this work is not the easiest, but it is doable.

This material is considered to be demanding for the preparation of the base.

How is laying porcelain tiles on the floor, made by different technologies (concrete, old or wooden floor), we consider in detail.


  • Preparing for installation granite
  • Application Method granite
  • Options laying porcelain
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Choose glue
  • stacking technology in the adhesive composition

Preparing for installation granite


materials, in addition to the granite, require:

  • crosses;
  • sealant;
  • grout;
  • special glue;
  • primer.

tools for the job:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • rubber trowel;
  • simple and notched trowel;
  • marker;
  • container for glue;
  • Bulgarian (Tile).

correctly laid tile, has high strength and durability, but the granite is a very fragile material.

The use of crosses

Therefore during transportation it is treated with technical wax or paraffin to protect against breakage.Thus, the first protective layer should be removed.

wax is removed with water, using detergents.Paraffin with tiles can be removed with a spatula.

Application Method granite

To date, there are the following ways of laying stoneware tiles:

  1. to advance a raised floor with special designs for mounting plates.Such work is difficult to perform with his own hands, since it requires to build a load-bearing structure of the related posts, for which there is laying the flooring;
  2. laying on the glue.This method is simpler and more commonplace, it allows you to perform the work themselves.To do this, you must get to know the technology and some features granite paving.

Options laying porcelain

styling options may be different, but are considered classics:

  • checkers;
  • deck (masonry);
  • maze;
  • cell;
  • network.

can combine several options.

options for laying

When one of the stacking options should be taken into account that the small tiles are able to visually enlarge the room, and on the contrary, the large size porcelain reduces the room.

also true about the color: bright colors will expand the space, but for these purposes it is not necessary to choose the broad patterns.

Substrate Preparation

main condition for laying porcelain tiles is - flat base, which must be dry and clean.

Why not use uneven floor:

  1. Gres has a sufficiently large weight.Because of this, differences may arise between the tiles, it will happen especially if the base height difference will be significant at the excess glue.
  2. Standard tile size is 40x40 cm adhesive beneath it must be distributed evenly.It's easier to do it on a flat surface.In the formation of even small voids under the tiles, after drying a load of an object is to this place, you might crack.

Thus, the base should be smooth.Provided great elevation changes made concrete screed.If you lay the tiles with his own hands, it is easier to use self-leveling mixture.

For better coupling adhesive and flooring base coated with a primer.Prerequisites for - wait for the prepared surface is dry.

Laying porcelain tiles on the old wooden floor is possible if all the pre-rotten planks were removed, new secured with screws (no nails!).

On the floor laid a special substrate or drywall, and already it is applied to the adhesive and the tile installation is done.

Giposkarton also treated with primer.


If the installation is carried out on a floor heating system, it is necessary to enable the moisture to evaporate as soon as possible.Next floor heating is switched off and the time given to the fact that the surface has cooled.

Include it only after the tile is laid, the adhesive is fully cured, will be done grouting.Then you will be warm and beautiful floor.

Special attention requires laying the flooring over the old tiles.Immediately I must say that you can do so.But

done only if the old coating is durable.If the cement-glue mixture crumbles under the tile, tile shattered, then resorted to dismantling all flooring.

Then all falls back to level and make efforts according to the general technology.

Check the strength of each tile is necessary, tapping on her hammer.

If any of them are loose, it is disassembled and the resulting uneven floor leveled with cement mortar to the required level.

When you are confident that the establishment of a reliable, then, first of all, you need high-gloss finish of the old tile grinder to process or make a notch for the best coupling.

also need to degrease coating with caustic soda.Stack granite should be so that the seams do not match the previous tiles with new ones.

Note that with this embodiment, the floor level rises.When laying in the bathroom or the toilet floor level should be below the nut.

It is necessary to exclude the possibility of flooding the entire room.

Choose glue

for the performance of laying porcelain tiles need to choose the right glue.

Low water absorption porcelain tiles determines the choice of adhesive, which should have a high surface adhesion ability with the material.

The determining factor is the instructions on the packaging.


However, there are some rules to get the best binder:

  • mixture should fall asleep in the water and not vice versa;
  • proportions specified on the package, must be observed.Eliminates the addition of various additives and impurities;
  • Clay will be ready when the consistency will resemble the likeness of liquid clay, that is not very liquid and not very thick and without lumps and bubbles;
  • Using glue is limited in time (a few hours, the different types of adhesives are designed for different times), so do not just kneading a large amount.

stacking technology in the adhesive composition

stacking technology begins with the selection of the right tools, a list of which you can see above.Depending on the size of stoneware tiles selected spatula.

The larger the tile, the larger must be the teeth.


There are different options for tiling, in any event, first celebrated middle floor.For convenience, the cord is pulled.

Work to install porcelain tiles with their hands starts from the middle of the room so that the cord must pass along the middle of the tile or its seam.

This is done for symmetry: at the edges of the room even cut pieces will be the same width.

On the prepared substrate is applied a thin layer of glue, no more than 5 mm.This is done by each tile separately, not on the entire surface at once.

On the reverse side of stoneware tiles and the adhesive is applied.

tile fits neatly placed on the edge aligned (layout plane can be made in advance or use a laser level) and presses.


The gap between the tiles is controlled by the crosses, to ensure evenness of the joints.Moving stacked floor covering can be in the first 10 minutes.

If the work is a break, then after leveling tile on previously laid is not necessary to avoid extremes, since it has already slipped, and "fresh" only to be it.

glue dries within a day, complete coupling occurs after three days.

After the glue grabbed a floor covering is carried out grouting.There are various ways to do this work.

Make coating can be more neutral, having carried out the grout joints in tone.To emphasize patterns, to emphasize the contrast, it is better to use grout of a different color.

seams with grout should be clean.From joints grouting solution is applied on the diagonal.

The resulting gap between the wall and the tiles are filled with silicone sealant.After completion of the work can be done wet cleaning, but do not fill all the water and remove the dirt with a wet cloth or sponge.

To start washing floors in a conventional manner can be two weeks later.

When docking porcelain stoneware with other materials, such as laminate or parquet, use nut.This is necessary to avoid the appearance of cracks.

wooden floor tends to expand or contract under the influence of temperature.If the seam line, then you can use the nut of aluminum.


When curvilinear junction using bendable plastic sills.

In the video you can see the very process of laying porcelain tiles with their hands.