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August 12, 2017 18:06

The device gable roof truss system

The device gable roof truss system

Rafter system gable roof has a fairly simple device, its installation does not take much time and can be successfully performed with his own hands.

gable roof can be seen quite often, and this is due primarily to the fact that such a design house is the best option that can effectively protect against various external influences.

structures and devices such roofs are relatively simple, and with the right campaign to the point of construction and minimal knowledge to do it no problem with their own hands.

Installation and assembly of the roof, consisting of two rays, does not take a lot of time, and in addition, does not require significant cash outlay.

There are different variants of the roof with two slopes, and depending on what kind of design of the house is provided, it is made a drawing and make the appropriate payment.

Gable roof allows you to arrange additional living space in the form of the attic.

Its design can be pendant, naslonnaya, as a broken line, and has the different configuration.

the photo in the article you will see different types of gable roofs, including a loft.


  • Features truss system
  • types of roof systems
  • Preliminary roof structure calculations
  • Determination loads for roof system
  • Stages of construction of roof system

Features truss system

characteristic featureare any two gable roof sloping plane rectangular shape that it forms the top of the house.

This device allows it to various types of precipitation does not collect and drain away from her naturally.

Despite the seeming simplicity of such a roof, its design has a fairly sophisticated device, but to do it with his own hands according to every working man.

options rafters

Its main structural elements are mauerlat directly itself truss system, fillies.

In addition, the project must be included such kinds of elements such as overhang, sill, as well as struts and tightening.

also gable roof battens scheme provides for improvement and implementation of the racks.

themselves truss systems rely mainly on mauerlat, which is responsible for the distribution of load on the rafter frame on the wall.

direct the formation of the main body is made by rafter.

Both ramp that form this type of roof, interconnected ridge, which is the end of all the rafters.

The structure of the gable roof

entire vertical load on the truss system of the internal walls of the house is transferred through the racks, for which a separate calculation.

During load transfer directly from the rafters to the supporting walls meet the struts that must be included in the project.

To rafters are securely bonded to each other, settling special tightening.

main fastening element truss structure is the crate, which is also responsible for uniform distribution of its external loads.

a preliminary calculation, which is compiled on the basis of the project, which may also provide for the improvement of the attic truss construction of any type of roof importance.

For sloping roof with two slopes provides its own scheme and developed a separate project.On

presented below photo shows the options gable roof with a different slant for private houses, installation of which can be done by hand.


types of roof systems

Any gable roof can have a truss system or with hanging rafters, or with naslonnymi.

most optimal and reliable option for the house is considered a combined design that combines the joint combination.

Despite this, the types and methods of arrangement of the rafters are selected on the basis of some of the design features of the house.

So, in most cases, the installation of the hanging type trusses is performed in the case where the outer walls of the house are located from each other at a distance of less than ten meters.

In addition, in this case the design of the house should not involve other internal dividing walls.


Hanging rafters construction has on the wall Expander load type that can adversely affect the structure as a whole.

reduce its possible only if we make the installation of a special wooden or metal unit directly at the base of the rafters.

In turn, the installation of rafters naslonnoy construction involves the installation of special support beam to be done in the middle of the construction of the house.

This bar allows the weight of the roof evenly on the columnar-type intermediate supports, or to the middle wall, if it provides for the project.

In most cases, the type of truss system naslonnogo performed in the case where the outer walls are at a distance from each other by more than ten meters.

Regardless of what type of roof system is selected for the gable roof, you need to perform the calculation, which will distribute the load on all beams.

main advantage of this roof system is the ability to build a residential attic.

When choosing the type of roof for many fundamental factor is the price, and in this case, the gable roof provides an optimal price-performance ratio.

In addition, the roof inclined type has an attractive appearance, as you can see, if you look at the photo.


Preliminary roof structure calculations

Calculation roof with two slopes with their own hands should begin with the choice of material, which will beact as the roof, as well as some of the architectural requirements that apply to this type of roof.

should be remembered that for the sloping roof and attic payment has minor differences.

First of all, please note that the slope of a roof, including a broken line should not be less than five degrees.

The dependence of the square of the slope

If the construction of the house being on the ground, which falls abundant rainfall, the recommended slope of the roof during the year, including a broken line should be an average of forty degrees.

Of course, at this angle the construction of the attic will not be possible, however, equipping sloping roofs will help to solve the problem.

general construction of sloping roof allows arrangement of additional space in the form of the attic.

If strong winds are observed in the region, it is recommended to make a flat roof, with a slope of up to twenty degrees.

most preferred embodiment of the arrangement of the gable roof is the medium variant slope, in which the roof is not necessary to make a broken and at the same time have the opportunity to equip its mansard.

should also be remembered that the installation of a roof with a steep slope dramatically increases the cost of installation of wooden roof frame.

general settlement with their hands should be made taking into account all the requirements of both external and internal.

roof with a slight slope and the two ramps can be seen in the photo, which is available below.

order to buy all the necessary material in sufficient quantity, it is necessary to make a calculation area of ​​the entire roof structure.

To do this, take the average area of ​​a single ramp and double it.Typically, the total length of the ramp is approximately equal to the length of the wall.

This calculation should be done as accurately as possible with all the necessary nuances.

The video, which is available below, talked about how to make a truss system for roofs with two slopes with their own hands.


Determination loads for roof system

important aspect in the design of roof system for roofs with two slopes is the calculation of loads and performance included in its design elements.

In the case where the planned construction of a house in one floor, the roof system to calculate only need to know two values, namely, the weight of the roof itself and the power of the wind and rain.

roof weight is obtained by adding the weight between all members of the design elements of skates.

To find the estimated load from the wind and rain outside, the roof is necessary to multiply the weight by ten percent.

In that case, if you plan to eventually increase the angle of rays, then the calculation must be conducted to lay a certain reserve for loads truss system.

Fixing to mauerlat

should also be sure to take into account the load on the truss system of the attic.

All these values ​​are important in designing the truss system, and therefore must be made with extreme precision.

To calculate the load on the design of trusses of various external factors, such as wind, snow, rain and so on, it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities of the climate of the place where the construction of houses is underway.

In this case, it is imperative to take into account the angle of the rafters.For example, if the slope of the rafters forming rays of twenty five degrees, then the snow load must be taken as a unit.

with larger slope trusses, the correction factor is increased accordingly.

When performing calculations necessary to remember that from the roof system load goes to the wall, which are located on the perimeter of the structure.

Accordingly, all the parameters of the walls should also be taken into account in the calculations of truss system of the house.

Installing rafters for the roof with two slopes begins only after all the necessary for calculations to be made.

The video, which is available below, talked about how his hands to start the construction of roof system for the gable roof.


Stages of construction of roof system

Installation gable roof with his hands should start with everything mauerlat around the perimeter walls.To do this, use a high-quality wooden beams without defects.

may also be necessary in the construction of a special reinforcing belt, which only give strength being built roof with two slopes.

beam under mauerlat placed on the upper end wall and is secured by means of a pre-fixed in the walls of the wire.

is followed to perform fixation of rafters.

rafters Installation should only be of high quality material, which is completely absent any defects.

In order to carry out the work it was more convenient, you must make a template rafter on which all of the elements will be made later.

Further installation is carried out directly to the rafters and rafters themselves.For details on how to collect their own hands rafters for roofs with two slopes, is told in the video below.


When assembling the truss construction for roofs with two slopes must be as accurate as possible to maintain the required spacing between all the beams.

After the installation is fully produced the entire roof system, it is necessary to fix the upper edge of the skate.

The following roof construction on two ramp quality liberated in order to give it maximum rigidity.To do this, use the special and tightening bolts.

In some selected cases may require the construction of fortification beams.In any case, the design should turn out not only solid, but tough.

In the final phase, the roof battens with two slopes and how to do it correctly, told on video.

Crate is performed taking into account the characteristics of the roof, which will be laid on top of it.After this will only make the roofing pie and put the roof itself.

Remember that roofing pie must consist of a layer of waterproofing, vapor barrier and insulation.

installation of truss construction for the roof with two slopes should be carried out according to the procedure and according to established rules.

The material should be used only high-quality wood, which does not contain any defects.

Particular attention should be given to giving the strength and stiffness of the whole structure truss system.

Another important point is the roof battens, which must be made taking into account all the characteristics of a roofing material.


the photo in the article, you can see some design options truss system for gable roofs, which can be build with their own hands.

In any case, this type of roof is considered the most popular in private construction due to the fact that it has good stability and high reliability.

In this article we looked at - that is a gable roof truss system and types of roofs.

learn how to self-assemble truss roof on the two ramp, said cover video, which you can see in our article