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August 12, 2017 18:06

What kind of hood choose the kitchen ?

What kind of hood choose the kitchen ?

Most often the hood in the kitchen without air is used in cases where the vent can not cope with their tasks.

Necessity device explains the constant cooking process whereby formed smells, steam, grease, grime on the walls.


  • The principle of
  • drawing Advantages and disadvantages of product without air
  • Setting circulating drawing and design
  • Exhaust duct
  • installation problems
  • Installation drawing
  • What features are most important?

The principle of

exhaust main and the main drawing device element is the engine, as well as the fan and filter.

Fan can be called air guide, since it contributes to the movement of air to the filter and then through it.

Exhaust principle

Depending on the further direction of the air following types of hoods:

  • Exhaust - suggests the air outlet in the ventilation shaft or on the street with the help of air.A positive aspect of such a device is that all the contaminated air out of the room.. See the picture above;
  • Circulating - air duct in such a device is missing.The principle of extraction is that by absorbing the dirty air back into the room already cleaned.Such designs are equipped with double filtration level.See. Photo below.

other words, hoods are divided into those that the device requires a duct, and those that cope without him.Which one to choose, and not to be mistaken with the choice, consider the following.

Circulation hood

Advantages and disadvantages of product without air

Positive aspects:

  1. Hood without duct does not load the overall ventilation system;
  2. not overlap kitchen vent off the air does not stagnate in the room;
  3. Easy to install, does not require special knowledge and skills;
  4. Do not overload the interior, do not need to look for ways to hide duct;
  5. Replacement filters is easy.Easy to use;
  6. Has adapters, power is supplied from an ordinary wall outlet;
  7. Allows you to set the stove or cooktop anywhere.

Negative points:

  1. frequent filter replacement.replacement frequency is determined by the number of family members, the intensity of the work plate and so forth;
  2. exhaust duct system equipment works more efficiently in comparison with a circulating cooker hood;
  3. not eliminates humidity from the room.

Setting circulating drawing and design

To properly install the hood in the kitchen, it is necessary above the hob in the middle draw a vertical line, from which future measurements will be made.

You can use the level to draw a horizontal flat.This line will be positioned lower section of the device.

If the equipment is equipped with a set of template, the installation is carried out on it.

hood fastened to anchors (anchors sometimes, depending on the wall), diameter and length of which must be approached on the recommendations of the manufacturer.

This installation is completed, it is necessary to include the device in the socket.

Hood without duct design are divided into types:

  • Flat - can be both horizontal and vertical.Good fit into the interior design;
  • Built hood often "hidden" in the wall cabinet.Telescopic hood is a subtype of built: in the absence of need for it, it is removed.

for circulating hoods use coal (to absorb odors) and the grease filter.The second filter is responsible for the safety of the device.

In his absence hood can quickly come into disrepair.


grease filter is of several varieties:

  • metal, the advantage of which is reusable as possible;
  • acrylic fibers - used as a filter, which is also reusable.Wash it is desirable on the hands, because a strong spinning can damage the structure;
  • are single use paper filters, padding polyester, non-woven fabrics.Their surface is covered with special characters (patterns).When it becomes impossible to distinguish the patterns, then the filter must be replaced.

Exhaust duct

Hood Kitchen duct is used more often because it is more efficient due to the total intake of "bad" air.

Circulation view drawing takes polluted air, cleans, and then returns it back into the room.Unfortunately, sometimes the cleaned air is returned along with the bad.

not always get set the hood close to the ventilation window.Therefore, resorting to the help of air ducts.They are of two types: plastic and corrugated.

Kitchen plastic ducts made of PVC material that is not afraid to temperature changes, is resistant, durable and easily, as well as hygienic.

Aluminum corrugated pipe has an aesthetic appearance, so often try to hide it.It should be noted that these are very flexible ducts.Feature

pipe installation is that the bends lead to bandwidth reduction, the inclination angle shall be obtuse (maximum right).


This pipe diameter should not be changed dramatically, the transitions should be smooth.If the diameter of the drawing and the diameter of the ventilation windows are the same, then this option can be considered ideal.

In this case, the duct diameter is selected in accordance with common parameters.

installation problems

negative aspect of this type of installation the hood is that it leads to violations of natural ventilation because the air passage is permanently closed.

restore natural ventilation is possible in three ways:

  1. Installation of additional holes in the duct.Immediately we can say that this is not the best solution, because the bandwidth of it is not getting better;
  2. more rational solution is the installation of windows in the outer wall.Note: this is done only after receiving permission from the municipal services;
  3. most correct way out is to install the flapper valve.He acts as follows: when the device is one of the two holes, located inside, closed the flap, providing a forced draft.In off mode - damper is in a position overlying the second hole, thus providing natural ventilation.

valve mechanism is equipped with a spring, the diameter of which shall be equal to 4-5 mm in length should not exceed 15 cm and wire diameter - 0.2-0.3 mm.

Installation drawing

Installation built drawing starts with a box for the firecrackers, which can be made of aluminum, tin or galvanized.

You can buy ready-made valve, which will be attached in two places: in the closet and ventilation window.To start valve is placed on the case, is tried.

then cabinet must be removed and marking to make holes in the bottom and top boards.

duct connected as follows: corrugated plastic or ducts (for self-installation is more convenient to use flexible materials) pokes through a hole in the closet.At the top of the valve must be given a square shape tube.


Then corrugation clipped, protruding ends are bent outward at the top.Wardrobe can be installed in its place.Next

performed valve assembly.All cracks, gaps are handled with silicone sealant.You can then install the hood in the cabinet itself, which is mounted on the screws or dowels.

Gofra stretch secured with a special clamp.

The final step is to connect the corrugated tube to the ventilation window, for easy connection used grille with round hole.

Plastic ducts mounted just as well, interconnected components.

Installation drawing without the cabinet is as follows: to the wall socket must be attached under the frame in the shape of the letter "P" on the dowel.

In such cases, the plastic ducts are used more often.Cracker valve can be installed on the upper section of the box.

What features are most important?

When choosing drawing attention should be paid not only on its design and the brevity of the device in the interior, but also on the technical characteristics: power, noise control (control).

power extraction should be selected depending on the size of the room.The amount of food is calculated as follows: the area is multiplied by the height of the ceiling and is multiplied by a factor of 6 or 12.

Why this number?Because good ventilation should provide, in a six-hour exchange of air - this indicator (6) is minimal, so it is best to take it at double the rate.

example, the kitchen area - 10 square meters.m, ceiling height - 2.7 m, it turns out: 10h2,7h6 = 162, double the amount = 324 cc.m / h.

The first number (162) indicates the minimum power required of the equipment.

in the studio apartment, where the living room is combined with the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the whole premises.

Do not choose extract more power than necessary, as will be spent more energy, and it will be more noisy.

To select a quiet unit, should pay attention to the figure of 40 decibels.


The simplest hoods with adjustable speeds have a switch.

more expensive and complex devices can show the degree of contamination of the filter have a timer, and the clock, as well as sensors to automatically turn on and off the hood and so forth.

It may be noted that the more different indicators sensors have hoods, so they will be moreflexible: work units will be more accurate.