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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of roller shutters with his hands

Installation of roller shutters with his hands

Many prefer to install the shutters with his hands, because to attract professionals to deliver a garage door is not cheap - much cheaper to do it yourself, the more that the process of installing some types of designs simple, and quite capable of even inexperienced in the repair and construction of people.

However, the use of roller blinds can not only as a gateway for the garage - often they are placed on the window (choose Window systems made of polycarbonate), and even furniture.

This method of installation like, and learn it once, you will be able to install shutters on any design.

In this article you will learn about the types of systems, as well as how to install them on windows and other objects on their own, and whether the system needs repair that lasts you a long time.

What are roller shutters?

most demanded a "product" of course, garage doors, shutters.

Unlike most other types of systems, shutters can be seen not only in private garages and underground car parks and parking lots in front of shopping centers.

This suggests that the system is really reliable and it was appreciated by many large companies.


The configuration of the type of such garage door may be slightly different, but share a number of advantages: they are easy and convenient to use, theytake up little space when opening the garage, you can install them yourself, without rebuilding with garage doors, they open and close automatically, do not require complicated maintenance or repair, and look attractive.

Cons installation of roller shutters requires not so much: the first is the price, becausefairly expensive system.

However, the price can be somewhat reduced if you install these garage doors yourself.Another negative - the shutters are not suited to very low temperatures, so the design will freeze in the winter.

If you live in a region where winter temperatures drop below 25 degrees, you'd better choose the other garage door.

There are two main types of garage doors, rolling shutters.They may be solid or hollow.

first made of aluminum or steel, the latter - of aluminum, filled inside with polyurethane.

Aluminium systems the strongest, but also the most expensive and difficult to install due to its weight: to put them, you will need to be equipped with a powerful electric garage and fastening materials, or set design will not work.


on windows often choose shutters made of polycarbonate.Polycarbonate consrtuctions strong and in no way inferior to other types of shutters.

are two types of device shutters: they can be equipped with a wicket, or produced a single canvas.

garage doors with wicket door, of course, will be more convenient, becausein this case does not have to constantly lower and raise the structure completely.

Work shutters can also be in two modes: in the first case, the gates will be opened by hand, and in the second - automatically.

In the latter case, the design is required to complement the respective electric power.

for heavy roller shutters will only fit an automatic way of opening and manual mode can be used for most types of light structures only.

best to choose garage doors, shutters, gates and equipped with a vertical lift design type, operating in automatic mode.

These gates consist of several parts: the web is made up of slats interconnected by hinges, also in the design part of the box, the receiving shaft, guiding profiles, mechanisms of spring and latch-type, power, motion detectors and remote control, which constitute a single automated system.

Production and installation of shutters made of polycarbonate for furniture is much easier than for garage doors.

They can be installed on all types of cases, but often they can be found on the balcony or in the closet, becausecabinets with roller shutters can significantly save space and are best suited for small spaces.


Pros furniture shutters are the same as that of the garage door: they are durable, easy to make repairs in case of breakage, as well as easy to clean, they are resistant to moisture, corrosion, and temperature changes.

and install them is much easier than garage doors, shutters.

How to install and repair the shutters?

instructions how to install garage doors, may be slightly different depending on the type of construction.

Put them can be external way, with the construction of a box mounted on the wall at the entrance to the outside.Make a self-installation easier.

more sophisticated version called built-in, in which case the design will be placed inside the garage.Plus

second embodiment of the installation in that the outside there will be no unnecessary objects, but this would require some have the garage space.

Installation choices for shutters

can be selected and combined method of installation when installed outside the box.

This option allows you to make the design "conjoint" with the building, ieno part of it shall not extend beyond the garage.

Before starting the installation of roller shutters, you need to make an opening suitable for this.

Preparation of the opening is to prepare the walls and ceiling walls to align mortars or special pads that capture, where a box is attached and tires, as well as silicone and plaster.To install

structure, each wall is necessary to make a hole having a diameter of 12-20 mm, depending on the size of the structure.

Installation of roller shutters takes place in three stages: first you need to collect himself frame, then install it on the wall, check if the design is included in the opening and conduct waterproofing embedded seams and cracks that have appeared during installation.

Cope with each process will help you a video where instructed how to do it.

Before you put the design on the wall, you need to prepare a box.To do this, two through holes which, after assembly will need to install the rivet.

holes also need to make the connection in the field boxes.


To properly install the structure, you need to make a layout on which you will install the hardware, and to do it under the hole.

markup do, applying the framework to the places where it will be fixed.With the level necessary to verify the correctness of his position.

According to the desired height, make holes in the frame for the dowels and insert them.

sure that the dowels have been tightened evenly, otherwise skew shutters can, and they will not be able to function qualitatively.

size of the holes depends on the type of control system, so pre-read the information in the passport to the design before starting work.

If management or by an electric lift cord, the diameter of the hole should be 12 mm, if the means of the tape, then 16, and if the gimbal system, 20.


made a hole in the need to insert a protective spring.

Now you can set the frame.Ensure that all work was carried out strictly according to the pre-made layouts.

After installation of roller shutters installed correctly you need to check the level.Secure the frame with screws needed for it to be stable.

Look at all stages of work in video and photos, before embarking on a self-installing.

polycarbonate shutters on the windows are set to similar technologies.

Ensure that when installed on the anchors windows were tightened evenly, or it, as in the case of the gate, hamper their operation.

Depending on the type of work, in addition to themselves roller blinds on windows made of polycarbonate to collect and control system, if any.Watch the video, make it easier to handle the job.

As a rule, if you have installed the correct design and use it in accordance with the instructions, it will not need repairs for a long time.

The most common repair is needed lifting garage door system, ie electrical wires or other elements of the mechanism.


As a rule, small repair needed, or simply as part fails, then it can not be repaired and you just need to replace the other.Regarding

shutters of polycarbonate windows and furniture construction, repair them, are generally not required at all, sincethey have no mechanism to work.

Enough minimal maintenance and operation in accordance with the instructions, then repair roller shutter does not need a very long time.