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August 12, 2017 18:06

Install door closer correctly

Install door closer correctly

Install door closer provides dense closing of the door and save you from drafts and other troubles, which gives an open door.

addition to being able to close the door tightly, the door closer will significantly reduce the pressure on the hardware and thus extend the work of the loop, and the entire door structure.

door closer is suitable for any type of doors - front, interior, garage, bath-house, and the door of any other structure.

The article is devoted to the types of structures, methods, and the nuances of each of them, and you will learn how to set up such a structure with his own hands and save on attracting professionals.

types and ways of working designs

Door closers are different depending on the method of installation, and are divided into overhead - the ones that are installed directly in the boxed beams, door leaf or hinges and floor - are laid during installation of flooring.

Mounting devices of the second type is more complex, and you need their locations made before the floor is ready.

The device door closer

There are also hidden closers, which are located in a box or in a cloth.

But to put such a mechanism, it is necessary to produce a cavity milling, and with his own hands without the necessary experience with this not handle.

For those who want to perform installation of door closer with his hands, but has no experience in this business, it is best to choose a way to install the door.

Typically, instructions and a diagram of this process is given in conjunction with the device itself, as well as help you in this article describing the steps and the video, which shows all the details.

addition device, you need to choose the appropriate installation and that varies depending on the type of mechanism, as well as the location of the door closer on the door: it can be installed inside or outside.

However, the installation on the outside should be avoided, becausein this case, the lifetime of the device reduced due to changes in temperature and weather influences.

This occurs due to the fact that the mechanism of the machine is equipped with a working oil and by the fact that it flows from the cavity into the cavity.

With a significant decrease in temperature, eg in winter, the oil will become viscous and thick consistency, and in the summer, on the contrary, too much liquid.

This all leads to the fact that you first have to continually adjust the operation of the device, and, secondly, its lifetime reduced.

There are several standard schemes, how to make installation of closers, they are almost identical in complexity and quality of the installation.

first scheme involves securing lever on the lintel of the door of the box.Another option attachment - on the top tool bar of the box with the screwing of the shoe arm to the door leaf.

third option - securing lever in parallel with the mounting bracket.This scheme is similar to the first, with the only difference being that in the first scheme will be perpendicular to the lever arrangement.

If a non-standard doorway and door height clearance is too small, for the construction of installation you have to use angles and plates, but on the whole plant with their own hands is not much more complicated than when the doorway of standard form.

When choosing door closer non-standard opening to consider the distance from the top edge of the box to the ceiling, so that there is enough space to install the device.

most popular and high-quality types of closers are considered Apex device company.

They produce devices of different types and prices, and install them with their own hands is the same as any other system.

How to install and adjust the design?

After you choose which scheme the closer you approach, and decided on the model, you can install the device by hand.

Installation closers of any type performed identically.

The first thing you need to make a template from the closer of the box to the place where you will install the structure, and fix it with adhesive tape.


you see the point where the hardware needs to be done - they are marked by the manufacturer.In these places, you need to make 6 holes: two are needed to fix the arm, and four - for the installation of the door closer.

better to drill holes at once, becausethen it will be harder to do.

First you need to fix the lever unit, and after him to fix the door closer body.

When the two parts of the structure are installed, you can proceed to install the thrust - it must be connected to the closer axis with the implementation of adjustment in length.

If you did everything correctly, the latching lever must be fixed exactly perpendicular to the door leaf in the closed form, and screws to adjust the design to be installed in the direction of the beam looped box.

fixing material for the design comes from a door closer by, so buy more things do not need to separately.

most important when setting your hands to guide has been fully complied with, then the closer will work correctly.

but not be limited only by the attached circuit manufacturer, see the video, it will help you in your work.

When the closer is installed, it is important to properly adjust it to make it work properly.Adjustments made using the adjustment screws, the position that you want to adjust.

Screws set the speed at which the door leaf can move.

It has two modes: the first screw is defined by the speed of the door in compliance with the range 180-15 degrees, and the second is to have a speed of 15 to 0.

To set the correct speed, turn the screw in the direction along and against the cuts.

usually for proper system operation only one turn.Do not try too hard to put pressure on the screws or make a lot of turns.

If there will be more than two, then the closer the tightness will be broken, and the screws just fall out of the structure, which will result in oil leakage and lead to the construction of a complete failure.

Some closers have additional functions besides dense fixing doors - a feature BackCheck, when wheather installed damper, which prevents too much force, with a range of 70-110 degrees.

Hold-Open, which allows you to lock the door in the open position and Delayed Closing, which provides a prolonged movement in between 110-70 degrees.

devices equipped with such additions will cost more, but installation will be similar to their own hands, so do not worry that you will not be able to establish a more complex system.


Once you put on wheather all the necessary values ​​and found that the speed of movement, such as you need, and the door closing is accompanied by "latching action" and "boosting", you can close the axis closers special decorative cap.

work is finished.This is the installation of the door closer with his hands.Before installation, check the video to the device has been installed correctly.

If the installation is made correctly, the door will work properly and be closed and opened as provided device manufacturers.

No special care after the installation is finished, closer does not require - make sure that the door does not swing children, and that it does not propped up - this can damage the appliance.

The rest of door closers is operated in the same way as a normal door.