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August 12, 2017 18:06

What choice of wallpaper for painting is better to do ?

What choice of wallpaper for painting is better to do ?

question what paintable wallpaper better care of many who started a repair, as a coating that can change color according to the operation, it looks much more interesting and original than conventional types of wallpaper.

Thanks to a special coating of wallpaper for painting, you can change their color several times, allowing you to dramatically change the interior of the apartment, not perekleivaya with the wall.

In this article you will learn about all existing types of coating for painting and will be able to decide which cover for painting the best fit for your flat.Stock options will help you with this.

You will also receive instructions on how to paste such as the wallpaper and cared for properly.

With this knowledge, you can significantly extend the life of your wall covering.

Types of wallpapers

There are several options of wallpaper, designed for the application of paint on them.Almost all of them can repeatedly change color during use.

Paper wallpaper for painting - the most budget way to paste over the walls of his apartment.This material is varied in texture, so you can choose a suitable option for themselves easily.

paper coating downside is that it is quite fragile and accidentally tear or cut them as possible in the process of pasting, and even after they have already pasted on the wall.

Since the coating is made of paper, it is quite thin, though, and has two layers.Do not hang this coating walls in the bathroom, where humidity is too high, or in the working area of ​​the kitchen.

Paper webs may be embossed or to have as a part of rough fiber - the latter will be more resistant to damage.


For subsequent painting many buy fiberglass, becausewith them very easy to work with and apply paint absolutely any tool: brush or roller.

This coating is made from all-natural materials and do not emit any harmful substances, which allows its use, including, and in the living rooms of the apartment.

Glass fiber have a very good adhesion to the wall after pasting do not depart.But there is a minus - to remove them from the walls will be quite difficult.

However, since the change the color of the wallpaper can be more than once, and the appearance they retain for 15 years, you can just from time to time to experiment with their color, instead of completely re-stick coating.

Most of these wallpapers can be found on the walls of offices and shops, for premises they are used less frequently.

Non-woven wallpaper - one of the most popular on the market at the moment.They have an attractive appearance and look equally good both on the walls of the kitchen and the hallway, and living rooms.

Skins kitchen walls and other rooms are looking at the photo.Non-woven wallpaper simple paste, which is also a major plus.


to paste non-woven wallpaper, you will not need promazyvat themselves be enough to put the glue on the wall.

Unglue non-woven wallpaper is also simple: you just need to pull on one of the corners of the cover.

This material is quite dense, so resistant to physical impact and moisture, so it can be used for the kitchen or bathroom.

This coating is diverse in its design: you can find wallpaper with a pattern or a continuous web.

patterns on the material applied by spraying vinyl, and clean off this figure is fairly easy, but the base material is very durable.

Non-woven wallpaper without pattern will be more durable and will last you longer.How are materials with different design, you can see in the photo.


Upholstery cover "Linkrust" is the most expensive material for painting.

They are made only from high quality and natural materials, therefore environmentally friendly, long life and other characteristics at the height of the coating.

They are made using a special composition made from a variety of natural ingredients (chalk, wax, etc.), which is applied to textiles or paper.

works very simply coated: you just need to wet the inside of the water to put it on the wall.

Whatever type of wallpaper in the color you choose, look first photo with options for interior decoration one way or another coating.

Focus also on the price, the material exploitation period, and especially the room (living room, nursery, etc.), to avoid having to change the wallpaper too soon.

How stick coating?

Although most Wallpapering the color does not differ much from the application to the conventional wall coverings, there are a number of nuances that need to be followed to lay down the wallpaper straight and looked good.

For whatever room you may choose Floor - kitchen, living room, corridor, etc. -. To glue the material you will need to prepare the walls.


Thus, the thinner the material, the more carefully you need to work with the wall.For example, paper wallpaper alignment should be of higher quality than if you kleite non-woven fabric.

Preparation is cleaning the walls of the old coatings and adhesives and leveling walls.

After the surface of the plane became uniform, and never left elements of old wallpaper, you need to cover the walls with primer.

It is best to use a mixture of an acrylic-based or water, becauseit will provide a better grip adhesive to the surface.

soil wall in advance, becauseAfter applying the mixture should take some time before you start to glue coating.Wallpaper paste is better to buy in advance.

Before using it, read, for what type of wallpaper he made.This is especially important if you kleite heavy material, such as non-woven wallpaper.

Glue is applied to the wall immediately after drying of the primer layer.

its preparation time indicated on the package, and the need to work in strict accordance with the instructions on it, becauseadhesives from different manufacturers can be different.

Fabrics also need gluing in accordance with the instructions, for example, if you apply a non-woven, it is not necessary to smear glue coating.

sticky coating always start from the corner of the room, whether you choose them for the kitchen, hallway or other rooms.Stages of gluing material you can see in the video.


Before starting work, cut into strips coated in accordance with the height of your walls.Glued wallpaper on the walls from top to bottom on the surface of the adhesive previously missed.

better not to apply the adhesive on the wall just becauseat the bottom it can dry before you apply the coating.Glue is applied to parts obmazyvaya only place where you put stuff.

After gluing each band, it is necessary to remove from the air under it to look attractive wallpaper and should not have to glue.

air is removed from the middle to the edges of the cloth, working from top to bottom.

«Expel" the air out of the wallpaper can be normal with a dry cloth, it is possible to remove and excess glue that gets out of coverage.

glue wallpaper the color is always the butt, not overlapping, asThey are dense and overlaps will be visible.

exception will be only for the corners of the room, where you need to glue wallpaper overlap becauseangles smokers often rough and it is possible to visually conceal this method using gluing.

When glueing, make sure that the wall painting was setting about 7 cm, and overlay it on top of another piece of material overlap.

better glue coating on the vertical line to the corners turned straight.Use the photo to the stages of work to deal with the problem areas.

Once you have finished gluing material, leave it for a while, so that the glue is completely gripped.

Then you can start to paint the material in accordance with the design of your room (kitchen, nursery, living room, etc.).

Paint can be a conventional roller or brush, but still convenient to roll.How is the process of coloring material, look at the photos.

Paint Wallpaper

After painting wallpaper should appear as whole cloth without seams.If you want to paint the material in a different color, no additional preparation or training coverage you do not need.

Most coatings can withstand up to 15 colors, according to manufacturers.3-5, they just survive.

Apply paint as many times as specified in the instructions to the material, so that it lay flat nice bed.

Now you know how to choose a paintable wallpaper and pokleit them on the walls.

Use a photo, pick a color and material design of the kitchen, living room and other rooms, and with the help of paint you can make your interior unusual and attractive for little money.