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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath 100x70 - what to choose ?

Bath 100x70 - what to choose ?

still remember the days when the Soviet people got a new apartment, and after years of living in a communal, finally became the sole owner of the long-awaited square meters.

And of course - one of the highest pleasures was bathing in a new cast-iron bath, which was in each apartment, while others simply did not exist.

This sense of ownership of the bathroom, which did not have to wait in a queue of neighbors in the communal apartment, and used at any time of day or night, it was really exciting.

Today, the bathroom can not be surprised, like a shower and toilets-compacts.

However, now it is a good demand for cast iron bath, which keep warmth in and are resistant to corrosion.

Nowadays, not in every apartment You can put a large bath-tub, so the demand for small bath is quite high.

Bath 100x70 just a compromise for a small bathroom or combined bathroom, as it allows to place washbasin in the room and even set the washing machine.

Of course, in such a bath will not soak up the full-length, slightly lacking in length, but can bathe sitting or standing, and can be supplemented by water treatments whirlpool, which compensates for the inconvenience of limited space.


cast iron bath 100 70 fits perfectly into the space a modern bathroom, they are ergonomic, functional and leave room for additional accessories in the bathroom.


producer enjoyed a good reputation iron baths Roca Continental, which are installed in the bathroom on legs and feet have a height from 57 centimeters.

Bath 100x70 produced in Spain, the inner surface of the bath is covered with seven layers of high-strength titanium enamel and the outer surface is covered with dirt paint.

snow-white coating bath for a long time retains its original color and a pleasure, to take a bath.

cast iron bath Novial Susan recommended for people who prefer classic shapes, smooth snow-white surface and the pleasure of taking a bath.

for coating the inner surface of the bath 100 70 uses the latest application technology titanium enamel, creating a perfectly flat and smooth surface.

There are also steel bath Contesa for those consumers who prefer a lighter design.

final choice is up to the buyer who chooses bath according to your tastes.