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August 12, 2017 18:06

As you wash the suspended ceiling ?

As you wash the suspended ceiling ?

stretch ceiling - is a unique material used for decoration, which combines great practicality and refinement.

Despite the assertion of some producers that the ceilings do not need cleaning and washing, they still need time to time to wash.As you wash the suspended ceiling?

basic material for the production of suspended ceilings is a special polyester fabric or PVC film.

It is quite durable and resistant to various mechanical influences materials can delight you for years to come.

main thing to make caring for them, in particular cleaning and washing.

Since washing stretch ceiling should be aware that this is a very difficult task.Therefore my suspended ceiling, after considering some important points.

After washing the wrong tension of the material can lead to loss of color, turbidity, or deformation of the material.

For washing stretch ceiling you can not use detergents with abrasive particles: soda, powder, etc.

Abrasive particles can permanently damage the fabric or PVC film.Also for stretch fabrics washing it is forbidden to use detergents with any acids or alkalis.

Caring for stretch ceiling is possible in two ways: dry and wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning is done with a soft dry cloth, rub the ceiling which is not pressing, gentle movements.


Wet cleaning is a damp sponge and mild detergent.

Some people ask whether it is possible to wash ceilings brush or mop with a nozzle?

brush with scratching and pricking the surface is strictly forbidden to wash the suspended ceiling, as they can seriously damage the fabric, as well as a mop.

Regular cleaning or washing ceilings help keep them gorgeous shiny appearance, whereas the ingrained dirt is difficult to wash.


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  • What can wash ceilings?
  • How to clean glossy ceilings?
  • How to clean matte ceilings?
  • How to Wash fabric ceilings?
  • How to clean the suspended ceiling in the kitchen?

How to clean a stretch ceiling?

How to clean the suspended ceiling according to the rules and what is required?For cleaning and washing stretch ceiling you will need:

  • stepladder;
  • soft cloths or microfiber suede fabric;
  • soft sponge;
  • vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment of a soft bristle;
  • non-abrasive detergents.

Depending on the material stretch ceiling and type of contamination using one or the other method of cleaning and washing.

example, to remove a small stretch ceiling pollution: minor stains, dust, simply wipe with a damp cloth and a clean cloth or a soft suede microfiber.

After wet cleaning wipe the cover with a dry cloth.

If particularly dirty stretch ceiling will have to take more serious measures.If the ceiling after repairs badly covered with dust, then clean it using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Brush should not touch the ceiling.She is best to drive in 2-3 inches from the fabric, otherwise the ceiling material may sag or become damaged.

stains and other stubborn dirt are removed from the tissue with a soft cloth or sponge with soap or detergent solution, then wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth.


Wash ceiling soft circular motions, without compressions and pushes.

If the ceiling is made of suede polyester fabric, then it only need to clean with a soft dry brush, again without any pressure, gentle movements.

To restore shine to the glossy surface of the ceiling it with a soft lint-free cloth soaked in a solution of 10% alcohol, ammonia or glass cleaner.

After this recovery ceiling wipe with a dry cloth.

What can wash the ceilings?

little understanding of how and what to wash the suspended ceiling will try to understand, than to wash ceilings, ie which detergents are best used for that purpose, and which categorically can not be used.

Best and safe detergent for fabric tension - this is the usual soap solution.

For dilute soap solution rather mild detergent or planed soap in warm water.

Also suitable for cleaning ceiling window cleaner or dishwashing.

Before using the chosen cleaning agent for suspended ceilings it is necessary to check on the loyalty and security to the ceiling material.

For this - the detergent is applied to a small area of ​​a stretch ceiling somewhere in an inconspicuous place.

After a while, check if the applied means of spot did not leave traces and stains, it means it can be used for washing the whole ceiling.


With regard to other detergents, the sale today have the tools that are specifically designed for the washing of suspended ceilings and are more expensive than conventional detergents.

But you should know that these "special" means nothing more than a normal cleaning solution, although "universal".

Therefore, deciding what means to wash the ceilings, give preference to a soap solution or a conventional detergent, but not abrasive.

How to clean glossy ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are glossy or matte.To leave streaks, wash the glossy stretch ceilings are best means for washing of glasses.

But before you wash the ceiling means necessary to put somewhere at the edge of the ceiling paintings and some time to test the reaction.

For washing glossy ceiling using a soft cloth or microfiber suede, as well as special wipes for cleaning.

reflective properties of glossy ceilings can be improved with the help of ammonia.

Rubbing ceiling moistened soft cloth with ammonia it, then wipe dry with a dry cloth or microfiber suede.

from construction dust eliminate the suspended ceiling with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

stiff bristles and rough motion can scratch the glossy PVC film.

Hoover include a minimum or medium mode, and without touching the ceiling, lead the nozzle at a distance of 2-3 cm from it.

When the ceiling is very dirty, wash the means for cleaning, diluted according to the instructions, and then wipe dry with a clean dry cloth.

How to clean matte ceilings?

Classic matte stretch ceiling is more reminiscent of perfectly rendered surface.The material for such ceiling is impregnated with polyurethane fabric.

matte surface is not exposed ceiling cracks, scratches or dust settling, but behind them all the time you need to take care of the time.

Wash matte ceilings is much lighter than the glossy, as they do not leave streaks.


behind frosted ceiling care primarily lies in its cleaning using steam or cleaning degreasing soft means.

After washing frosted ceiling cloth wipe dry with a soft cloth and polish.

How to Wash fabric ceilings?

stretch ceiling fabric more fragile than the ceilings of PVC film, so not to damage the fabric, wash cloth ceilings should be carefully and accurately.

When washing the fabric ceiling is not recommended to use glass cleaner, as the dye a part of some detergents can penetrate into the tissue structure and paint it in an undesirable color.

also can not wash the fabric ceiling in a circular motion - they just create more divorces.It is better to wash the cloth ceiling hand motions back and forth.

If heavily soiled, you can use a powder solution.For the avoidance of damage can not rub a long one and the same piece of cloth fabric.

How to clean the suspended ceiling in the kitchen?

surface tension ceiling installed in the kitchen polluted most, especially if the kitchen is not drawing.This is facilitated by greasy soot that is produced by cooking on a gas stove.

The mite introduced and street dust that falls through the open window, as well as tobacco smoke (if there is smoking in the family household).

Wash tension in the kitchen ceiling needed as well as in other areas, using non-abrasive cleansers and soft cloths, sponges or cloths.

After washing detergent ceiling it is washed with clean water and wipe dry.

To clear the suspended ceiling of the soot does not need to use any special detergents for this purpose is quite suitable conventional means by which wash dishes or ammonia solution.