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August 12, 2017 18:06

Easy to build a house out of foam blocks with their hands

Easy to build a house out of foam blocks with their hands

In our time, it became possible to build a house out of foam blocks with their hands, which is very, very beneficial for obvious reasons.

job done quickly and relatively easily, and the housing thus obtained a very high quality and is not inferior to standard turnkey buildings.

Many, especially those who are faced with the construction of the first time, confused with foam block Gazoblok.But these materials have fundamental differences.

Firstly, the structure of the foam block is much softer, and secondly, it is better to tolerate moisture and, finally, the price is much more profitable.

foam blocks are small bars of equal size, as the foam material is concrete (cement includes a solution, a special foam, water and sand).

bars are gray in color and so light in weight that is not even drown in the water (this allows you to save considerably when applying foundation).

The photo shows the appearance of the bars of foamed concrete.

Bricks made ​​of aerated concrete

In this regard, the construction of this country house is much more profitable a similar brick or wooden dachas completed, and if the installation is carried out also in the home, the difference increases significantly.

house there may be a one-story, two-story (the house with a loft), and may even have an additional extension.In the picture are examples of such houses.



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Pros foam blocks

Foam blocks have a number of indisputable advantages, thanks to which are so popular:

  • masonry made of foam concrete, "breathes", thanks to which it does not accumulate condensation (similar to wooden structures);
  • blocks are porous, so the winter in this country house warmth and cool in summer;
  • High Attenuation gives a sense of comfort;
  • high service life (at least 50 years);
  • material is environmentally friendly, it is extremely important if a family has small children or allergies;
  • Since concrete blocks retain heat well, it can reduce heating costs;
  • possibility of reducing labor costs by a decent block values ​​(collecting house for small bricks are much harder and longer);
  • Foam concrete has a low flammability, and ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature;
  • Unlike other materials, masonry made of foam concrete only becomes stronger over time, which significantly increases its service life;
  • Ability to set the house on a difficult ground;
  • units have an extremely low weight (2 times lighter than brick);
  • With its light weight, the foundation for the building can be facilitated;
  • Easy and simple construction technology allows you to mount a similar suburban buildings as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is no wonder that many companies offer to make a house out of foam blocks turnkey.

Let's you and I, too, try to implement a similar project cottage, studied in detail all the stages of construction of the house of foam blocks.

Installing foundation

to start as any other construction, it is necessary to build a foundation.

Mark up the suburban area and dig a shallow pit for the foundation (due to the light weight of the material used, regardless of whether it will be a one-story house or two floors, put sverhkrepky foundation is not needed).

At the bottom is made of masonry sand thickness of about 20 cm. After pour sand on top of a small amount of water and rinse it ramming.

Install formwork, roofing material sticking to the surface of the bedding and the pit walls.Spending mount securing the steel rods of the belt.

finished concrete solution: cement (1 part) and sand (3 parts), gravel (5 parts).Thoroughly mix to form a homogeneous mass.

Fill the solution, increasing formwork as raising foundation (if it is necessary to seal the grout every 50 cm).

reserve the concrete to harden, periodically wetting the surface of the water to avoid the formation of cracks.After

necessary to cover the foundation Waterproofing tape and make the blind area (to remove sediment on the ground floor of the house) on its outer side.

blind area when it is fragmented in order to prevent gaps and the seasonal strain.

I recommend you watch the video, which shows in detail how to conduct a fill foundation.


Installing foam blocks and brick cladding

foam concrete better brick insulates sound and retains heat, but due to large jointing mortar these qualities decline, and worse yet, the formation of thermal holes.

Therefore, when laying the blocks of all building regulations must be followed strictly, as well as to produce reinforcement zones jumpers and windows using a fiberglass mesh.

Particular attention should be given to the first row of blocks, constantly checking it horizontally and vertically.

Facing dachas here, as a rule, made of brick, then a country house there is a presentable appearance.

There may be a variety of options for such a country house with a facade made of brick.

Before you implement the project in life and to mount fittings on each block to be cut a small hole and fill it with an adhesive solution.

Once, on the upper blocks need to perform Fittings reinforced mortar screed.

Make yourself such a project will not be difficult:

  1. Laying the first row of blocks is made in cement mortar (you need to start with a long wall);
  2. Once we coat the upper part of the lower layer of the foam-laid concrete with special glue for foam blocks and produce laying on top of it a second series (base it is desirable to make not less than 40 cm);
  3. Then it is necessary to insulate the outside of the extruded polystyrene foam or mineral wool (the second option is more desirable).The layer thickness in this case must be at least 5 cm;
  4. Mineral wool is attached to the outside of the plastic anchors, on top of the plank hydroprotective film.

facade of masonry bricks made on the cement mixture (in this case every 3-4 rows of masonry made of bricks perpender number).

order to circulate the air well, the front set of brick masonry with a small gap from the main wall (about 5 cm).

After each 5-row brick facade concrete blocks associated with masonry, using a flexible fiberglass mesh and bendable stainless steel anchor (if you put the usual stiff, it can cause the formation of micro-cracks).

The video below is a detailed step by step installation process of foam blocks and installation of brick veneer.


Covering buildings

to design slabs needed projects with ready calculations, giving an idea of ​​the cross sections of beams and pressure on them, on the values ​​of spans and possible attachment (some projects even suggest replacing beams conventional boards with fasteningof the screws).

If such a project already exists, then you can begin to install the slabs.

boards at the ends of beam sections made by 60 degrees, are then treated with an antiseptic and a bituminous layer paperboard wrap (sections themselves thus should be open).

Installing beams produced with the necessary margins (from the chimney of 40 cm from the walls at the 4-5 cm).

isolate Covering with a layer vapor impermeable film and put on top of the insulation.

Under girder beams on elastic holders put the metal lath of the profiles (period of not more than 40 cm).From above plank and fasten brackets glass, then the mineral insulation.

Then put the plywood and draw pontirovku bazaltovolokonnogo hard layer covering it drevesnostruzhechnyh sub-floor.

Roof installation

House of foam blocks with your hands is quite possible to make a two-story with a loft.The project itself with a loft is pretty easy.

Let's try to perform the installation gabled slate roof on like a house with a loft:

  • To begin set a rigid structure, which includes trusses and purlins squared;
  • to the rafters at a right angle nailed boards, approximately every 20 cm;
  • Next in Slate spend removing angular edges to circumvent nasloyku in the joints;After
  • at some distance from the edges of the small holes drilled 50 cm;
  • then carried out the installation of slate roofs with attic, fixing it with nails (the nails must be on large cap and waterproofing washer);
  • Facing mansard roof begin on the lower row, overlapping one another slate strip horizontally on the same wavelength.

Installation roofing floor with a loft in this case must be made at an angle of 20 degrees and above, on which he could not collect deposits.

If you apply latex paint, the material will last you much longer for slate mansard roof.


The video below provides detailed instructions on how to carry out the installation of the roof for the house with a loft of foamed concrete.
As you can see, to build a house out of foam blocks on its own is quite real.If properly carry out all stages of the work, then you will have a major house that will stand for decades.

Extension to

house If you built a house, and eventually realized that you do not have enough space, as an option, it is possible to mount the extension of the same foam concrete.

Installing extensions, as well as at home, carried out in several stages.To begin erecting the foundation extensions (usually a tape).

put the waterproofing layer (eg, a layer of roofing material) on foundation laid outbuildings.

important point is bound to the walls of the extension of house walls.

For easy and secure connections using reinforcement bracket of heavy-duty metal, thanks to which it is possible to carry out the removal of gaps between buildings.

The photo depicts an extension to the house.


Useful information

foamed concrete is very easy to drill.

small screws screwed without problems for large screws, it is desirable to use special dowels, screws.

blocks can be easily cut to the necessary dimensions of the pieces with a hacksaw with large teeth.

A team of 4 people can build a two-storey house in one season, and floor even faster, so if you decide to mount a house of foam blocks at the end of the summer, then you may well finish all the work before the onset of severe cold.