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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sauna with swimming pool - building design patterns examples

Every once bathed in clean and cool water after being in a hot stuffy and steam room, realizes how well you can feel yourself after the procedure.Today, many are limited to ordinary washing, but gaining increasing popularity trend of the construction of luxury swimming pools in the baths themselves.

Sauna with pool

Sauna with pool

Thanks to modern building materials of wood, it is possible to attach to the bath whatever: pool, billiards, arbor, etc.It is particularly advantageous to design pre-bath plan and implement all the ideas it is under construction, because in this way you can save a decent amount of money.

Of course, the best place for the pool room is made of wood.Due to the low degree of thermal conductivity of the material in the building in the winter will be very warm and cozy, and the summer is cool.

bath with a pool in another called bath complex.While it seems that to build such a facility will not be easy, it is not so.The preferred use of the swimming pool construction team, since it does not need a long time to collect, the time you spend quite a bit, does not require any preparatory work and, in addition, you will be able to choose the right model for you both in size and price.

separate question - is planning the bath complex.It is important to consider the type of pool (open or closed), and whether you want the pool and sauna are all under one roof.However, even if you choose an outdoor pool, a canopy will still be necessary for him to trash, by the wind, did not get into the water.The most popular material for this purpose is an acrylic (which may have an arcuate or spherical shape).

The circuit layout bath with pool

Driving bath layout with pool

Disposition of the bath with a large pool

bath layout with a large pool

Simple construction project baths with swimming pool

simple construction project baths with pool

Video - pool bath

Features pool for a bath

most often, will adapt to the bath pool cascade type.It consists of a autonomous bowl in which the water temperature decreases periodically (one to another).It is important to note that at the bottom of the cup of water can be quite icy.hardening effect with a similar pool in the bath, it is guaranteed one hundred percent!However, this design has a significant drawback: for its construction must be a considerable amount of space, so it will have to attach to the bath under a canopy.

pool bath can make absolutely any shape, everything depends only on your preferences: it can be square or round, heart-shaped or star, etc.However, if the pool is made by hand, it is best to choose a rectangular shape for it, since it is easier to design.But if you are going to buy a swimming pool, then choose rounded, as it collects all the dirt in the corners.

pool What to choose: either internal or external

Indoor swimming pool and sauna will create a cozy atmosphere, but if you want something chic, then you can create a whole range of: private swimming pool, billiards room, recreation room, etc.But it should be remembered that the building gym, you get a much larger volume of digging, as workers will be necessary to ensure waterproofing of the groundwater basin.

A sample of the bath in the basin

sample pool bath

nuances of building a swimming pool, as well as some technological features

At a certain skill to build a pool in the bath you can own hands.In this case, the circulation of water in the pool will take place through the skimmer, then it will fall into the sand filters, and then - again in the pool.

to build a swimming pool in the bath, in the first place it will be necessary to build a special tube having a small bias towards the sewer or drain holes (further away from the pool or a bath for at least 5 meters).It will be necessary to pour a concrete base (thickness - 15-25 cm).To the bottom was strong and durable, usually at the base poured, leveled and compacted layer of sand 5 cm, 10 cm poured after fine gravel.Then it is compressed using a special trombovki.Then pour a layer of concrete (10 cm) from the reinforcing mesh.And last layer is still 10 cm concrete.The next step is the concreting of the walls.This should be done immediately, as soon as the set of the bottom band.Following it will be necessary to do fixing of wooden formwork panels, placing reinforcing mesh and reinforced concrete walls.To concrete walls and bottom merged, you must use an ordinary shtykovanie.Subsequently, the base will be covered with geotextile, and a heat insulating material.

penultimate step - loading a ready pool in the pit and concreting it from the outside.It is important that the polymeric film was placed between the concrete and the pool.The walls of the pool must be concrete step by step: first in the pool water is poured to a certain level (30 cm), then you need to concrete walls, and then repeat the same thing again.

Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing the pool.The films for this purpose quite a lot: PE, PVC, etc.However, the best is considered to be a Belgian film, which is a neutral chlorine.

Stages of building a swimming pool

Construction stages

pool most difficult part in the construction of the pool is to conduct pipeline.It is important to properly select the material and diameter of the tubes: it also depends on the capacity pool and the intended load.Top tube - a tube made of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.They are the most durable.Speaking about the diameter of the pipe, it should be noted that the longer the pipe, the faster they will fill the capacity.

With intensive work over the last month you can create for yourself and your family a wonderful spot where you can wonderful!Also, you might want to read about the font for a bath with his hands.And of course about making bath from logs with your hands.