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August 12, 2017 18:06

Embedded in the castle interior doors

Embedded in the castle interior doors

Bought interior doors without lock?No problem!

We'll show you how to embed the castle in interior doors with their hands.

First of all, you will need to measure the width of the vertical bar of the new interior door and buy a mortise lock.

should know that your door thickness of the vertical bar should be no less than 40 mm, otherwise the lock does not make sense to embed.

Locks for interior doors are different.

There are locks that are separate from the handle, and is at the handles.

Some locks are installed in this order: first crashed into the lock, and then from the inside and the outside of the door handle set.

There commercially simple closing mechanism: the handle latch.

Despite the simple design of handles, latches, their sidebar - rather complicated, problematic case, as it requires special tools and have experience.


Once you acquire the lock you can start its installation.

Embedding castle interior doors yourself - simply, the main thing is to comply orderly and do not rush.So, we proceed to lock the sidebar.

Normally a doorknob in the middle of the door, so measured from the floor one meter and mark up the location for the door handle.

Then take a drill, drill down and select drilled in the end of the door opening for tapping the castle.

diameter of the drill should equal the thickness of the lock, and the depth of the drill hole - the length of a lock mechanism.

Next door end mark up the reference parameters and the lock plate on the contour are selected using a chisel flat area.

feathers drill to drill a hole where the doorknob would.Drill carefully and accurately.

As soon as the tip of the drill center will be on the other side interior door, drilling stops.

offer you also see this informative video.


Using as a center of the resulting hole, producing a further drilling from the opposite side of the door.

Some home master drilled right through the door, but this drilling can damage the door leaf.

Now, in the appropriate place and set the lock mark up the holes for the screws.By marking the drilled holes and where to twirl screws holding the lock.

As you can see, the installation of locks in the interior doors are not such too complicated matter, it remains only to insert the handle and install trim for the door of the tongue.


  • Fasten handle
  • Features doors from MDF
  • Features metal doors
  • Box Castle Fraser
  • Box castle without mills

Fasten handle

for fixing the door handle on both sides of the doorWe set laths and fasten them with screws.

fix a rod having a hexagonal or square cross section, which will connect the handles on both sides of the door.

Close the doors and mark on the door frame position a lock tab.

measure the length of the tab ruler.Then, these sizes are now taking on the door jamb.

to spray marks are putting the receiving pad and draw out her pencil.

On this contour drill holes with a chisel and bring to a desired shape for the seat covers.

Install cover into place and fasten it with screws.That's all.

lock Box

At last check, how to open and close the door lock, and if necessary, to buckle tongue lining, or swap it.

All the above process tie-castle more suited to a simple wooden door.

The wooden door lock can be easily embedded into any convenient place, while the doors of other materials require a special approach.

Features doors from MDF

For example, to embed the castle in the interior doors of MDF, it is necessary to possess a certain experience and theoretical knowledge.

For doors from MDF additional wooden beam is strictly on the meter height from the floor, the rest of the door leaf is hollow.

And if you try to install the inexperience of the castle at a different height, you can hopelessly spoil the door leaf.

Therefore sidebar locks on doors from MDF is best left to professionals who have more experience and special tools and there.

Features metal doors

Box locks in the metal door is made only by professional service centers.

Self attempt to lock the installation makes no sense, only to lose time in vain, and to the same low-quality work can damage the locking mechanism, why require complete replacement.

Box Castle Fraser

Using a hand router, you can quickly implement a frame of the door hinge and lock the door on site installation.

Hand routers come in different types, but to tie locks often use the universal submersible mill.

Embedding castle interior doors can be a router, even an inexperienced person, the first time this technique has taken in his hands.


Many people hear the word "router" think it's a bulky expensive machine, but in reality it is a compact vertical machine, easy manual application.

With a router you can cut trough the slot of any shape, align the edges of the workpiece, cut curved profiles, prepare a niche for hinges and locks, etc.

How to embed the castle interior doors in their own hands with a router?

To do this except the router with a set of cutters need more such tools: a screwdriver, drill, tape measure, square, hammer and chisel.

door leaf using pile secured in an upright position on its side.

This is necessary in order to not have to constantly maintain the door in the lock system.

then follow all the steps described above tie castle: do the layout for the tab lock.

Castle are putting to the door leaf, so that the marked line ran down the middle of the drilled holes under the tongue and note in pencil upper and lower part of the strap and the lock case.

Then, using gon spend straight lines on the face of the door.Hand router choose a recess for a lock mechanism.

To a router not cut more than necessary on the outer side of the top and bottom layout as masking tape limiter paste.

Then paste into another router cutter suitable size strips, set up the required depth corresponding to the thickness of the strips and carefully do the deepening in the middle.

Prepare a nest under the lock body: strictly for marking the center of the length of the lock holding a router straight line.

With drills and pen drill drill holes in a straight line, take a hammer and chisel and wood residues choose.

Aligns wall obtained a seat for the lock, check - whether it takes the castle and begin to install the lock and handle in the same way as described above.

Many times though, but still faced such a problem - breaking a lock mechanism.In these cases require professional repair door locks.

usually locks repair is required when you accidentally slammed the door, and the keys were left in the apartment, or altogether lost the keys.

time to get home, the castle has to crack, after which it will need to be repaired or even replaced the lock on the door.


often occur, and such a situation: when you open the lock key suddenly breaks and part of it remains in the castle.

In this case, the lock will have to disassemble, and if the door is metal, it can do it only to specialists.

If interior doors are made of wood and equipped with a simple locking mechanism, then the repair can be handled independently.
Before removing the lock should examine carefully the door leaf, so as not to damage it in the process of extraction of the castle.

Box castle without mills

If you do not have the router, and you can not buy it, do not worry - embed the castle interior doors without milling - quite possible.

This will require simple tools, which always have a home master.

However in some cases, yet without the cutter do not, for example, in the tie-latch lock.

For those of lock mechanisms have to make a neat hole, which will be installed and a keyhole.

Besides tapping and repair locks sometimes require a complete replacement of the locks on the doors.

Replacing the lock required in cases when you have lost the keys or stolen.

In these cases, there is a danger that someone might take advantage of them and illegally infiltrate into the apartment.
Also, replacement of locks required if you moved into a newly purchased apartment, or your tenant moved out.


Replacing locks allow you to not be afraid of that in your absence someone can get into your home.

can replace wooden doors or doors from MDF locks independently, the main thing correctly to pick up a new lock, the appropriate size of the old grooves.

Otherwise you will have to once again deepen the niche for the Castle.

in metal and plastic doors replacement locks produce only service centers.