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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing the front door to the apartment and private house

Choosing the front door to the apartment and private house

you bought their own homes and do not know how better to choose a door to the apartment?

front door - this is the piece of furniture, which is set in an apartment or a private home for many years, his main task is to protect, but at the same time, the design in the selection plays an important role, and in addition, the design should bewith good heat and sound insulation.

sale and installation of metal doors currently on the market, many manufacturers involved.

Almost all of them have a high rating, use good marketing moves.

How to choose a door, a filler, which will provide a good home sound insulation as not to fall for the advertising firm's trick - we'll tell you in this article, we give professional advice.


  • Choosing the right door
  • door components
  • thermal and acoustic protection
  • What equip locks the door?
  • Design front door
  • Install door properly
  • Who better to turn to?

Choosing the right door

Entrance doors for houses on the level of protection are divided into the following classes:

  • CLASS 1 - the use of force can not be compromised, for example, scrap;
  • CLASS 2 - lend themselves to dissection, but highly powerful electric tools;
  • CLASS 3 - can not be opened even a professional electric tool;
  • CLASS 4 - bullet-proof doors.

No matter you are planning to install the structure in an apartment or private home, the first thing to do is to determine the financial capacity, functionality, material, choose the manufacturer.


front door to the apartment, a private wood and stone house are constantly exposed to environmental influences, so the material from which it is made, must be resistant to various types of exposure, moisture and air-tight.

two main types of entrance doors on the market: wood and metal.Rating is headed by steel materials.

door components

consists of the following steel components:

  • Solid iron sheets - two pieces should be no more than 2 mm.This thickness is sufficient to prevent an autopsy.Steel sheets must not have seams to prevent opening through the joints;
  • carcass basis;
  • Stiffness, by which is durable and resistant construction, fix "ribs";
  • plat - their task is to close the holes that can appear between the door and the door frame;
  • arches inside the door.They perform the same function as the trim, only when the door is closed and protect against mechanical burglary (eg, scrap);
  • Insulating filler;
  • sound insulation materials;
  • seal;
  • Door hinges, pins protect items from removal.Their number determines the weight of the door and to the loops do not wear, better to put them to the bearings;
  • Vertical and horizontal crossbars maintain the entire structure and prevent its deformation struts.

These are the main components, which pay attention to when choosing a door for the house.On some elements in more detail.

thermal and acoustic protection

thermal and sound insulation materials ensure your home comfort.When choosing the filler, remember the following tips.

Metal door consists of two sheets, inside the cavity to be filled.

Filler will perform for the protection of the heat function, prevent the penetration of cold and noise absorbing.Noise insulation materials should be selected is not flammable.


It may be a polyurethane foam, mineral wool or basalt.Rating fillers headed polyurethane.

on noise and thermal insulation affects not only the vehicle, but correct installation.Slots, distortions, can be a source of drafts, the reason for the leakage of heat.

For added protection, use silicone seals with double loop.

To the door tightly closed, one of them must be magnetic.Sealing prevents the penetration of odors.

Empty spaces to be filled with foam, they usually appear between the door frame and the door opening.

What equip locks the door?

Castle - an important design element, it is desirable to choose not one but several locks with different levels of protection.

Castle need to pick up on the door weight, it must be suitable to the material from which it is made, it must be placed correctly.

Locks differ in the method of installation: hinged, mortise or overhead;and the type of mechanism: cylinder, lever or code.

popularity rating share lever and cylinder types.The lock lever can not be beat, and a cylinder lock is almost impossible to pick the lock pick.

lever lock - a set of plates.Beard key sets them in motion.

cylinder lock is smaller in size, are located inside the pins, which turn only made with a special key.Protection

increase this lock disposed on its outer surface in the form of armor plates lining.The insert or the inner part of the cylinder lock can be replaced if necessary.

To protect private wooden house, an apartment, professionals recommend to put both types.

warranty period for the castle is usually two years.

Rating locks manufacturers, according to experts, the following:

  1. manufacturer of locks for doors, balconies and windows of the German company lkon;
  2. Mul-T-Lock - release mounted, cylinder locks, as well as machine tools and special machines for cutting keys;
  3. Masterlock - Chinese company which produces and Mortice Mounted alluminum u-shaped locks of low prices.

Timely production of key technologies also allow for protection against hacking.For example, laser keys.

Thanks to the special grooves, is defined by the code to open the lock on these keys are protected.


The same function is performed with key card, on which the special recesses are applied, allowing to form a variety of combinations.

Lock with latch will not open from the outside of any key or master key, a lock can not be beat with a sledgehammer.
Therefore, choosing the locks, do not forget about the design with latches, locks and bolts.

Design front door

Choice of exterior design is individual.The outer shell of metal products can be made from plastic, a polymeric, wooden material.

front door to the house may be different colors, different textures.

One common coating is composed of polymer and metallic components, so-called powder.

This coating provides reliable protection, gives the product an aesthetic appearance.

constructions covered in special cells, harvested using dies for external coatings give them a different color tint.

decorating molding products - convex parts of which are decorative motifs and patterns.

also using a layer of gold or silver, the top layer of the front door can be galvanized.

classics lovers will approach the door, covered with leather, trimmed with clapboard.However, manufacturers offer this design is currently not very often.

Install door properly

Mounting the front door is not as important as the choice of materials.

Professionals are advised to observe the following rules to properly install design:

  • Since the metal door - it is a heavy solid construction, its installation is only possible on non-crumbling wall with a thickness of not less than 15 centimeters.door unit will help ensure stability of a specially prepared frame;
  • If you need to increase the doorway, use the grinder with special discs to avoid damaging the load-bearing structures, which arise from the shock of methods;
  • definitely need training.It is necessary to carry out measurements to determine the appropriate size of the front door, prepare the doorway.If necessary, dismantle the previous door;
  • With screed must be leveled floor to house the doorway;
  • door frame should be fixed anchor means.Anchors are reliable locks.
    arisen void to fill with foam, but after it dries apply the plaster.

Who better to turn to?

When you plan to order a door to a private home or apartment, pay attention to the company, which are presented on the market for many years.

Among a long time engaged in the production and installation, proven by consumers with a high rating, you can request an international certificate ISO quality certificate.


Steel doors are manufactured in accordance with GOST 31173-2003.Do not forget the accessories, ask her documentation.

What better to put the door, made to GOST or not choose you, but trusting to the manufacturer, you actually trust him to his apartment or private house.

Today the market door designs are presented both domestic and import manufacturers.

Domestic production offering cheaper models, but it can not always provide the highest quality of materials and products.

Import manufacturers offer more guarantees in quality, but the size of the doors often do not match the size of our doorways.

rating and those other quite high.

summarize, draw up a list of recommendations for the company's choice to decide how to choose the right door.

company must exist on the market for the production and installation of doors is not less than 5 years, have sufficient experience and have a high rating.

reputable companies will always be able to offer wide range of products.Their line is represented by models of different price categories - from cheap to expensive exclusive.

company must provide an individual approach to each client.Make calculations, advice and help to make a choice, help identify potential difficulties zamerschik leaving the firm.


Organization, which owns its own production, more trustworthy.Such a company will be able to quickly resolve potential problems in the design, fulfill warranty obligations.

manufacture and installation period is usually 1-2 days.Companies usually go out to meet clients and make installation on weekends and public holidays.

After installing doors reliable company will always provide you maintenance.Will repair locks, eliminate defects in the installation of doors, and identified after the other.