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August 12, 2017 18:06

The best program for the design of houses and rooms .As the program for the creation of furniture and interior design

Create home project you can own, possessing the skills and confident PC user with specialized software.This review will help to make a choice among the abundance of free software for designing houses.

Google SketchUp.The program for the design of houses

Google SketchUp - a simple program for the design of houses, garages, outbuildings, landscaping and engineering design.The utility allows you to easily create models of buildings, adding to them the fine detail and texture, to give the exact dimensions of the objects, and to share their own work.Distributed program for homes for free drawings, but has expanded edition.Google SketchUp works in two modes:

  • construction;
  • drawing and modeling.

Features Google SketcUP:

  • plugin support, layers and macros;
  • create presentations;
  • compatibility with other applications;
  • import photos to create 3D-models based on them;
  • presence of a huge library of materials, textures and styles;
  • export images of their models.

View and download the program, please visit the Developer

program House-3D

Rear - building House-3D - simple and functional a program for creating project at home with his interior, allowing to place multiple items of interior and furniture from room to room of the finished model room.

This program contains material modeling houses the library and allows you to change the material and color of the walls and furniture.

View and download the program you can on the site developer

VisiCon.A simple software for designing houses

1VysiKon VisiCon - a simple program for the design of houses.Its capacity will be enough to meet the needs of the plurality of users, create their home crowd 3d.The operation of the utility based on the selection of elements from a variety of offers, which makes it easy to create a layout of the residential building.They are stored in a specialized library and categorized to facilitate the creation of a model kitchen, bathroom, office and other premises.All items of furniture and interior as close as possible to the real shape, which will provide more realism.

VisiCon can be downloaded free of charge by ordering the demo application.

FloorPlan 3D

1FloorPlanZD FloorPlan 3D - program for simulation at home, your own apartment or redevelopment of land.The product has a variety of professional applications functions.FloorPlan 3D is recommended for human use at any level of computer skills and graphic editors.The abundance of different versions will allow professionals to stay on the relevant.For example, Turbo Floorplan 3D Home Landscape Pro is designed for home use and is tuned for 3d home and landscape design.

Memorizing frequently used in FloorPlan 3D materials will provide quick access to them, and automatically detect the size of the objects will save precious time.The latest version of the utility, which can be downloaded free of charge, contains the function of the free movement of the created model, considering it from any angle and height.The output can be displayed on the screen or printer in the form of a plan or three-dimensional image.

View and download the program you can on site developer

CyberMotion 3D-Designer 13.0.The program for the simulation house

CyberMotion 3D-Designer 13.0 - program for simulation at home, followed by animation and rendering the resulting three-dimensional models.Use the product can be not only in the construction purposes, but also to create commercials or a simple three-dimensional animation.The presence of numerous templates and pop-up tips of information to help design a house, even a man far removed from the simulation.Visualization is carried out after the creation of drawings of all three types of houses in several ways.The program for the design of the houses is composed of several functional modules:

  • 3D-editor;
  • module to create labels;
  • sweep editor that creates symmetry;
  • landscape editor, and others.

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe

Total 3D Home Design Deluxe - program for the design of buildings, providing a package of tools for the visualization of the project redesign your home.Create a project at home with this application - it is a pleasure, because it is simple to use and allows you to enjoy high-quality realistic picture after rendering.The proposed houses simulation program allows you not only to create a house 3d, but also arrange the furniture, specifying its coloring, choose windows and doors, the color of the walls and other important details.

program is not free.You can buy it on the website of the developer

Home Plan Pro.The program for creating drawings of houses

Home Plan Pro - a program for creating drawings of houses, including the minimum number of graphic elements and menu items.Use this tool is recommended to users who do not wish to spend time on the development of the interface and functionality of graphic editors.

basic functionality and capabilities:

  • large selection of furniture, windows, doors and openings;
  • having multiple length measurement systems, in addition to the metric;
  • support for working with layers and colors;
  • opportunity to send a draft in the mail;
  • function elimination print the finished model in several projections.

Xilinx Planahead

1kslinh Xilinx Planahead - software for designing houses, oriented primarily at professionals.She is able to solve a wide range of tasks for designing of residential premises.Experienced architects and designers have worked on the creation of the collection of ready-made models of houses and cottages.The simple interface and convenient presentation of plans will enable faster decisions, and increased productivity saves you time it takes to render the project.

Free is a professional architectural applications with better developer page.

The Ultimate Home Dream.The program is to create a project home

The Ultimate Home Dream - unpopular program for creating project at home, can significantly alleviate 3d house design.Using it, you can also engage in interior design, a place of location of objects of furniture, choice of their appearance, forms.The presence of Russian localization and simple interface allows users to work with the application of all skill levels.

Download free application can be from a third-party resource, because the developer has suspended support for the project.

Envisioneer Express.The program for the simulation house

1Envisioneer_Ekspress Envisioneer Express - software for modeling the house, which has all the necessary tools for the creation of three-dimensional model of your own home, even if it consists of several floors.After completing the design, you can engage in arrangement of furniture, selecting it from a variety of ready-made solutions.The proposed program for the drawings of houses allows you to change the color of objects and materials used, add windows and doorways simple clicks or drag and drop them.After drawing a floor plan, it is easily converted into a 3D model that can be viewed from all angles and distances.

Sweet Home 3D

1SvetNome3DLogo Sweet Home 3D - is a great program for the design online, allows you to easily create detailed plans of rooms and houses, placed in them various items of furnitureand interior for later viewing in 3D mode.Utility easily download at the developer's resource or select the design in the cloud, and then start the program for the design online.Once on the site is a huge database of various three-dimensional objects that are available for download.All the pieces of furniture and home furnishings are divided into categories for your convenience.

functional and feature:

  • large selection of furniture;
  • imports of new three-dimensional models;
  • ample opportunities to view the finished project;
  • support changing the size of the furniture;
  • ability to print plans-and 3D-models:
  • plugin support;
  • replacement textures and create your own;
  • multiplatform;
  • availability of version to work online.

Developer Page, and you can download it there:

Planoplan.The new program for the design rooms online

Planoplan - Program for designing online.Simple interface, low system requirements and availability of Russian language enables it to handle the product to any user PC.The program for the design of online Planoplan has a wide selection of furniture items and allows you to select a material for finishing and color of the walls, the ceiling, the floor and any other objects.The advantage is the utility of its work without having to install any modules.The application allows you to do everything online, with regard to the creation of three-dimensional models of residential premises.

The output can be stored on a server or downloaded to your computer in the form of two-dimensional images.