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August 12, 2017 18:06

Oven cauldron with their hands .Brick, of disks and out of the pipe

Article Contents:

  • 1 oven cauldron of bricks with their hands
    • 1.1 to construct the base
    • 1.2 process of laying
    • 1.3 Installation of doors.
  • 2 oven cauldron of automotive drives with their hands
  • 3 furnace Manufacturing for sheet steel cauldron
  • 4 Metal portable oven proved
  • 5 oven cauldron of metal pipe

Kazan - foto18

oven cauldron of bricks with their hands

brick oven under the cauldron - not only a place of preparation of delicious food, but also a good decorative element.So if you plan to build it it, be sure to pay attention to the location and related items: slab furnace, the door to the ash pan, poker and scapula.

For making oven under the cauldron of bricks with their hands need to prepare the following things:

  • Fireclay brick.
  • floor slabs with a thickness of about 2 cm.
  • grinder.
  • steel corners.
  • little sand.
  • irons.
  • refractory powder.
  • two doors.Several
  • any buckets.
  • shovel.

External execution of such stoves can be anything, it all depends on your imagination.But inside it have to be like a cradle for the eggs.Also, it is required to raise by about 80 cm.


oven proved drawing.Photo

to construct the base

In this case we need to build a full-fledged foundation there.This is due to the relatively low weight of a brick oven.The only thing to do - pour a concrete base and strengthen it through reinforcement :

Kazan - photo2

Kazan photo

oven proved with his own hands.Step by step instructions

kazan , photo3

  1. Choosing a suitable location, clear it of debris.
  2. Making formwork.To do this, fit the usual board.
  3. Mix powder Fireclay sand (ratio 1: 3), they fill the casing layer in the 70 - 100 mm, and align with the mounting level.
  4. Puts valve: between adjacent elements leave gaps of about 10 cm

process of laying

Masonry performed bandaging of seams : first row - 1/2 bricks, the second - a third - again 1/2.etc.You should also take into account the points listed below:

  • installation iron elements to produce better during laying, and not afterwards;
  • respirator and goggles will help protect against the dust - especially important in the case if you are planning to cut brick grinder;
  • after the operation the stove must be thoroughly dry, and light a fire for verification.

Kazan - photo4

Kazan - photo5

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Construction of the furnace under the cauldron with their hands is carried out in several rows:

  1. bottom design.In this series, and in this it is necessary to leave a space for cleaning the ash pan and the stove itself.
  2. is also the head design.At this stage, using a fixed wire door.
  3. subsequent formation walls and installing grate .
  4. Here we must make opening for removal of smoke.


Installation of doors.

6 - 8. Continue to build the wall, simultaneously closing the combustion chamber.

9 - 11. Bricklaying.

12. Installation of the orifice plate.


oven for poryadovkoy proved.Photo

Everything can be considered complete at this kiln construction for the cauldron of bricks.

oven cauldron of automotive drives with their hands

Manufacturing furnaces cauldron of automotive drives with their hands in a matter of minutes - it is one of the most unpretentious, but nevertheless original designs.The whole process can be divided into several stages:

Kazan - foto12

Preparation unnecessary drives.By means of the Bulgarian saw off one of them partition.

Kazan - Photo10

installation one drive to another.In this case the remainder of the previous disk partition should be at the bottom.

Kazan - foto11

Welding both elements.

Kazan - foto12

Cut holes for doors, handles and welding stand.

Kazan - foto14

This work can be considered fully implemented.

Kazan - foto13

Kazan - foto16 Kazan - foto17

oven cauldron of automobile disks with their own hands.Photo


oven proved with his own hands.Photo

furnace Manufacturing for sheet steel cauldron

Equally simple is the manufacture of furnaces for steel sheet proved.For the construction of such a structure will need to stock up on materials such as:

  • Bulgarka.
  • Hammer.
  • Electric drill.
  • Corners.
  • thick steel sheets.
  • Welding electrodes.
  • directly cauldron - it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the combustion chamber.

metal furnace

oven cauldron of metal with their hands.Photo

Then you can start to work:

Measure the diameter of the cauldron.

Make of steel sheet rectangle.Its length must exactly match the calculations made earlier.Also, it is necessary to cut a small hole.

You can then proceed to slots for drainage of smoke - they need to do at the top of the stove.

Scan - furnace

oven scheme for the cauldron of metal.Photo

Fold the sheet into a cylinder .You can use a special form and a hammer or equipment.

Fabricate support and handles.

Connect all the elements using welding.Some elements can be fastened to conventional screws.

This stove after the construction is necessary to cover the heat-resistant paint .After it dries, you can make a fire and cook your favorite dishes.

To improve the design it is possible to add the following elements:

  • Another hole for ash.
  • grate - it is placed between the flue and the ash-pit holes.To install it need to weld the inside corners of the metal stove as a support.
  • chimneys taller than a man: so the smoke will not get anyone in the eye.
  • door .They can be made independently from the same sheet steel, and ready to buy, they are quite inexpensive.
  • spark arrestor .It is a metal can with a large number of small holes.

All these tools greatly facilitate the process of laying the wood and cleaning the stove.However, such a structure will be harder to move from place to place, so only you can decide which is better - or mobility functionality.

Metal portable oven proved

If you inhabit a country house only from time to time, the metal portable oven proved - the best option.If you are on the site is not used in household gas cylinder volume of about 50 liters, then you have almost everything for construction.So, for the construction of a portable metal kilns proved need to perform a number of actions:

Before you get started, be sure to check whether the gas tank left.Even a small amount in the future can lead to tragic consequences.To do this, unscrew the valve and leave the container to stand in the open air for at least a week - this time will be enough to completely weathered gas.

Schedule place to cut about 25 cm below the upper edge of the cylinder.

Cut the marked part with the help of Bulgarian .

Try cauldron to the resulting structure.The oven must be larger than the approximately 1/3.

steel oven

little above the bottom of the container, approximately 15 cm, make a hole for firewood.It must be large enough to avoid any problems with the bookmark in the future.

On the opposite side of the hole to cut the smoke.To improve traction it is possible to connect a pipe, for example, metal.

Properly calcined oven.This is required for the removal of all extraneous odors.

Then you can start immediately, and for cooking.Inexpensive but practical oven proved ready.

oven cauldron of metal pipe


oven cauldron of metal pipe - also accessible to everyone option.For its production does not require the purchase of expensive consumables and equipment.And to work enough for a couple of hours.Before you begin construction, prepare the following:

  • metal pipes.Stop trimming with a slightly smaller diameter than that of the cauldron.Optimal height - about 50 cm
  • second pipe diameter of about 10 cm to the chimney..
  • Grid - it will be the bottom.
  • corners for legs.Best from steel.
  • grinder.
  • welding machine.

install a stove can be absolutely at any height.It all depends on the growth of those who will use it and their preferences.Once you have decided on this point, you can draw a picture future construction, if a sample - so you significantly simplify your work.

Bottom pipes mark the hole for laying wood, and on the opposite side of it, a little higher - for the removal of smoke.Carefully cut out the holes using a grinder .Do not dispose of parts of the tube remaining after this, they are still useful in their future work.

After all the holes are ready, you can begin to weld legs and grills.


also cut harvested earlier pipe chimney into two parts at an angle of 45 degrees, turn one of them so as to obtain a letter T, and weld them together and with the stove.


chimney and can not do.But then it will need to build a couple of small holes at the top of the structure - they provide no worse and removal of smoke and products of combustion.


next step - joining loop for doors and handles (with their help, you can always move the stove at any place without any hassle).


Sometimes it happens that the cauldron falls into the stove.This is due to improperly performed measurements.But look for a new tube and begin to work again is not necessary.Just weld to the top ring, and the others can be used in the future for setting a desired temperature.

final stage - the furnace decoration.Get rid of the burrs and sags welding, treat the surface of heat-resistant welding.So it will last you much longer.

oven proved useful in any country site.It is possible not only to prepare delicious meals, but also to use it for heating homes.Self build such a structure can absolutely everyone - just a little effort and imagination.At the same time spend a lot of money would be required in most cases you can get materials at hand, even those who have long written off.