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August 12, 2017 18:06

The boiler for the bath with his hands

The most important step is the construction of a bath heater installation - furnace or boiler.And to figure out how to install boiler for a bath with his hands, need to understand how it differs from the oven.

How to make a pot for a bath

How to make the boiler for a bath

Outset that often no much difference between them.Of course, if the oven has been laid out in accordance with all the rules of art furnace, it is impossible to call it pot.Just as it is impossible to name a stove iron barrel used for heating.But they have the same function in:

  • warm room;
  • heat water;
  • heat the stones.

Species boilers for baths

Article Contents

  • 1 Species boilers for baths
  • 2 What you need to know?
  • 3 Manufacturing boiler bath
    • 3.1 Step 1. Supplies and equipment
    • 3.2 Step 2: Welding design supports
    • 3.3 Step 3. Assembling construction
    • 3.4 Video - Bathhouseof furnace tubes.Design.Manufacturing steps
    • 3.5 Step 4. Heat shield
  • 4 oven sheet metal
    • 4.1 Step 1: Prepare all necessary
    • 4.2 Step 2 Assembling design
  • 5 In conclusion
    • 5.1 Video - metal Fabrication boiler for bath

According to the type of fuel used boilers for baths are divided into the following groups:

  • solid fuel appliances operating on wood, coal,peat and the like. d .;

    Solid unit , combined with the furnace - heater

    Solid unit, combined with the furnace-heater

  • power;

    Electric boiler with hot-water tank

    electric boiler with a hot water tank

  • gas;

    Gas units for baths

    Gas units for baths

  • boilers that run on liquid fuel - diesel, kerosene, waste oil.

    Boiler for bath diesel

    boiler for bath diesel

When selecting the material also has its own nuances.So, cast iron boilers are rarely used because they can not be put in the steam room, but only in a separate room.In itself, the steam can be supplied:

  • iron boiler;

    Driving boiler with water tank

    scheme boiler with water tank

  • brick;
  • iron, but overlaid with a brick.

    Bath cauldron of metal , surrounded by brick

    Bath cauldron of metal, surrounded by brick

Hundreds of years in the baths was made to erect a massive brick oven, but thanks to modern technology today is made mostly of metal compact model.

Note!Not everyone can afford to buy the factory unit, and the presence of certain building skills can make a pot for a bath with his hands.

What you need to know?

first step is to determine the fuel that will be used, and hence the type of the boiler.Electric and gas appliances is not desirable to make their own, but if the choice was made in favor of one of them, it is better to buy ready-made high-quality boiler.Otherwise, it increases the risk of accidents.

Boiler for solid- bath , the circuit

boiler for solid-bath, the circuit

is also worth noting that the installed gas boiler must be inspected by the representative of the relevant authorities.So much easier to assemble and install the unit is solid.

Manufacturing boiler bath

Production of the boiler for a bath

Production for sauna boiler

iron boiler has a fairly simple structure.Preparatory work was to study the drawings of boilers, as well as in the purchase of all necessary equipment.

Production of the boiler for a bath

Production for sauna boiler

Step 1. Supplies and equipment

In most cases the boilers are made from thick-walled metal pipes.Experienced professionals use large barrels up to 200 liters, but in our case it is recommended to use all the small pipe ø50 cm 75-100 cm. This will construct a device that can heat a room of 15 cubic meters, which roughly corresponds to the area of ​​9 square meters.

Steel pipe for boiler manufacturing

Steel pipe for boiler manufacturing

addition, be required such tools:

  • welding apparatus (electric);
  • Bulgarian;
  • circles on metal.

Step 2: Welding design supports

boiler Plans

boiler drawing

cut the pipe

Cut pipe

After preparing all the necessary, you are ready to go.

Step 1. boiler body is composed of a pipe, which must form the three pillars are located parallel to the ground at three different levels.This requires three pieces of rebar ø1,4 cm to 3 cm each.

№1 level is required to install the oven.

№2 height level is calculated depending on the intended type of blower door.

№3 level must be placed 20 cm from the top edge of the structure.

Step 2. used as the bottom range of the appropriate diameter, cut from sheet steel in the thickness of 5 mm.

Stove inside

furnace inside

Step 3. All wood stoves incorporate grate - metal grid needed to supply oxygen into the combustion chamber (bottom set).For it will require a circle of metal as possible thickness, perforated or slotted.

Step 4. furnace will also cover support for the stones, so it is cut from the same 5-mm steel.In the center of the cover is done opening for the flue pipe.

Step 5. At the bottom of the pipe is done opening for the box, he closed a door of the furnace.

Note!The depth of the box depends solely on the thickness of the walls!

Step 6. being built himself a box, inside equipped with a partition section for the combustion and ash chambers.The level of this partition should match the level of the grate, and the grate - located inside the boiler.

On the right side of the door for laying stones

the right side round door for laying stones

Boiler for bath

boiler for bath

Step 3. Assembling construction

This process can be divided into several stages.

Step 1. Initially, the structure is welded box.If installation takes place in the room (and in this case is exactly what happens), then the box should go or in the combustion compartment, or on the street.

Step 2. Then a hole made in the lid, set the chimney.

Ready boiler

Ready boiler

Step 3. builds the foundation for the furnace.It can be like an ordinary concrete slab, and the 10-cm concrete screed, bathed in the "cushion" of crushed stone thickness of 15 cm.

Step 4. Design is installed on the base, the lid stacked stones.

Video - The stove of the pipe.Design.Manufacturing steps

Step 4. Heat shield

screen with a brick stove can

The stove with a brick screen

In most cases, the screen is built of brick.This can be done in two ways:

  • impose boiler entirely;
  • fence its small wall.

Note!At the bottom, a small hole needs to be done - they are needed for convection air.

How to install metal bannuyu oven

oven sheet metal

Oven sheet metal

oven sheet metal

Consider another variant of the furnace for a bath - open metal stove, surrounded by a brick.

Step 1: Prepare all necessary

Most of the supplies can be purchased at hardware store, then these are the components of the furnace are sold only in specialized outlets.So, the need:

  • sheet steel (5 mm) for the construction of the wall;..
  • steel (10 mm) to the bottom - it should be thicker, ie, to the lower part of the boiler is usually longer exposed to high temperatures;
  • factory boiler elements (doors, valves, tank and so on.);
  • reinforcement rods ø3 mm - of them will be built for the net stone;
  • channels;
  • plate thickness of 1.5 mm for the manufacture of the chimney (or rather its lower part);
  • asbestos to the top of the pipe.

Note!used flange connection, is established at the junction of the flap for fixing the chimney elements.This is the most fireproof version, ie. A. Most of the channel will be protected from the extremely high temperatures.

Step 2 Assembling design

echi-heaters with built-in water tank: a - stove with single-walled;b - heater with the side wall of the water tank;in - heater with water tanks and an air gap in the wall

Step 1. First, create a drawing of the future of the boiler - it is very important and mandatory step operation.The drawing must be: top view of the structure, side and cross-sectional parameters of all key elements separately (in millimeters), sketches the most important nodes and so on.

It needs to be clear about the principle of operation of the boiler, own special terms and 'language' scheme.

Partitioning of the metal sheet

marking sheet metal

Welding of the hull at the marked cut steel sheets

body welding of cut steel sheets for marking

Welding body

Welding body

Welding body

Welding body

Step 2. Purchase of all necessary (this wasdescribed in the previous section).

Step 3. Running cutting metal.From steel sheet is formed thick-walled box, which will serve as a housing for the boiler.

Note!When cutting, use only high-quality metal scissors, since it will depend on the evenness of the edges.

Step 4. The cut sheets are welded.To do this, you need to be a professional welder or hire such (for the respective cost), because the welds must be perfect.

Welded tube section inside the furnace body

welded tube section inside the furnace body

Welded tube section inside the furnace body

welded tube section inside the furnace body

Form a water tank

Form a water tank.The combustion chamber cut a hole for the chimney

Water tank with a latch and a chimney

water tank and chimney with a latch

We equip the furnace firebox door

We equip the furnace firebox door

Behind the boiler welded tube to connect the crane

behind the boiler welds pipe to connect the crane

Step 5. construction brick screen.It is necessary to mitigate the effect of high temperatures, which is the source of the metal structure.To construct a kind of brick box with ventilation holes around the perimeter (as in the previous version).

Example lining brick kiln in bath

Example electrode furnace in the bath brick

Example lining brick kiln in bath

Example electrode furnace in the bath brick

In conclusion

Now you have seen that much easier and cheaper to build for the bath boiler thanbrick / stone oven, as no special knowledge and skills to do so is not required.Indeed, the level of complexity of the boiler does not go to any comparison with masonry oven.

stone Name Description
Hot Ice (white quartz) Quartz has unique health properties: by heating and rapid cooling with water it releases avtomarny oxygen, making the air in the steam room is saturatedozone.
Ozone enriches the blood with oxygen, improves overall health and stimulates the brain.
Jade green stone.Jadeite is the most beautiful natural material that has ever been used in saunas.Due to its unique physical and mechanical properties of jadeite is the most durable stone sauna.Jadeite saunas are quite popular for rubezhom.Samye fashionable and prestigious complexes are committed to complement your sauna jadeite, including suites.
Talkohlorit One of the main advantages is exceptional resistance to high temperatures.These stones can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ° C.In addition, certain soapstone ascribed curative properties, including normalization of blood pressure and metabolism.
gabbro-diabase gabbro-diabase is a deep rock of volcanic origin, is mined in the Urals.
With a relatively low price of gabbro-diabase has all the necessary properties for the stone heaters - heat resistance, resistance to cyclic temperature changes, the ability to rapidly heat up and retain heat for a long time.It supports the health effect of the sauna.
Serpentinite dark green stone with splashes of mineral veins and thin, serpentine primarily for those who are looking for stones with high decorative properties.It will decorate any steam room, and at the same time in their characteristics and strength are not inferior to other species.
Dunite Almost 90% dunite is composed of the mineral olivine, known also under the names peridot, beryl, Forster.It is believed that Peridot normalizes blood pressure, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, calms the nerves.According litoterapevticheskim research beryl helps with colds, promotes treatment of diseases of the eye and spine.
Jade carried out in our time studies have shown that the use of jade in the bath helps:
general cleansing of the body, improve the elasticity of the skin, normalize the metabolism, improving muscle tone, enhance the potency, increase resistance to stress, get rid of insomnia.
Jasper wax wax jade in folk medicine is considered a universal healer stone with high energy.It purifies the blood, helps to stop bleeding and healing wounds, treatment of many gynecological disorders, a beneficial effect on the heart, normalizes sleep.

Video - Metal Fabrication Boiler for bath