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August 12, 2017 18:06

The chimney for a bath with his hands

correctly arranged in the chimney will ensure long-term preservation of heat bath and safety for visitors, as it will be time to withdraw combustion products, but, while , will not give the oven to cool down too quickly.Can I make dymoho qq A bath with his hands, and at the same time save on the master?

The chimney for a bath with his hands

chimney for a bath with his hands

must say, that do it - quite real, especially that currently in specialized stores sales consultants are on the developed scheme andusing special software ensure quickly and accurately select the set of necessary for the proper chimney elements.However, the metal structures of their species is not limited, and is worth a closer look at what all types of chimneys are, and how best to select the appropriate scheme for the built bathhouse furnace.

Types Chimneys

Article Contents

  • 1 Types Chimneys
    • 1.1 brick chimney
    • 1.2 Metal chimney
    • 1.3 Video "short course" on the varieties of chimneys
  • 2 materials for the construction of the chimney
    • 2.1 brick chimney
    • 2.2 Metal chimney
    • 2.3 Video: design features bath chimney
  • 3 Installation bath chimney
    • 3.1 metal chimney
    • 3.2 Video: embodiment of a metal bath chimney with access to
    • 3.3 outer wall brick chimney

bath Furnace chimneys are classified according to several criteria.

  • First of all, by the manufacture of the material.If earlier they traditionally laid out fired brick, the increasingly popular steel metal chimneys in recent years.
Chimney can be placed inside or outside the building

chimney can be placed inside or outside the building

  • By design and on-site, these elements of bath furnace can be divided into two types: one that takes place inside the building, through the ceiling and roof, or, in another embodiment, - discharged through the chimney wall, and raised on it from the outside of the building.

To determine the choice, you need to consider all «for» and «against» each type of chimney pipes.

brick chimney

Previously only chimneys traditionally laid brick, as there was simply no other worthy alternatives for the construction of this part of the furnace.Construction of masonry - enough laborious process, especially since it must be done under the special scheme, with a clear observance of all sizes.

Not long ago, the chimneys were overwhelmingly brick

Not long ago, the chimneys were overwhelmingly brick

However, brick chimneys - this is the option that is the test of time.They have a higher strength, and much more durable than metal.In addition, the brick, because of its structural framework itself has good thermal insulating and heat-retaining properties.

Brick structure - safer in a fire against than prefabricated metal chimney, made even the most modern technologies.

However, quite a big disadvantage chimneys, constructed of brick, is their inner surface, as it is rough and corners.It delayed sooty deposits clogging proho qq To smoke and reducing cravings, which adversely affects On at Greve furnace.In addition, excessively overgrown soot tube inside can cause smoke in the bath room or even catch fire in the furnace from the furnace caught on her sparks that , happens, it leads to a very dangerous situation.

Metal chimney

Metal chimney is much easier to install

metal chimney is much easier to install

metal chimney pipe is installed much easier than brick, and must do much more cheaply. Modern sandwich structures made with the use of insulation, are more practical than just a single- metal pipes, but they do not give such an effect conserve heat inside the oven, like a brick chimney.

The structure of insulated sandwich pipe

structure insulated sandwich pipe

advantage of the metal structure can be considered almost perfectly smooth inner surface, which has no edges, allowing the smoke to freely directed turbulent flow, go outside.However, sharp differences of temperatures on the inner surfaces may well be formed condensate - this phenomenon will depend on the temperature in the winter on the street.If this pipe is installed in the region with severe winters, it is necessary to choose the pipe with a maximum thick insulating layer.

Metal chimney can be placed inside and outside

metal chimney can be placed inside and outside

Another selection criterion type chimney - it is internal or external installation.Each of the accommodation types have their advantages and disadvantages, which also need to know when choosing a suitable option.

external chimney

idea to make flue pipe on on outer wall belongs to the American architects.This attitude has become popular in domestic buildings, thanks to a simpler device.Chimney, connected to the furnace does not rise to the ceiling of the room, and led away to the outside through the wall.

Exterior chimney

external chimney

Pros metal chimney, arranged in such a way, is to increase the security, that does not have in the attic ceiling and roof suit isolated transitions for him.Such a structure of the chimney to deliver against the risk of leakage of rain or melt water into the gaps between the pipe and the roof covering.

By serious shortcomings appearance chimney device is its rapid cooling of, and means, the formation of condensation inside it, so this should be hard to warm the chimney.

second disadvantage is that the chimney which has been taken out, will not be able to give the room an additional heat bath, and at the same time increase fuel consumption.

There are external chimneys and masonry

There are external chimneys and masonry

There are also combined flues, which brought out knowledge.In this case, from the furnace is given a metal pipe, which is then excreted through the wall and enters the masonry chimney, which is built into the wall and rises to the desired height.

internal chimney

Metal chimney extending inside, is mounted on top of bath heater and raised to the ceiling, and then carried through the attic and roof, then raised to a level corresponding to the relative position of the ridge.The advantage of this design is that all of the heat that comes from the combustion chamber, where it passes through the tube would also warm the bath room and the attic, and then - oven will take longer to cool down.It poozhitelno impact on fuel economy.

Oven - heater with an internal chimney

furnace-heater with an internal chimney

If properly plan and build the internal structure of the chimney, to keep under control the joints, such a system will last without problems m m tion years.

Main components of the internal metal chimney

main internal components of the metal chimney

The disadvantages of this option include the construction of what would have conduct pipe through the ceiling and through the roof.

Video "short course" on the species chimneys

materials Chimney construction

materials purchased after the decision to form the chimney structure.

brick chimney

for brick structures need to buy refractory brick and masonry structure - it can be a special construction dry mix designed specifically for masonry chimneys and furnaces.Some artists prefer to use well-chosen clay mortar.

In addition, it will be necessary to provide material for the fungus over the pipe.

Metal chimney

Manufacturers produce all the necessary parts for assembly chimney

manufacturers produce all the necessary parts to build a chimney

  • for metal chimney all the necessary details are acquired after the preparation of the detailed design of the scheme with regard all angles and pipe bends.

Scheme can be drawn by a single line, which will be listed chimney passing place through a wall, ceiling, and roof, and cornering - approximate value of the angle.With this drawing, please contact the store asking to pick up everything you need for installation.

  • addition will require two metal sheets with holes, equal diameter pipe that will be secured to the bath floor and ceiling of the attic.Next, you need to think of heat-resistant materials, which will be located in the attic overlap around the pipe, thereby creating a protection for easily flammable materials.
  • for waterproofing around the pipe on the roof, will need to be waterproofed, in the form of an adhesive sealant and a special rubber seal that is put on the chimney.
The elastic member for the passage through the roof

elastic element to pass through the roof

  • Separately need to say about the parameters of the selection of pipes.The first thing to consider when buying a metal pipe Chimney - is their internal section.It is calculated by taking into account power furnace, and usually for bath option interior diameter tr pr inimayut of 150 - 200 mm.If diameter is too large, heat not will linger in the oven, and the pipe cross-section too small not will create the necessary pull to remove smoke.Anyway, the diameter at any of the sites can not be less than that of the outlet nozzle installed heater.
  • total height of the pipe must be at least 5 meters.A precise value of this parameter will depend on the location its roof.If the tube comes out in the middle of the slope, then it is necessary to raise the level of the ridge, about half a meter.The best option of the chimney on the roof is considered to be one and a half meters from the ridge, but this parameter is optional and depends on the location of the furnace room bath.From the height of the pipe will also depend on the quality of the draft.
  • metal of which must be made of the pipe must have a minimum thickness of 1 mm, while the chimney will last longer.
  • If you think that your System chimney pot for heating water, the scheme can be made up as follows. It can be modified and fit for a particular set of the furnace and the chimney.
Option scheme chimney with hot-water tank

Option scheme chimney with hot-water tank

presented below tank works on the "samovar" system, ie it is fully welded to flue pipe.Some companies engaged in the manufacture of this type of pipe, produce an element already installed on it hot-water tank, having two or three inputs for connection of water pipes - to fill capacity for abstraction of water from the points of consumption.

Video: design features bath chimney

Installation bath chimney

After permanently installed bath heater, furnace pipe from the chimney installation begins.It can be beginning metal chimney or metal lot, which will connect the stove to a brick chimney.

Metal chimney

Since there are two types of chimney, then assembling them occur in different ways.

Interior design

  • If the pipe passes inside the bath structure, it is usually the entire system is almost perfectly vertical view.Mount the chimney of the individual elements, each of his superior item worn on top of the bottom - mounting "for the smoke."
Обычная схема сопряжения сэндвич-труб: внутренняя часть - "по конденсату", наружная - "по дыму"

Normal pairing scheme sandwich pipes: interior - "Condensate", external - "the smoke»

If using sandwich pipes, that the approach is somewhat different - the installation of the inner part is carried out "of condensate" (top tube enters the bottom of the funnel) and outer parts - "the smoke".This system allows the accumulated moisture to drain freely inside the tube down into the condensate trap , not getting into the insulation material, which by waterlogging loses its properties.

  • It is very important to calculate the placement of connections so that the joints do not fall in the levels of loft or intermediate floors and roofs.Provided
  • stove location near the timber walls, they need to protect against possible overheating and burning heat-resistant materials, for example, it may be asbestos sheets, which are better secured in two layers.
Thermal insulation of walls and ceiling transition

Thermal insulation of walls and ceiling transition

  • If installed hot water tank samovar type , then for him there is a place near the furnace, placing it just above it, or in the attic, if distribution of hot water comes in two rooms - the washing and shower.
  • Before installing the pipe connections where they are coated with heat-resistant sealant, and after the installation of the top additionally fixed with special wide collars.
Clamp to secure the connection pipe assemblies

clamp to secure the nodes connecting pipes

  • When combining individual elements of the chimney are detected sufficiently large gaps, the inserted part is compacted using asbestos cord, which wrapped reflux rubu.However, it is better to select items that are perfect to each other in size.
  • first chimney section, fastened to the stove pipe, can be multi-layered, that is, it is a conventional single-walled metal pipe having a special connection.It is usually installed valve, which is also called a chute.This control is necessary in order to create and maintain the right level of traction, at a time when the room is heated, and most retain heat the oven after the end of the furnace.Fitting location of this element, you can see well in the above diagrams of the chimney installation.
section of the pipe with a valve -Shiber

pipe section with a latch-Shiber

  • For the pipe through the roof useful box having walls at a height of 30 ÷ 40 cm longer than the thickness of the slab.Distance of reflux Pipes to the walls of the box should be at least 180 ÷ 200 mm.
Straight unit - a special box for the ceiling

-through unit - a special box for the ceiling

in the ceiling cut a square hole in which will basic box without difficulty.His bottom, ie the lower part, is fixed on the ceiling, Through a hole in the bottom of the chimney tube is passed into the attic.Then

box filled lightweight temperature-resistant material - it can be medium-expanded clay or mineral rock wool.With such thermoinsulator box is filled completely to the top, with a maximum possible density.