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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pepper mill : an original gadget for your kitchen

only true gourmets are able to understand the difference between the already crushed spices folded into the package, and freshly option , which has a rich taste and fragrant aroma.The difference is large, and if you want to eat the fragrant taste dishes every time, not only when the packaging is spiced just opened, you have to pay attention to the device, allow a few seconds to transfer pepper to ground discharge, and grind salt crystalsseeds or cloves.Why pepper mill, what are the kinds of tools and how to choose the right - this is what we'll talk.

Mill for salt and pepper wooden

mill salt and pepper wooden

Types pepper mills

As is known, modern windmill manufacturers offer three options:

  • disposable;
  • hand;
  • power.

In the first case you are buying a tank (usually transparent) already bombarded to spices (for example, a mixture of different kinds of pepper), and grinding is carried out as necessary - for this you just need to twist the lid jars over the plate and crushed pepperIt will fall into the dish.Plus, this variant is that the manufacturer has already taken care of the combination of spices and put it in a jar of a certain set of spices.But, at the same time, such an option can be considered a minus, if you are used to select individual spices.And another drawback is the use of disposable containers - when spices are over, will have to throw a jar.Although some craftsmen manage to open it and fill again your favorite spices.If you want this option, remember opening the mill for pepper: for that you need a few minutes to hold the jar under hot water and then immediately remove the plastic cover that the temperature should be pliable.Only when removing deform it, because after falling asleep spices cover must be installed again in its place.

Disposable pepper mill

Disposable pepper mill

Manual pepper mill - is the choice of gourmets.The principle of operation of such a device is extremely simple.The capacity of different types of pepper are laid, then using a pen or a wheel is driven millstones and grinding spices occurs.Plus manual models is not only that it is possible to grind different types of spices (see, for fish and meat certainly useful to a different set of spices), but also in a wide variety of jars design that will interest not only fans of a tasty meal, but also a connoisseur of beautycontemplating all the wonderful and benefit from this incredible delight.And what else is so able to "work up" the appetite is not the original and funny grinder with a hitch?By cons of such models include the permanent care of the device - before the next application would have to wash the mill and remove odors previous spices.Plus, at the hand-mill may be some difficulties with the grinding of salt crystals.

pepper mill hand

pepper mill manual

But electric pepper mill will cope with this task easily, it can even grind strong sea salt crystals.And in general, this newfangled device accustomed to any kitchen, because it not only saves power cooks, but also has a stylish design, which means that even in the modern kitchen interior will look appropriate.Powered by batteries, the device either on battery power, so it is not tied to a nearby power outlet location.This mill can be easily put on the table, and if it will have a unique design (namely to seek an extraordinary appearance sensible manufacturers), it also will be a real decoration of the festive table.If the high price of such a device can be considered a disadvantage, then, perhaps, it is the only drawback.

Electric pepper mill and salt Photo

Electric pepper mill and salt Photo

electric pepper mill

pepper mill electric

How to choose a mill for pepper

Despite their small size, these devices are able to crush all that is needed to make the dish a different flavor.If in addition you are going to grind pepper other spices (cinnamon, coriander, cloves), herbs and salt, then take a look at a universal model.For example, the market today meets pepper mill and salt - usually such devices have more powerful teeth that can crush even hard spices and salt.If in task-chopper device is only to grind pepper, then feel free to choose a mill specifically designed for it.

electric pepper mill

electric pepper mill

considered the most successful model of mills with two rows of teeth, which fix some pea and crushed them with the least waste.Mills better to choose metal, stainless steel knives, plastic considered as unreliable and short-lived - that they are mainly present in and disposable models.If you are staying on the handheld unit, the handle is also desirable to be made of metal.But the body can be anything: glass, plastic, metal.But, of course, the latter option will last probably longer.

Pepper mill and salt Wolfgang Puck Electric

pepper mill and salt Wolfgang Puck Electric

wooden pepper mill usually has an outstanding design, but it is less practical tool than, for example, of glass.Wood is able to absorb the flavors and spices if Shrovetide, and the taste is also a long time will remain in the jar, and this will agree, is not very good, because the quality of the food will suffer from foreign odors.

wooden pepper mill

pepper mill wooden

Original Design Pepper mill

Generally, mills are choosing a kitchen design, considering not only the color scheme, but also the style of the kitchen space.For example, the kitchen in the style of hi-tech ideal is not a wooden container and metal, with lots of shiny chrome.But in the kitchen, decorated in a rustic style, as well as possible will look exactly wooden containers for spices.

Wood mill for pepper and salt - chess pieces

Wood mill for pepper and salt - chess pieces

Electric pepper mill and salt

Electric pepper mill and salt

Mills are usually elongated cylindrical shape, this ergonomic design is caused by the use of spice jars - it should not beonly easy to handle, but also to use it.If we compare metal and wooden containers, then first have a sleek design and simple forms, while the latter resemble a work of art with curly-cut form, in the form of ball caps or even like a chess piece.

Looks nice on the kitchen table completely transparent mill curly shapes, made of acrylic, or combined: metal + glass.In any case, when you see the contents of the mill and the whole process of grinding: a pea move around like fall under the millstones and a crushed - this played out appetite and want to taste the most flavorful dish.

Cute mills for salt and pepper Photo

Cute mill for pepper and salt Photo

Electric mill metal and glass

Electric mill metal and glass

not get tired to surprise and design of the mill - this attribute any gourmet appears as a baseball bat, a beer bottle, bright dolls, the human nose andhand with a brush, the Rubik's cube.

Photo pepper mill

pepper mill photo

Pepper mill in the form of a baseball bat

pepper mill in the form of a baseball bat

Pepper mill Rubik

pepper mill Rubik's Cube

Decorative mill for spices and pepper

Creative mill for spices and pepper

Original hand-mill in the form of a beer bottle Photo

Original hand milla beer bottle photo

Mills - matryoshka photo

mills-matryoshka photo

As you can see, pepper mill - is not just a necessary thing in the kitchen, but also a fashion accessory, introducing diversity in the kitchen space.And finally, a little advice - even if you choose a designer thing, make sure that it is convenient to handle, it is important that it does not slip and do not jump out of the hands at the wrong time.

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