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August 12, 2017 18:07

The design of the corridor with his hands : ideas for decorating

Corridor - is the first room, which faces the visitor, entering the house or apartment.It can be called the "face" of housing, which is why his design should be approached weighed and responsibly.Since in most cases the corridors in our apartments do not differ large area, it is necessary to use every square meter, that it is not only functional, but also attractive.Of course, to design beautiful design is better to invite a specialist, but with certain skills and the presence of taste, such work can be done independently.To do this, it is very important to know the basic principles of design corridors.


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main directions and ideas of design corridors


color palette.As a rule, used for finishing the hallways light neutral tones.The fact that in the majority of cases, the corridor has no windows, so devoid of natural light.Light it can get only through the glass in the interior doors or doorways.Therefore, the use of dark tones have a negative impact on the ambient light, which in turn will lead to the need to use additional artificial light.If the surface of walls made perfectly flat, then a great option would be to use a glossy texture finish.This allows you to visually expand the boundaries of space, making it a lot more.

Architectural details.To dilute the monotony of finishing the hallway, you can resort to the use of a variety of decorative elements, such as moldings, cornices, baguette.They can be visually separated by a wall into two zones, playing on contrasts of colors, as well as to separate the ceiling of the wall, making it more expressive.To isolate the door and arched openings, you can use the whole arched construction, which will give the room geometric.

Do not forget about the carpet.They not only will be an additional heat insulation of flooring, but also be able to visually identify parquet, highlighting its brilliance.

Lighting.If natural light in the room is not enough, you need to fill this gap by various lamps, chandeliers, lamps.Their design must coincide with the overall picture and not stand out.If the apartment is made in a modern style, the lamps in the style of the Victorian era will look to put it mildly, is not appropriate.Correctly chosen lighting can visually expand the space.Also playing into the hands of the designer can be a mirror, they are not only "enhance" the space, adding a depth and are a source of additional light.

works of art and paintings.They will be able to perfectly complement the design of the corridor of the photos in the original framework, paintings, statuettes and other interesting items will add charm hall, emphasizing its individuality.

cabinets and racks.Of course, without these objects of the interior will not do, no entrance.The main requirements to them is the versatility and matching the overall design of the room.Thus, for example, have built a small soft chair, in which the inside could be folded shoes.An excellent option for vestibules in small apartments can be a wardrobe.Its doors constructed in such a way that during opening not occupy a large space.Moreover, its useful volume can be directed upwards, so as not to take up much space.

In the hallway decor in recent years have increasingly designers are returning to the use of houseplants.They can add a special charm in the situation room, add her alive colors and create a feeling of comfort.

materials in modern design corridor

beautiful design - prihozhey_original

When choosing a design, you can use the hallway absolutely all finishing materials.This combination can create a pretty good look.

design wallpaper

hallway best option finishes in the ratio "price-quality" is finishing the hallway wallpaper.The cost and relative ease of doing such work finishing materials absolute leader.Glue can be quite make himself and cheapness allow to change them without any damage to the family budget if necessary.

wallpapers come in several forms, depending on the material from which they are made.Each species has its own unique properties, which need to know to make the right choice:

  • Paper wallpaper - the cheapest.Despite its attractive price, the paper substrate is not suitable for use in the hall.The fact that they quickly wear out, and the corridor - this is the place of passage, so the probability of damage to wallpaper the top clothing, pets increases several times.Besides these paintings, with rare exceptions, can not be painted, so damaged portions have just replaced.
  • Vinyl wallpaper.They have a denser structure than paper.They have better resistance, they can be washed, and put on them a layer of latex paint, if necessary.It is also one of the strengths of vinyl wallpaper is that they can be used in rooms with high humidity levels.Currently available in the wallpaper to the presence of micropores, which helps the walls to "breathe", which significantly extends the turnaround time and prevents the appearance of various types of mold and mildew.With its positive qualities worth noting that these wallpapers are heavy.This makes working with them quite difficult and causes high consumption of adhesive.
  • Fiberglass wallpaper.This material is one of the most popular names in finishing the hallways.Durable polymer base makes such wallpaper best choice for walk-through space.They can withstand more than a dozen paint layers that allows you to change the color scheme of the hall without serious work.With the help of this material can be very easy to hide flaws and cracks in the walls, which is very important in the design of the corridor in the Khrushchev or in another apartment.In addition, it is one of the few materials, which practically does not burn, it is very important for safety.

Plaster for corridor


Modern plaster can create a memorable design a narrow band or wide.This material has long and rightly deserved popularity among designers and repair wizards.Ideal plastered and painted walls give the hall an amazing view.

most interesting in the hall will look Venetian plaster.This technique has been used for a long time, but after a long time and remains relevant.It is also the most popular finishes for the corridor is possible to note "bark beetle".Due to the presence in the composition of pieces of different fractions, when applied plaster texture is like a tree, bark beetle spoiled, and why it got its name.

major advantage of the design hall of plaster is that it can help to correct any surface defects of the ceiling or walls.Also, plastered and painted walls unpretentious in use.Unlike wallpaper, it is not too greasy, easy to overdye, and it can be done any number of times.

The only drawback is the complexity of its stucco coating.With this work, the newcomer will be very difficult to handle.Besides the cost of materials for such a relatively high finishes.

Artificial stone corridor

Repair - corridor - his - hands

With this material you can create a rather interesting design.It is quite durable, is the same as ceramic tile.Thanks to him, you can create a beautiful interior in the "country" style or "loft".Excellent performance material properties have made it one of the most popular for finishing the corridors.It is excellent to clean, does not lose its kind for many years, it is perfectly combined with other types of finishing materials.Among the shortcomings can be identified its price.

Design narrow corridor

main task in the development of a long corridor design - use the space as much as possible and make it visually wider.For this color scheme should prevail bright colors.

design hall - foto_original

Basic rules:

  1. to the corridor did not seem too narrowed, the door and the doorway at the end, you can do a little bit darker.In this case, it will seem much larger.Also, for visual extension narrow hallway, you can use large objects in its distal portion.So, figurine or a great picture can make this corridor more attractive.
  2. about what should be furnished in a hallway, you can not say a lot.Functionality and only functionality.Built-in wardrobes, mezzanine, tables, chairs, etc.They must take a minimum of space and have the greatest possible extent.
  3. «Extend walls" will help narrow hallway mirror.They can be used either individually or as part of an object, such as the cabinet wing.
  4. Minimalism in the use of accessories and interior design with a small corridor should come first.

Design wide corridor

In general configuration hallway flight designer thought nothing can not be limited.In this room you can arrange any interior.Using a variety of colors, textures and materials - will make the hall the most exquisite place in the house.Considering that limitations are practically no space can be advantageously used any furniture.This corridor will look great pair of armchairs in which you can "sit on the track", where you can put a small table, turning part of the wide hallway into a small living room.In general, in these rooms with a choice of variant design difficulties commonly arise.

corridor with his hands Design: photo

Design of a small - hall - in - hrushevke Design - hall - in - panel - house design a small - hall - 1

corridor design their own hands: video