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August 12, 2017 18:07

Review of the best programs to produce electrical circuits

To date manually drawing electrical circuit on the leaf does not use any qualified electrician.It is much easier, more convenient and easier to draft wiring space on your computer through a special software package in Russian.But the problem is that not all programs are simple to use, so stumbled on an inconvenient and also a paid version of the software, most of the masters of the old school just throw the modern way towards modeling.Next, we provide the reader with an overview of the site itself electrician easiest programs for drawing electrical diagrams of apartments and houses on the computer.

  • Free Software
  • Paid Software

Free Software

There is not a lot of Russian-speaking, easy to use and also free software to produce single-line circuit wiring on the computer.So, we created a small rating that you become aware of what programs are best for drawing power schemes of houses and flats:

  1. Microsoft Visio .Oddly enough, but the most popular and last but not least - a free program for drawing single line of electrical circuits on a computer is a vector graphic editor Visio.With its help even a novice will be able to quickly draw electrical schematic wiring diagram house or apartment.As the functionality, they are not so advanced than that of the software that we provide below.Summing up we can say that Microsoft Visio is easy to use and at the same time in Russian free software for simulation of electrical circuits that will suit home electricians.
    Microsoft Visio
  2. Compass Electric .More professional software package for the design of the premises power schemes.The Compass has its own database, which stores the names and ratings of the most popular types of automation, relay protection, low-voltage installations and other circuit elements.In addition, the graphic symbols laid the basis of data of all these elements that will make clear power scheme, or even a single switchboard.Software is entirely in Russian, and in addition, you can download it for free.Compass -Electric
  3. Eagle (Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor).This software package will not only draw a single line diagrams of power supply, but also to develop their own drawing printed circuit board.Regarding the latter, the drawing can be carried out both manually and without own participation (in automatic mode).Today, there are both paid and free version of Eagle program.For home use will be enough to download a version of «Freeware» symbol (there are some limitations with respect to the maximum size of useful area of ​​the PCB).The disadvantage of this software package is that it does not officially Russified, although if you try a little bit, on the Internet you can find a crack to allow unimpeded draw circuit diagrams of apartments and houses.Egle
  4. Dip Trace .Another popular program for drawing electronic circuits and create a PCB traces.The program is simple and easy to use, also completely in Russian.The interface design allows the PCB in bulk form, using the database already ready elements of the electrical circuit.Rate the full functionality of the software, you can just for the money, but there is also a stripped-down free version, which will be enough novice electrician.DipTrake
  5. « 1-2-3 scheme ».Completely free program for drawing electrical diagrams on the computer.On the official website you can download it in Russian, and a full version.In addition to the simulation of power projects of apartments, houses and other premises in the software package you can easily create a distribution board assembly diagrams, which will be immediately provided with the most appropriate denomination machines, relay protection, etc.A nice addition to this software is a database of labels that can be printed out and paste up to its own distribution panel for the graphic symbols of all the circuit elements on STATE.1-2-3 scheme
  6. AutoCAD Electrician .One of the free version of the popular editor AutoCAD is AutoCAD Electrician.Briefly about this software, you can say the following: functionality suitable for both beginners and for professional electricians working in the field of energy.The interface is simple, you can quickly understand.All functions are in Russian, so you can easily use AutoCAD for drawing electrical wiring diagrams wiring around the house or apartment.AutoKAD Elektrikyan
  7. Elf .Interesting name unpretentious program for modeling power schemes in the construction drawing.Himself a software package is not less interesting and versatile.With the help of programs from "Elf design" you can build drawings of power supply of any complexity.In addition, the software helps you select the appropriate circuit-breakers face value, to calculate the cable cross-section for power and current, etc."Elf design" completely free software package in Russian.

Review Visio interface Job Compass AutoKAD Elektrikyan
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addition provided 7 software for drawing electronic circuits there are more than a dozen editors, you can create a fundamental power plan of the house or apartment, but in the other program notes morecomplicated interface or with the Russian-language version of the problem.We recommend to give preference to the representatives of the rating, so that later do not spend time searching for russifiers, usage manuals and the like!

Paid Software

Free utility for drawing electrical circuit on its own, we have considered.However, you understand that the paid versions provided a wider range of options and convenient add-ons that will draw the electric scheme on the computer.There are many popular paid programs for drawing electrical diagrams.Some of them we have given above, however, there is another program that is worthy of a little share - sPlan .This is one of the most easy to use and also a multifunctional software package for drawing diagrams and wiring harness routing electronic circuit boards.convenient interface in Russian.The database based on all the most popular graphic elements for drawing electronic circuits.SPLAN

If you do not mind spending $ 40 for the license, we strongly recommend that you choose for sketching it sPlan.This software is without doubt suitable for both home use and for professional design work, what you can see by looking at this video:

Proper use sPlan

YouTube Preview

Here we provide an overview of the best free and paidprograms for drawing electrical diagrams on the computer.By the way, on the phone (on Android), you can download the application "Mobile Electric", where you can easily calculate the basic elements of an electrical circuit that will help to create a wiring diagram, if the computer is not there!

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