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August 12, 2017 18:05

Barbecue metal with their hands

As sometimes you want to make a homemade picnic and cook food on a fire.But for this you need special device - a barbecue or grill, where the presence, not everyone can boast.Do not despair, because with the help of this article you can learn how to make barbecue of metal with their hands.


  1. Materials
  2. Tools
  3. Step by step instructions on making a barbecue with a chimney made of metal
  4. Video barbecue metal with their hands


main barbecue material is metal barrelboo.It is desirable that it be food, there will be less trouble during its purification.The arrangement of the barrels required:

  • pipe for the chimney;
  • brackets;
  • loop;
  • primer paint.

To install it need special design, which is suitable for:

  • pipes of small diameter (50 mm) 6 pieces, such as the former fence support;
  • board or plywood.If the barbecue is to reside in the open air, it is better to choose the board.

Here you can see photos and video Self-BBQ out of the barrel.

Tools From

instruments will be needed:

  • Bulgarian;
  • drill and drill bits for metal and wood;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • bolts, clamps;
  • keys.

Step by step instructions on making a barbecue with a chimney of

metal in the side of the drum, grinder, you need to cut a hole.

Then you need to find the 6 tubes.

If pipes are concreted, cut off this part of the grinder.Four pipes will serve as legs.

Every couple of feet of the pipe by means of bolts.

She will serve as a lateral lock barrel.pipe length is determined by the length of the barrel.So we get two sections.Each will have two legs and the side of the pipe.

To connect the two sections together, need the board.In total they need five pieces of small width (15-20 cm.).Four boards will fix legs (two on each side).Two of them are fixed at the bottom of the feet (10.5 cm. Off the ground), the other two just above mid-height of the legs.

drilled two holes in each board with a diameter equal to the diameter of the pipes for the legs.Threaded holes in the two legs of the board, on the one hand, and do the same with the other hand.Then put a metal frame legs up and set on them for fixing the boards at the same height.It can be bolted clamps.Then we put the remaining two boards and they also set the clamps.Next, put the cage on the feet.Boards lie on the clamps, taking their position and do not give legs to disperse in different directions.

fifth board connects the board on the top tier, thereby completely locking the frame.Now the whole structure gained sufficient strength.Set the barrel on it.

Let us arrangement barrels.To install the grille inside the drum, secure the bracket.On two brackets on each side of the lattice.This can be done by means of bolts.

That part of the barrel, you cut, will serve as a cover Barbecues.With the help of loops fastened to the barrel cover.When closing the lid will rest on the brackets and does not fail in.You can also set the bracket for extra hold closed lid.

barrel then you need a good wash.

After that set the knob to the lid.The material can be conventional wooden handle a shovel.

Drill vent holes and install shutters.

then secure the flue pipe.And the final touch - the barrel should be painted.Everything is now a metal barbecue grill is ready.

Video Metal barbecue with his hands