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August 12, 2017 18:05

Gladiolus : planting and care

Gladiolus belongs to the family Iridaceae.Its cultivation is on the same principles that are relevant for other klubnelukovichnyh.Therefore, to grow gladiolus flowers is easy, just have to follow certain rules of planting and aftercare.


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  2. basic rules of care for gladioli
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Rules planting gladioli

As the birthplace of these fantasticcolors of Africa and the Mediterranean, a place for planting choose a sunny, quiet, where there is the least wind.In clay soil they will be uncomfortable, so if a part is a primer, it must be diluted with sand.These plants need a flat surface, in the valleys, on the slopes, they will be depressed.Every year should be changed place under these demanding flowers.If they live permanently in one area, will begin the disease.

Choosing a location is associated not only with the biological characteristics of the plants, but also with the requirements of the landscape design.If you put these flowers, swords separately view is not very aesthetic.When they fill a large space, there will be a sense of confusion.The problem lies in the fact that the flowering period is quite short.This is mainly tall green plants, which consist almost entirely of leaves.Therefore it is necessary to think carefully about the composition, combining such high colors with other, more stunted.Interesting ideas can be seen on the submitted photos.

tubers treated one week prior to the landing.If the tuber has a lesion, rot, are discarded.The scales should be carefully removed.From each bulb left one sprout, the other breaks off, the injury sear Zelenko.The next week, the bulbs need to soak in a warm place, during which time they will germinate better.The length of the germ before planting should be more than 1 cm and not more than 10 cm. Immediately before landing works bulb held in potassium permanganate solution.

To gladiolus in the country feel great, a bed prepared in the fall, and just before planting it again dug and fertilized.Fundamentally important is the question of when to plant gladiolus.This can be done only when the ground temperature is above 10 ° C.

sequence number of works:

  1. on beds made grooves, the distance between them should be about 25 cm depth of the grooves
  2. from 5 to 25 cm (sizes vary depending on the size of bulblets)..
  3. groove bottom is covered with sand (layer about 3 cm).
  4. Further it is necessary to grasp how to plant gladiolus.The distance between the bulbs can be from 3 to 12 cm (the actual distance depends on the size of the planting material).
  5. The bed after planting sprinkled with humus, peat crumbs.
  6. The bed is covered by a film.

basic rules of care for gladioli

To grow gorgeous gladiolus, planting and caring for them must be carried out according to the rules.Firstly, it is necessary abundantly watered these plants.On 1 m² need to pour a bucket of water.Moreover, water is poured into the groove, so as not to provoke the decay.Secondly, it should be carried out for the season 5 feedings.Doses should be small, but the introduction should go regularly, since the period of appearance of the leaves.Thirdly, we need a thorough weeding.You should also make sure that the plant is not attacked by slugs.

autumn bulbs are dug and laid for the winter.Organize storage can be different.Most often, the bulbs are placed in a box with holes themselves bulbs wrapped in paper, such as a newspaper.Instead of boxes can take a box of wood or just put them into the net.Optimal storage temperature - from 3 to 8 ° C.

can not forget about the winter planting.Bulbs need to regularly review, checking to see if they become damp.If moisture is felt, it is necessary to organize drying.When shoots begin to appear, they are placed in such a place, to provide access diffused rays.Then the shoots are strong and powerful.

Observance of the above rules will receive the majestic colors on the site.

Photo Gladiolus flowers

Video how to grow gladiolus