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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ventilated facade Composite facade panels or choose to your taste

ventilated facade composite panels - especially the properties and operation

Under the composite panels (aluminum or composite) are understood sandwich panels, made of synthetic or mineral fillers, concluded between the layers of chromated aluminum.The surfaces of the panels have a protective coating and painted with powder method.

advantages of these panels for ventilated facades are obvious.Their rich colors, perfectly correct geometric dimensions best meet the requirements of the urban exterior.The material combines low weight and high strength, able to withstand heavy loads and mechanical stresses, without changing shape.

Due to their inherent elasticity, the panel restores the initial shape, have good sound insulation and heat resistance.The technology allows to produce aluminum composite of any size and profile with maximum precision and repeatability of dimensions.

most frequently used panel widths of up to one and a half meters.The total thickness of the material is three to four millimeters (for panels that can coat the skyscrapers).Due to such properties of ventilated facades

composite gained immense popularity among builders and other consumers.

aluminum ventilated facades during installation suggests the need to respect high precision milling cutting.Here every millimeter counts, which stands out from the specified size.Error certainly not allow for the precise installation of the entire system at the desired location.

any known advantages of a ventilated curtain wall is the possibility of deducing the structure of the wall in one plane, giving it the correct geometry.

Ventilated front of metal siding - than they deserve trust?

Among the other major benefits that have all types of ventilated facades , can be called a reduction of heating costs, a long service life (all at least half a century).Ventilated facades increase the overall resistance of constructions to atmospheric influence, provide quick installation of the systems regardless of the season, provide increased isolation from external noise.

very similar in principle the installation and use of ventilated facades metal .Among the advantages of the use of front cartridges, made from galvanized steel up to 1.2 mm thick, note the duration of operation, works in any weather conditions, strength and stability of their outer coating, light weight compared to porcelain tiles and other similar facing materials.Colors cassette has no restrictions and allows you to perform any combination of the choice of the customer.

Became long been familiar, ventilated facade siding may also be different.Familiar facade clinker from polymeric material.But saydingovaya panel and mounting components can be made of metal sheet to half a millimeter thick.In combination with the profiling of such sheet provides the necessary rigidity and strength of the outer lining, while retaining the advantages of small weight.This remains the same as usual, and ease of installation.

Other types of ventilated facades - tradition and exoticism in construction

ancestor of modern saydingovyh systems, wooden ventilated facade , today received a new form.Modern facade systems of this type are made of natural solid wood, hard and often valuable species, subjected to complex processing to increase resistance to fire, atmospheric and biological effects.This service life and performance of the material almost inferior artificial cladding, well, in terms of appearance to compete with the tree can not be any of them.

wooden facade typical of rich natural textures, high strength and elasticity (easily resists any wind loads), high moisture resistance and fire safety, environmental friendliness and impeccable visual appeal.All this combined with the possibility of rapid installation and replacement of damaged items boxed displays wooden facades in the category of the prestigious, exclusive status structures, used in the decoration.

largest and most prevalent group consists of ventilated facades under a brick .When this name reflects the fact that as a lining material, may actually be used brick, but can be applied and materials imitating it.

example, is very popular inexpensive facade tiles of different colors and shapes, which can be used to create a stylized antique noble hinged facade.The choice of materials also include repeating the trendy and modern stone materials.Especially since not every wall can support the installation of brick cladding on brackets on the classical technology.

Among the latest trends can be considered the most modern glass facades ventilated .These systems are widely used in building construction, modern office facilities.In the most general approximation they can be represented as another coating of glass to put on the whole structure and structurally designed as a single or double glazing sections attached to the complex framework of the "cold" profile.

Its design should provide service across the front of the system - from the opening and window cleaners before the evacuation and fire extinguishing systems.Of course, such a system of ventilated facades of today are also the most difficult technically, and were not in vain among the developers called "intelligent."