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August 12, 2017 18:06

The device of the roof of corrugated board with their own hands - a step by step guide

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roof of metal - robust and well-proven option.Today to replace the iron sheet came decking - galvanized sheet steel with corrosion-resistant coating and a protective polymer (polyester) fiber.

choice of material

For the arrangement of the roof decking is best to choose the brand H, specifically for this purpose.It has sufficient thickness reinforced stiffening corrugation and optimal parameters (of 45mm or more).Its value exceeds other brands, but this is offset by longevity and durability, an additional advantage is the fact that, with the ability to withstand heavy loads, you can crate a great improvement and fasteners used less frequently.In general, the more gently sloping roof, the more dense and shall be grooved profiled.


To accurately calculate the necessary amount of material it is necessary to know the exact size of the roof and its future shape.Ideally, the ramp length should match the length of the sheet of corrugated board, this will reduce the chance of moisture under the cover.It should be taken into account in the calculations that the sheets are stacked overlap both horizontally and vertically, as well as that profnastina sheet should speak at 15-20 cm on the cornice, and the more the height of the profile, the greater should be the projection.

fine workmanship and necessary tool

When working with floorings need to follow some rules:

  • Walk to cover only in soft shoes and do not step on the edge and the raised portions.You can build boardwalks and move through it.
  • for cutting corrugated prosechenye use special scissors, wheels with teeth of hard metal or saber saws, grinders but not as its abrasive surface damages the polymer layer and the roof quickly corrode.For longitudinal sections can be used and conventional tin snips.After the cutting process better edge enamel for polymer coatings to prevent moisture from entering.
  • When lifting the top and transfer sheets of corrugated board is necessary to ensure that they do not bend.Storing them is allowed only horizontally on a flat surface.Mashed sheets do not fit, and they are almost impossible to spread.
  • Cropped corrugated edges quite sharp, so it is best to work in gloves.

In addition to the sheets of corrugated board need additional elements depending on the shape of the roof:

  • horse,
  • end bracket,
  • valley,
  • Cornice strip,
  • wind lath,
  • parapet.

Bent - a - roof - cover - 1

necessary to pay attention to the color exactly match the color sheeting as covering different batches may differ slightly.Calculate the required length of these elements is also given the fact that they lay with overlapping.

also need fixing material - screws 4.8 * 28 mm with corrosion protection.Their quality can not save, because the rust on them will lead to the deterioration of the entire roof.It is better to use a special roofing screws with rubber seal and secure the head.

roof - of - profnastila2


As in the construction of the roof of any material, before installing it is necessary to build a corrugated roofing pie.He is no different from other structures for roof types.Also on the first lath roof system (how to do it, read here) fits vapor barrier, then the insulation and waterproofing.Provision should be made for the roof and ventilation to avoid condensate accumulation.On top of the waterproofing assembled kontrobreshetka thickness of about 2-3 cm for ventilation, and it is already mounted profiled.

important that the crate shaped flat surface, with fluctuations of no more than 5 mm, only the roofing material will lie flat.Around pipes, house ventilation outlets hatches, skylights and other elements lathing increases.If you intend to install ice and snow breakers, in its place will also need to build a section of the board 5 * 10 cm, to which it is attached.


assembling corrugated

begin assembling a gable roof can be on either side, and hold it with the left or right corner, but if the sheet is not long enough for the entire ramp, the first fit the bottom row.The first row, or sheet should be parallel to the ledge and hang from it by 15-20 cm, and an end to 10 cm. The first sheet is fixed only on one screw in the middle of the deflection accurately, to allow it to rotate and align.

After final alignment, laid overlapped these sheets so as to cover antikapillyarnye slots on the previous page.Flatness laying checked by means of a cord.The sheets are fastened with screws in increments of 55 cm, only in cavities, usually 4-6 per square meter screws out.

prav_krep_profn second row of corrugated board is mounted in the following way: it is connected to the first sheet of the first sheet of the first series of overlapping, fixed with screws, and only then screwed to the furring.The amount of overlap depends on the flatness of the roof, making up to 30 cm for the rays with a gradient of up to 15 degrees, and 10 cm - to 30 degrees.On the inner edge of the sheets is better to put sealant.

Along the perimeter of the cornice must install the ice and snow breakers, which will secure the winter by gathering large masses of snow.Between the ice and snow breakers and the sheet is laid special sealing tape.

After flooring throughout the front edge of the roof is strengthened by a strap end, which gives additional strength to the structure.Mount it, starting from the edge of the ridge, screwing screws to the front dock every 80-100 cm.

ends with the construction of a roof of corrugated ridge device.It is better if the seal will be laid under it.If necessary, the ridge elements connected to each other overlap with an overlap of 30-40 cm.

All roofing work should be carried out in calm weather, observing safety precautions.A few months after their graduation, you need to back up on the roof and check the screws, you may need to tighten them further for greater strength.

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