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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ventilation in the sauna , what mistakes should not be allowed in its arrangement ?

air exchange in the sauna

In order to understand what the ventilation unit in the sauna, let us first deal with the manner in which there is air exchange .It is known that warm air is quite easy and is always striving upwards.The cold, on the contrary, the heavier and goes down.It is because in the steam room, hot air always accumulates at the top.(By the way, especially that he did not come out, do a quality insulation of the bath).

There is a kind of air circulation.Ventilation considered effective when air updated 5-10 times within 1 chasa .That is important to make a few holes through which the air intake and output.They are mounted at different distances and at different locations depending on the circuitry and design.The most popular is considered to be the location of the supply hole near the stove-heater, and output in the opposite direction.

sauna is not always, but only at certain times.Therefore, we can distinguish its three modes - operation, ventilation and expectations

.About how the airflow during operation, has already been written.During ventilation - open all the doors of the steam room for about a day.Bath must dry.standby process does not include any additional procedures.

schemes and ventilation device in the sauna

Most often, ventilation in the bath has supply and exhaust system. And ancillary facilities (locker room) - a natural.In any case, the project implies additional channels for the supply and intake air.We describe the most elaborate scheme 2:

  • the bottom above the floor of the oven set the ventilation grille, through which cool air flows.Or make a slit in the doorway.Next, the air heats up and rises.On the opposite side is mounted onto two openings.The first is located near the ceiling, the other at a height of 1-1.2 m above the floor.It unites them one exhaust duct.
  • second scheme is called speed.The supply hole through which cool air flows, is located above the stove.And the output is lower than the supply in the opposite wall.But in this case, one must have a fan that will drive the air.

Ventilation in the sauna: common mistakes in installing

When paired arrangement of ventilation in any case can not allow some errors. First , do not place the supply and outlet on the same level (height).This will lead to that a draft is formed, and the top temperature is constantly high in the lower part of the room.That is, the flow will be closed at the bottom will be cold and at the top of the heat.

Second , if an outlet is at the bottom, but at the same time on, the steam room can become a "gas chamber" the draft does not provide for forced ventilation (ventilation pipe). Third , if the supply hole located at the bottom and exit only at the top, the hot air will rise up completely and hardly mix with the cold.

Thus, the bath warms up any time soon.Of course, there are cases where the outlet is located at the top.But make it together with the bottom outlet (two holes at a time) and with the upper outlet temporarily used (too hot air for heating or waiting room).