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August 12, 2017 18:07

Flooring - all sizes for interior "alive"

Why you should pay attention to the floor boards?

For a long time to design and create the effect of a warm floor undertook durable natural material - wood.Nowadays, people are actively interested in the possibility of installing a wood floor, not the array, and the assembly surface of the boards.Such an option allows you to make repairs as quickly as possible.

To restore the original appearance of the coating, scraping enough to hold it, after removing the top layer of the tree will be like new.Flooring has several advantages, especially valuable in modern buildings is that it allows you to securely isolate the apartment from noise.Such a board - the most economical solution in the repair, a special assembly system allows the installation of a few hours.

Choice floor

board First of all, the options boards differ by type of wood from which they are made.Currently, the most popular are considered to be the board, made of wood of coniferous species, it may be a larch, spruce or pine.In second place in popularity are hardwoods - maple, oak and beech.

quality floor board range - this is a great element of decor, which also allows you to create a durable coating and the natural atmosphere of the apartment.Exotic species of trees such as pear, cherry, teak, take to create a class "luxury" of the sexes.

All of these materials allow to draw robust coating that does not lose its appeal over time and have excellent performance characteristics.When choosing a board should take into account the fact that currently there is no any standard sizes, each manufacturer, focusing on customer demand, determine their own.

board size are different, but choose them still stands at some guidance to make the floor a practical and in proportion to the size of the room.Not least in determining the amount of takes and visual perception, the smaller the room, the shorter the board is taken.In small areas of up to 40 m2 board usually taken 35h120h500 mm to 100 m2 advisable to take 35h120h1500 mm and more space is taken for the board 2.4 m.

Although praise wood as the material, it still hassome features.Although today there are many surface treatments and coatings to protect it as much as possible from the effects of moisture and temperature, with long-term use still become noticeable changes.Therefore it is necessary to focus on those materials that are less susceptible to fluctuations in the density and sizes.The most sturdy oak is considered, the following are ash and teak.

remaining wood noticeably react to changes in climate.Before purchase examine the behavior of the selected species.There is a pattern: the more oils and tannins contain a tree, the less it is subject to such changes.

makes mounting floorboard own

If you want to make your own board laying , need to explore some of the features of the process and material.Experts advise to carry out acclimatization introduced to the premises of the material for this board are left in the apartment for 3-4 days.

Depending on what the thickness of the floorboard, the time can be reduced or increased by 12-24 hours.Humidity boards in any case must not exceed 16%, otherwise the surface after installation will be deformed.Lay the board should be the end of all repair work when the humidity in the room does not exceed 60%.

Also in the room has to be carried out screed covering, aligning them so that you can accurately put the board.During installation, you can resort to a special wooden logs, or to prepare a coherent plywood on the floor size.In the process, you may also need construction tape, screws, clearcoat, screwdriver.It is important to follow the order to mount the floorboard was conducted efficiently and securely.

As a rule, the first stage of creating a moisture-proof floor between the concrete floor base and the tree itself. It may look like dirt mastic - a liquid formulation which is applied by roller or film lining may be made of polyethylene foam.

Further work carried out with wooden joists or plywood base.In the first case, the bars of wood fastened with screws perpendicular to the boards - the main array.Logs must be perfectly aligned to the floorboard flooring was made correctly.

Another way - the preparation of water-resistant plywood, cut into strips the material is fixed directly on the concrete base with dowels.If there is a necessity to lay the board on the existing floor, must make the alignment of the tape machine.

Remember that the floor of the floorboard - quality coverage, service life is up to 40 and even 50 years.After all the preparatory work begins installation batten, carried it with screws, in some cases it is possible to take special glue.Properly carried out repairs - the basis of a prosperous life in the apartment.