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August 12, 2017 18:08

Installation of scaffolding - whether it is difficult to erect such a framework ?

Installation of scaffolding - what will have to deal with?

final design assembled by mounting to the chassis frame fencing, decking, stairs, unregulated and adjustable feet.There are additional fastening scaffolding, which is a kind of metal loop that is screwed into the concrete, stone or masonry.

In order to protect people and the facade of the building from the snow, rain and wind is used special mesh facade scaffolding.At the same time it eliminates the spread of construction waste, and improves the appearance of the site.By type of construction such further divided into pin, wedge, frame and saddle.The frame and the pin can only be used outside of buildings with flat fronted, but they are very easy to assemble.

Installation design Chomutov kind carried out by the frame assembly of the modular transverse and longitudinal pipes joined together by special fastening clamps.The result is a rigid structure, allowing work on the facades of almost any complexity.

Accessories for scaffolding - a few words about the basic elements of

clamps for scaffolding are divided into non-rotating, used to connect the modules at an angle of 90 degrees and swivel, allowing to carry out the connection at any angle.According to the method of manufacture is divided into stamped and forged.Installation of scaffolding is made only after a thorough study of their structure and preparation of the installation scheme, taking into account the specifics of the object.

useful to make a list of the basic and additional elements, such as mesh for scaffolding.On receipt carefully checked all the components for scaffolding, attention nekonditsiyu rejection.After all the desired selected and tested, it's time to do site preparation and installation immediately.

installation of scaffolding - Getting Started

Before working staff, who will be engaged in the installation, pass instructions on building and wall mounting facility, familiarize with the design.Installation is carried out on an aligned in horizontal and vertical direction of the site, which is pre-compacted and equipped with guttering.When installing all the work on launching and recovery of structural elements are carried out only with special hoists.

Rama fences installed strictly according to the plumb line, fasteners for scaffoldings installed simultaneously with the construction of the whole structure.Also, in parallel with the main works are mounted screed fences and stacked decks.

prepared for exploitation of the forest have to meet certain safety requirements.Without fail, they should be attached to the wall structure for all its height.Willful removal of fasteners is prohibited.Decks are stacked horizontally and have a completely flat surface.

descent and ascent of people - only stairs.In places of work the people need to hang posters with movement patterns, indicating the maximum permissible load and stowage spaces.Scaffolding taken into operation after the completion of their installation, and acceptance is issued by the relevant act.

dismantling scaffolding installation in reverse order and begins only after the complete liberation of them from construction waste residues, tools and equipment.Before beginning demolition work is carried out with the staff briefing on prioritization of work and compliance with safety standards.Dismantling scaffolding starting from the upper tiers, all removed items are sorted and prepared for shipment.