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August 12, 2017 18:08

Electric circular saw - how to choose the instrument to suit your needs ?

Professional and amateur circular electric saw

When selecting the tool immediately raises the question, what kind of prefer, professional or amateur, that is home?What sort of performance should have a purchase, because it will work, to put it mildly, not professionals?

Circular Saw suitable for household work "time to time", and it is designed for a small load (20 hours per month, no more), and having a small weight and little power.

circular saw professional presupposes serious load (from 6 to 10 hours per day).There are tools with a higher capacity, with a margin of safety, which for the price is much higher, and are manufactured using stronger metals.Professional types popular in forestry, in the construction of wooden buildings.

Key Features

tool in the specifications determined by the main difference from the home saw the professional, the latter goes with a high safety margin, protected against power surges.The work it is designed for a long time.If you just want to do something to repair or build, it is better to purchase an amateur tool.

tool "pros" are much more expensive, so when you select the main criteria were the operating frequency of the instrument and its continuous use of time, that is, the estimated amount of work. How to choose a circular saw ?Let's try to sort out this issue.

For simple jobs around the house easier to use a medium saw, where the depth of cut of 30 to 55 mm.If propyl much wider, then it will be a professional tool.65-140 mm propyl tool makes it possible to refer to a class of professionals.

correct choice of saw blade will give you the opportunity to cut any board, thing, or even a tree branch.In today's market there are many proposals to choose from which you want to not make much effort.

circular saw can be used in any mode: it can be attached or used in a manual version.Houses will be superfluous and the machine, fitted on fixed frame, but work on it you need to have certain skills.

Choice saws


When deciding on the purchase of such an instrument, it is necessary to take into account one more caveat, namely, engine speed, which depends on the quality and accuracy of work saw cuts to be performed.The larger the disk rotation speed, the cleaner work.

Do drink is also a function of the dive, it is possible to start with any board seats or other object.Modern manufacturers offer and chain saws that are more efficient to work in large gardens, firewood for heating and stove available for construction works in conjunction with the circular.

similar units can be cut any building materials such as wood and plastic pipes, and even lightweight concrete.Chain saws can be produced both gasoline and electric, which are much easier to operate.But while a universal circular saw is not inferior to lead sales.

kind of chain can be used even when the scandalous neighbors in the area, it is quiet, and also easy to use.Its only disadvantage is the spatial dependence of the cord.So, how to choose a circular saw, the question is not difficult, you only need to define clearly what you will do with this tool and how often.