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August 12, 2017 18:08

Electric hammer - easy way through the concrete jungle

work jackhammer Principles

Jackhammer - a tool with a powerful strike force.The impact energy is the main characteristic of any such instrument.It is believed the number of beats that are produced per minute, as well as the energy generated per minute.The device jackhammer is not complicated.The actuator drives the firing pin, which is located within the housing.

It sends pulses to the mechanical performance of the tool body - the peak, which performs rapid reciprocating motion (approximately 1000-1500 beats per minute), and thus destroys the necessary material. Note!Energy is released very rough, and when the operator operates a strong vibration and noise, so you need to use all the protective measures.

consider in more detail how the electric jackhammer.The electric motor causes the rotor to move, which in turn, drives the firing pin, which sends mechanical movement peak.Despite the popularity of this type of tool, it does have a few drawbacks: because of arcing electric motor can not be used in rooms with high fire danger.There is also a disadvantage is the dependence on the power supply.

What is most important when choosing?

operating principle of a jackhammer is clear, now it is necessary to understand the role played by the peak and the weight of the tool in the selection.There are different types of peak, which are used for certain types of work.Let's consider them:

  • Pick-a crowbar - need to loosen the soil, the dismantling of concrete and masonry structures, removal of old pavement and working with rocks;
  • Shovel - used for chipping ice and asphalt edge alignment;
  • Chisel - is necessary for cutting various materials.

hammer weight also plays an important role.He determines to which class will apply the tool.They are divided into light, medium and heavy.Lightweight, its weight 5-6 kg, is needed for finishing work and work at height.Middle hammer weight of 5.10 kg, is used for operation in the horizontal plane.Heavy hammer weight can reach up to 30 kilograms and it is used for foundation and underground works.

Important!Before choosing a jackhammer need to clearly define the type of work that it will perform.

Electric hammer: choose for their needs

Pro hammer, how it works, and about the scope, we talked.Now it is the turn to learn how to choose a jackhammer.There are several types of hammers: electric, pneumatic and petrol.On the shortcomings of the electric tools mentioned above, but it also has a huge advantage - it is a great power with low weight.

pneumatic device has no electrical deficiencies.They differ on the Turbine and volume.Volumetric tool works by expanding the compressed air to the pistons, and air flows through the turbine acts on the turbine.Volumetric devices are used for work in conditions of high humidity, and their disadvantage is the need to connect the compressor.

Gasoline hammer deprived of many of the shortcomings of previous devices.Its main advantage lies in their independence from the power supply.The disadvantages can be considered carbon dioxide emissions and the high cost of fuel.Apart form the unit, it is still necessary to take into account the power, the number of beats per minute. Important! necessary to choose a quality tool with vibration protection and comfortable handles.