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August 12, 2017 18:08

Art plaster in the interior space

Properties artistic plaster

As with any building material, decorative plaster has several features.In addition to the aesthetic appeal, it is endowed with a number of practical options.

  • has excellent water repellency.It can be cleaned with water and any cleaning agents.
  • High resistance to UV light, the color is not only dim, but for a long time retains its original appearance.
  • can create stunningly beautiful designs and patterns with different textured surface.
  • has high resistance to frost.
  • highly flexible, reliable, durable and elastic.With her almost no problems during installation and application.
  • is an environmentally friendly material completely safe for the environment.

Forms artistic plaster

Venetian decorative plaster art imitates marble.It may have a glossy or matte finish.Running is also a mother of pearl, gold or silver.Possible to produce with little noticeable relief.When applying a plaster is important to maintain the illusion of depth and transparency that characterized it for her.Therefore, to observe strict application of technology from 3 to 12 layers with intermediate drying.

Textured plaster - is plastered with a certain relief over the entire surface or a part of it.Layer it is usually from 0.2 to 2 mm.Formed a master relief pattern.The number of ways of forming patterns just countless.After drying, a layer of the following layers are applied or glazing coating.

Structural plaster is made with large patches of uniform particles or colored.The most common is considered structural plaster woodworm.This plaster is perfect for facades and warehouses, and to a lesser extent - for the home.Implemented artistic plaster walls with a special trowel.In this specialist surface evens the thickness of inclusions.

Flock - another type of plaster, which consists of a variety of non-ferrous particles non-circular shape.These particles are not subject to tinting and painted at the factory.Applied flocks very peculiar method.First, the wall is covered with glue, and then "throw" flocks.Top coated with a protective agent.Often flocks recommend to apply spray gun with a compressor.

Classification style

Classic style - reflects the classicism in the interior.Plaster can imitate silk, stone, wood.Lines and patterns are often covered with gold or silver paint.It is characterized by expensive high-quality materials and restrained decor.

high-tech style - is a reflection of the ultra-modern style with the use of direct, rapid lines with an abundance of metal and glass elements.The main features of this style is restrained decor and maximum utilization of space.The color of the plaster is usually metallic, white or gray.

Ecostyle - one of the youngest, reflects the theme of environmentally friendly design.That is, on the walls of various shades of green, abundant leaves, trees, colors can be displayed.In general, everything that contributes to the harmonious unity of man and nature.

Fyuzhen style - involves combining incompatible.That is, in the interior can be combined at the same time as the Viennese chair, and Empire style door.And on the wall combined Venetian plaster and metal elements (as an example).It - fashionable style, which allows you to not respecting the rules, do absolutely original interiors.