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August 12, 2017 18:08

Perlite plaster - what are its features ?


Perlite belong to varieties acidic volcanic glass, according to its texture it is like a pearl, and contains in its composition of more than 1% water.Perlite feature - the ability to repeated increase and swelling at the treatment of warmth.They can grow in 5-20 times.

That's why plaster with perlite provide high performance (thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and others.).Depending on the grade of sand may be made of expanded various mixtures (not only plaster).It can also be: lightweight concrete, gypsum and perlite products.But the most popular and best-selling are all the same lightweight concrete and plaster materials.

Perlite plaster: properties and application

Use this type of plaster for industrial, public and residential buildings, enclosing structures, basements.Especially popular their use in agriculture, as well as individual construction for facades.This is due to the fact that a layer of thermal insulation properties plaster 3cm to 15cm is brickwork and sound absorption is 1.5 times higher than that of brick.Apply can plaster on concrete, brick wall, metal mesh, wood.

  • provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • has high adhesion with all kinds of mineral surfaces.
  • has fire safety and increases the fire resistance of the whole structure.
  • has a high degree of vapor permeability.
  • environmentally safe and completely harmless to the environment.
  • Plastic and easy to apply.

Application method

applied plaster with perlite in a well prepared base.For this surface remove dirt, dust, rust and old paint.For better grip (adhesion) is important to treat the surface with a special primer (for example, IN-TECK).Apply primer in several layers on uneven and porous surfaces (foam concrete, gas silicate) and one or two layers on a less smooth surface.If there are cracks and potholes deeper than 30 mm, you must first close up of plaster (for example, LUX).Further

dry mix is ​​filled into the packaging container with a predetermined amount of water at room temperature (typically proportions indicated on the packaging).Within 2-3 minutes, the mixture is stirred with an electric beater "mixer" or mortar.Rotational speed drill or mortar thus should be not more than 600 rev. / min.The result is a homogeneous material to stand for 5 minutes and re-mixed.Repeated stirring more water can be added, but no more than that amount, as indicated on the package.

Apply the plaster by «for spraying» steel spatula or trowel.Is spread on the surface using a trowel, a metal ruler, trowel or rule.If the coating is a single layer, the surface should be flatten immediately after application.Serve mixture during work and can be mechanized way, but it is important that the equipment provided good mixing and dosing water so as not to lead to aeration of the mixture.