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August 12, 2017 18:08

Replacement of cast-iron battery - the whole sequence of works

specifications and replacement of cast-iron batteries

Radiators - the most important part of any heating system.Today, there are several basic types of radiators, namely, aluminum, steel, cast iron, bimetal.All kinds of batteries have both advantages and disadvantages.The main advantage

iron as a material for manufacturing radiators - its corrosion resistance.This radiator with proper maintenance can last more than 50 years.It has high emissivity, and low flow resistance, and reasonable price.Ease of use and exceptional reliability - also an important advantage of these radiators.

One of the biggest disadvantages of these radiators is aesthetically pleasing, although the new generation of batteries has an attractive design.Great weight and a considerable internal volume impede installation of cast-iron battery.Since the walls are thick enough iron, then warm up such a system will take longer.

principle of replacing the batteries

If the radiator was leaking, or a crack in it, then it must be replaced.To remove the battery will need iron lever tong required size to loosen the locknut and flanges or pipe cutter to cut the pipe just before the lock nut if it is impossible to unscrew.

Thereafter, the radiator can be detached from the system and remove it from the bracket.To carry out such work as possible should be in the summer, while the heating system is not activated.In winter, you will need to leave the house without heating, and besides, the repair will require lowering the entire water system.Assembly and installation of cast iron batteries - enough time-consuming process and requires certain skills, in the absence of which is better to entrust this work to specialists.

Sometimes there are situations when you need to replace any one section, or cast iron radiator after a long operating clogged with rust, although it is quite suitable.In this case, it should be disassembled and washed.

Disassembly and assembly of cast iron batteries with their hands

Before disassemble cast-iron battery, make sure you have these tools and materials: the battery and the tongs, chisel with a hammer, a Bulgarian, a blowtorch, a brush for removing rust, nipples, tow, gaskets.

Dismantling the iron battery produced as follows: first the battery plugs are heated with a blowtorch and then unscrewed.Next grinder gently cut the nipple between the radiator sections, then sections need to disunite.After that, you want to knock the pin chisel without damaging the threads that must be well cleaned.

Assembling iron batteries is carried out after the group sections.It must be remembered that the nipples are on different sides of the radiator are different in the direction of the threaded joint.Between sections are inserted and smeared with silicone pads for better tightness.Assembled inside the radiator must be washed with water by a hose.

Before you connect the battery to the cast iron heating system, they must be secured.In houses with concrete or brick walls, radiators are mounted using brackets that are nailed to the wall dowels.

If the walls are wooden, the radiator is placed on the stand, and is fixed to the wall supporting devices.

Connection iron battery with a heating system made by ebbs with inverted plugs.For better sealing all threaded connections required to condense a tow.You can then open the valve to the radiator filled with water.Connect the iron battery done!