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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to apply wallpaper on the whitewash to make it all nice

Tools Required

For any decorating need their tools and materials.Only with their help possible quality Wallpapering wall.A lack thereof, on the contrary, can lead to a variety of situations tricky.So get acquainted with the full list.

  • material can be completely different.If you need to continue to paint the surface, the acquired non-woven wallpaper.In general, preference is directly dependent on the customer.
  • adhesive wallpaper, which is adjusted for the material.For example, the best adhesive cork wallpaper that which is produced directly for them.Usually rolls write the name of the most suitable.
  • coats and fillings are necessary for leveling the surface.It is important to choose these mixtures according to the base type.Incorrectly matched primer will lead to further swelling and swelling of the walls, as well as the detachment of the coating.
  • brushes and rollers used for applying the adhesive to the base and wallpaper.Also, they are often used to apply paint.There are different types and sizes.
  • Rags looks like a small cotton cloth that is used to smooth the glued material, wipe the surface.Rags should not be large, about 40x40 cm.

As pokleit wallpaper whitewash?

How are pasting wall wallpaper many people know.But the question arises, what to do if the surface has a whitewash?And like wallpaper glue to whitewash? For this there is a special technique that we describe below.

To begin checking the base - whitewashing exfoliates or not?When she began to peel off, then only one option - to remove it with a scraper, and zashpatlevat surface primed glue.Then allow time to ensure that all dried up and begin normal application.But if whitewash well and firmly holds, you can glue the wallpaper on the whitewash.To do this, first base is primed two or three times and then glued.

Apply primer need a brush or roller.It is important to choose the right type of primer (preferably acrylic).Each layer must dry.This requires about 24-36 hours.Only then you can apply the next layer.After 2-3 layers of primer carried Wallpapering on whitewash.It is important to remember that the drying of each layer can be significantly reduced.It all depends on the level of humidity and temperature in the room.If the temperature is high and the humidity is low, then the fibers will dry out.

What method is best to hang wallpaper?

You can use the method of gluing "butt", but it does not matter.The web material is cut with a certain margin of 5-10 centimeters.If there is a pattern, then each subsequent band, he shifted to the half of the pattern.If the pattern is not present, then the task is simplified.Further spreadable material and the adhesive on the surface.Blades folded in half so that the glue properly soaked.Especially it is necessary to make sure that the edges are well plastered (the joints).

After initial processing of the cloth of his start to process the glue again.At the beginning of the work the room temperature should not exceed 20 C. Also, there should be no drafts: air vents must be closed.Cloth applied downwards on the wall.Gently smooth hands or cloth applied material to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.Excess accurately cut the web material at the corners and baseboards with a sharp knife.Do this procedure is strictly up to the moment when the dry wallpaper.