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August 12, 2017 18:08

The machine for the manufacture of lining - prepare yourself finishing material

Making lining their own hands - why more and more often we make this choice?

Wall, coated lining, has a flat and smooth surface with a distinctly pronounced woody texture.In addition to pure design features, it contributes to the successful solution of many engineering and economic problems.Being an excellent sound insulator, linings made of larch is used for finishing the concert halls.

wall stones it does not require pre-alignment and the gap between the wood surface and the wall can be filled without prior preparation insulating material.Lining made of natural wood is durable and not susceptible to temperature changes.

It easily adapts to the ambient humidity by absorbing its excess when inclement weather and compensating for its lack of heat at.Impregnated with special compounds and coated with a protective layer of varnish, it is not susceptible to the effects of atmospheric phenomena, and for decades does not change the appearance.

Making lining at home - choose wood

name of the finishing boards come down to us from the time when it trimmed the walls of wagons.Even in those days it increased requirements in terms of dense gap-free fit boards.Of course, modern siding is significantly different from its predecessor.

changed the technology of wood pre-processing, advanced equipment for manufacturing lining.Remained unchanged function of obtaining a continuous surface from environmentally friendly natural materials, reminds us of the unity with nature.

Lining is made from different types of wood depending on the intended use.Most of it is made from softwood such as spruce, larch, pine.Rarely in its manufacture are hardwood: basswood, alder, aspen.

On battens are made of pine planks, sawn from the lower part of the tree, thus achieving the lowest possible number of knots.This wood is durable and easily treatable, allowing you to adjust the production of lining at home.

Rods from northern spruce are hard and dense wood.As a rule, they are used for wall and ceiling.The color of light wood, with little darkening over time.

finishing larch strength comparable to the lining of oak not turn blue and does not rot, has a high insulating capacity, fire resistance and durability.Taking into account the exceptional durability of wood, Mills for manufacturing a lining of larch should always be acutely sharpened.

Wooden planks from basswood and alder practically do not emit tar and have a low density, so well suited for a sauna, which is very undesirable strong heating of the walls.Many craftsmen, who had taken over the production of lining their own hands, forget immediately after treatment with varnish cover it, because of what the dark paneling.

machine for the manufacture of lining his own hands

In order to avoid the above-mentioned incidents, below we look, how to bunk with his hands .For this purpose, you will need a router or planer machine capacity of not less than a kilowatt.Making the most convenient rack of dry edging board in width from seven to ten centimeters.

First we planed board on one side, and then make its ends recesses (grooves).This will require lining cutters or saw a small circle.Board constantly planed his side must touch the line - it's a guarantee that the propylene grooves are parallel to each other.

propylene boards on both sides of the grooves does not necessarily have to be arranged strictly in the middle - they can be somewhat closer to the front side of the lining.But it is important, choosing a principle of their location, stick with it until the end to mounting rails all turned uniformly spaced.