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August 12, 2017 18:08

Steel corner equal and unequal : the differences and peculiarities of

angle steel production

material for manufacturing parts of a carbon or low-alloy steel.They are produced in a special rolling machine, which makes them different species.For example, cold-formed corners are used in the design of the room design.Make them under the standard GOST 19771-93 and 19772-93 (equal and unequal, respectively).

In those cases where the necessary solid construction and design, the hot rolled steel manufactured Area, GOST 8509-93 and 8510-86 (corners Hot-rolled equal and unequal).From the name it can be understood that the two production methods.First - by bending or rolling of hot metal.Second - rolled or cold-rolled sheet metal bending.The strength of both depends on what type of steel is used.

Corner steel equal and unequal

If we talk about what are the different types, it is isolated corner of a steel equal and unequal.The first is called because of its opposite shelves are the same size.For example, the area of ​​steel or 50h50h5 40h40h4, where the last digit (5 and 4) - the thickness.In general, its width may range from 20 to 200 mm.But the length can be from 4 to 12 meters.It has two labeling - A and B.

A - means high rolling accuracy, B - average (regular).Very often, this product is compared with the channel bar.

second type - unequal area.Unlike the previous one, it has a different width shelves.For example, 130h85h8 mm.The first region is equal to 130, the second - 85, well, thickness - 8 mm.Make it strictly in accordance with GOST 8510-86.According to the accuracy of hire this kind of material it has the same designation - A and B (high and medium).Each of these is used in its field, they describe below.Weight angle steel of any type may vary depending on the size (from 0.89 to 36.97 kg / m).

Scope of use

So, as has been said, the scope is really varied and depends on the type of material.For example, manufactured in accordance with GOST, Corner equal- steel made of steel of usual quality.In this regard, it provides sufficient strength and, in addition, different low price.Use it often to those structures where there is no need for high reliability and durability (barns, sheds, temporary building construction).

are already expensive, low-alloy steel products.Apply them in the buildings and structures (as well as steel sheet) that require the reliability, and the ability to withstand any weather events (temperature extremes, high humidity).In addition to construction, equal angles used in the manufacture of furniture (window and door slopes), machine tools, mechanical engineering, automotive industry.Unequal

used in the manufacture of metal structures in the building and industrial sector.They are good at reinforcing components of reinforced concrete products.And finally, stainless steel, galvanized corners (special type) used in the construction of roofs, in medicine.Their main advantage - it is resistant to corrosion.Because they can be applied in all areas where there is frequent contact with water.