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August 12, 2017 18:08

A two-level ceiling of plasterboard with their hands

Installation of the two-level ceiling of plasterboard photo

Installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard with photo examples.

Let us consider a two-level ceiling installation option with a semicircular decreasing by 10 centimeters by one of the walls.Earlier, we looked at how to make single layer plasterboard with their hands with photo examples.The first step is to make the frame for the first level of the ceiling, and then sheathe his plasterboard.Sheathe need so that then we could easily get to the inner surface of the drywall.After assembling the first frame, we proceed to the assembly of the second frame, are needed for the second level of the ceiling.The second tier of the ceiling will be lowered.However, all in order and photo examples.

Installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard with photo instruction

So collect the first level of the ceiling of plasterboard.Water level in the corners need to repel the horizontal eye level.Now find the lowest point on the ceiling back down from the ceiling 4 cm and put a label.Measure the distance between the two marks.Then drag the label to the ceiling, keeping the distance between them.Putting corner label lines, using the upholstery cord.Starting the installation profile (marked with UD) received over the line by using dowels in length from 40 to 60 millimeters and a diameter of 6 millimeters.

next step - assembling the frame of the profiles (CD labeling).Every 600 mm along the space you need to install CD profile.Profile set to the suspended mount.In this case, the spokes (U-shaped mount).

Installation of the ceiling plasterboard photo

first using upholstery cord do line along the ceiling every 60 centimeters.According to this line and will keep our hardware (50 centimeters).Using anchoring dowels 6 to 40 millimeters.In our case, the spokes are mounted on screws for wood, as a basis - wooden.If the cap screws and wall plugs will fall into the loop of the spokes, apply washers or small pieces of the U-shaped mounting or profile.

cutting out his hands profile CD size you want, enter it into the UD profile (exactly along the line).If the profile length is not enough, connect the two profiles using a special attachment.Put the two profiles on a smooth surface.We set up a connector and fasten the screw in the 4 * 9 3.5 millimeters on each side.To obtain flat sections, it is recommended to use the rule.

Once all the profile CD Head - need to pull a thread (in front of mounts) and screw fastening to our CD, while leaving a gap of 1-2 mm between profile and CD thread.

next step - installation of embedded profiles for short sheet joints.First cut out small pieces of UD profile (10 centimeters) and fasten them with screws 3.5 * 9 mm to the lateral parts of the CD profile.The plant in the prepared slices profile UD profile CD length of 53.5 centimeters.One of the sheets will be held in one part of the profile, and the other for the other sheet.

If you have a chandelier on the ceiling (see how to install and connect the chandelier or install spotlights correctly), you need to make mortgage profile.First, cut out pieces of UD profile (20 centimeters) and by means of screws 9 * 3.5 millimeters to fasten the side portions of CD profile.Cut two CD profile, insert them into the profile UD, but leave 1 centimeter gap to the wire, as shown in the photo below.

sheets should be installed in a staggered manner.The first series of sheets starts with an entire sheet with one side wall and the next row with the whole leaf on the other side wall.Be sure to consider this.Fasten the sheets with screws for metal (25 millimeters).

Before proceeding with the installation of sheets, it is necessary to note borders on the profiles of our circle.This is done in order not to strengthen the sheets where will be located the second level.To do this, screw the profile screw using the screwdriver, not with your hands and wrap wire.Measured off the required radius, bend the wire at this point, and otchertite pencil lines.Sheets should go beyond the range of 6-7 centimeters.

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Now again with the help of wire is necessary to draw a semicircle line in our radius.Then another line, but longer than the radius of 5 centimeters.

On the second line is necessary to accurately cut the drywall, using a saw blade for metal.This is necessary to ensure that the mortgage of the CD profile turned out exactly radially.The edge of the sheet should be the same as the edge profile.Next

produce mortgage profile.It is necessary for durable mounting of the lower profile of the radius.The drywall will not hold anything, so you need to fasten screws in iron.Cut the perforated profile CD and install the necessary size between the guide profiles.Below are fixed with screws on metal.Since there are no perforated profiles, you can use a simple profile, cut it with scissors or turbine metal.To freely bent profile, must penetrate one of the end and sides of each through 5 centimeters, as shown in Figure below.

After that, you need to install a perforated profile on UD radius line.Attach screws to the need for metal 25 millimeters in length, end to the drywall.

The next step is the installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard with their hands - Build a skeleton for the second level of the ceiling of plasterboard.Fasten profile UD to the walls, but 10 centimeters lower than the ceiling of the first storey frame.One end of the CD is inserted into the profile UD profile, and the other end fastened to the U-shaped mount.If the profile length is large enough, it is necessary to set the n-scapular every 50 centimeters.Profile of the second frame fixed exactly under the profile of the first frame.profile length should be 4 centimeters less than the distance to the semicircle.

cutting out sheets of drywall (longer than the CD profile of 5-6 centimeters), fasten them to the frame.Again, use a wire to draw a semi-circle on the second level of the ceiling on the initial radius.Surplus giproskartona need to remove saw blade.

then end to the inner surface of the sheet of the lower tier, fasten UD profile on the edge of the sheet.Cutting out a strip of drywall the required size, full of holes it from the inside of the nail or needle roller moistened with water.An hour later, the strip can be fixed to the slope.

remains quite a bit.Close up the seams of drywall.Handle primer junction shpaklyuem special putty joints.Cut the corner tape required size, moistened in water.Then applied to the tape plastered walls and get rid of excess with a rubber spatula.Then we put putty on the entire joint and get rid of the surplus, using a wide spatula edge, as shown in the photo below.

transverse joints suspended two-level ceiling of plasterboard with a knife need to embroider by 0.5 centimeters wide.Then they need to putty the ceiling on the plane with their hands.Once the joints are dry, they must be sanded and sticking tape on the corner of PVA (previously soaked in water).Remove excess adhesive with a rubber spatula.

Between the second and the first level of the ceiling there is an internal angle of the slope, which must also be taped corner ribbon.Prepare the tape should be in line with the picture example below.

main work is completed and the installation of two-level ceiling of plasterboard over.Now watch how an article plastered the walls with his own hands with video examples and detailed instructions and plaster ceiling plasterboard video.