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August 12, 2017 18:08

Attic stairs with his hands


  • 1 General recommendations for installing attic stairs
  • 2 Making the attic stairs independently
Attic stairs with his hands Making the attic stairs independently

If the apartment is located on two levels, are very importantstairs.It is important to choose the right place for the stairs.Also of great importance is the appearance of the stairs.

ladder may be located inside the house or on the outside of the wall, that is, from the outside.However, the method of internal stairs location is more convenient, because the staircase is supposed to use in the cold season.Outside stairs location is suitable if the top is a separate apartment.

ladder Home may be in the hallway or in any other, equipped for this place.It is important that the location of the stairs did not prevent anyone from living in the apartment.Therefore unlikely to be appropriate to install a staircase in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

It is advisable to opt for this corridor or hallway.And the size of the room should be sufficient, in addition to the ladder there was convenient.

ladder can be beautiful and original.The height and width of the stairs should be such that it was convenient for him to go.Some types of stairs, with all its beauty are not always functional.For example, the spiral staircase may be difficult for older people to rise.It is desirable to have a railing, they allow you to make the stairs safer.This is very important, if the house is small children live.

It is worth to think about opening the stairs up and down the interior to create the most favorable impression of the decoration of the apartment.Also important is the lighting on the stairs.It is necessary to set the lighting to at night up and down the stairs was not fraught with difficulties.

ladder can lead to the gallery, which is located in front of room.Gallery can look beautiful.But keep in mind that if you go out of the room to the gallery, it creates a panoramic effect.Then do not manage to achieve privacy, but may not like someone who lives in an apartment.Gallery - is an open space.Accordingly, it is necessary to consider an additional unit heating and ventilation system.After all, from the first floor will be rising warm air.So, in the gallery, and rooms that go on it will always be too hot.And on the first floor will always be cool.

General recommendations for installing attic stairs

Attic stairs with his hands photo most useful if an internal staircase will lead to the hallway or foyer.Valid option can also be considered if the staircase leads to the living room, but here it is better to equip a special area that can be closed.If the upper floor (attic) is not to be used intensively, then the ladder is quite possible to have in the living room.In this case it will be more like the interior element than the functional item.But if the top floor is supposed to intensive use, then a staircase in the living room is not particularly convenient.After all, one of the family members will go up or down, thereby making it difficult for those who stay in the living room.Therefore, a certain autonomy of the stairs still needed.In terms of functionality, it is advisable to have the lower and upper landings in a separate hall.

Which stairs prefer: odnomarshe-howl, half-pace or trehmarshevoy?It depends on the individual preferences and space dimensions.Odnomarshevaya staircase - the easiest option.It is typically used when the difference between floors is not more than 3 m. However, the simplicity in this case does not deny the possibility of original solutions.Odnomarshevaya ladder can be curved, in which case it looks a lot more interesting.Steps odnomarshevoy ladder can also be made in the form of rays, which diverge.This will create a unique and original interior.You can make a spiral staircase.

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Marsh - a number of stages without the intermediate area.The width of the stairway should not be less than 0.8 m. The width of the span in the stairwell shall not be less than 1.1 m. It should be noted that on a flight of stairs must not open the door.

The minimum width of the landing should not be less than the width of a flight of stairs, which is adjacent to it.The size of one step should be such that it was convenient to go up to an adult.. It is advisable to do step size of 63-65 cm Calculate the width of the upper stage panel in the following way - the width of the upper panel would be equal to the length axis of the projection of its horizontal plane.The height of the step is equal to the distance between two horizontal planes stage.

Stairs are most often made of wood, steel, glass and concrete.Combinations of these materials.Steps can be covered with artificial or natural stone, carpet, linoleum, rubber and other materials.The choice of materials for the construction and finishing of the ladder depends on several factors - the overall decoration of the apartment;decorative materials;preferences of the owner;material resources and so on. d. The space under the stairs can be used, equipping it a small storage room, or other utility room.

interesting design solution is shifted mezzanine.It affects the aesthetics of the entire room.Therefore, care should be taken to make it look the most beautiful.In this case, the appearance of the staircase and handrails are also of particular importance because gaze falls on these elements of the interior.

Stairs are an integral part of the modern home.They are foldable, the advantage of which is their compactness, and stationary.

Make attic stairs independently

Attic stairs with his hands photo Mounting folding stairs provides for the use of wood -. Oak, pine, etc. The basis of the stairs is a metal frame on which are mounted the wooden steps.The lack of folding stairs is the inability to control their size.To adjust the size (length) of a ladder to the height of the attic is usually cleaned (or cut) the lower level or add additional ones.Thus, it is possible to achieve an exact match with the size ladder size loft.Another type ladders are so-called "bunching."Their functional feature is the possibility of folding.This type of stairs is made of metal.

installation of all types of stairs need to precisely determine the size of the opening in the ceiling (the entrance to the attic).This opening - a hole in the ceiling for the passage to the attic.When mounting and installing stairs, you need to know its exact height.

Installation of stairs provides the use of the following instruments: the board, the frame, screws, saw, hammer, nails.To assemble the ladder needs to be done (if necessary) hole in the ceiling (access to the attic).The next stage is measured by the height of the stairs.The third phase of work is to assemble the ladder itself.You can use wooden boards that are nailed to the bottom (you can screw the screws).It is necessary that the stairs are parallel to the floor surface.Otherwise it would be difficult to climb on it and dangerous.Location ladder should be perpendicular to the floor surface, and at an angle relative thereto.The best is the slope of the stairs at an angle of about 20-25 °.It is possible that in the assembly of the stairs, it will be somewhat longer than previously expected.To resolve this problem, you can cut off the lower or upper stages to full compliance with the room height.After final assembly of the ladder can be used varnishes to smooth the surface of the steps.

To raise or lower the ladder to the loft is usually used a spring mechanism.To use this mechanism applies the control mechanism.It consists of a ring, pulling the ladder that goes down smoothly.

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