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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for planning a private house

Tips for planning a private house

begin construction of its cozy nest must be a private house plan.

without prior preparation of the plan, the work may be delayed for a long time, but in the end did not get home so, that would want to live.

should very carefully consider the layout of the rooms, weigh and calculate.

And no matter how you tried, without professional architect can not do.

Self can only estimate the approximate layout and draw a sketch of the plan, specifying exactly how your home should look like from the inside.

Professional architect Adjust the tentative plan, indicate the shortcomings, if any, will be present.

He also helps to settle and determine the area of ​​any room in the house of the future.

In addition, there may be such a situation: making a plan, the owner wants to see the house, for example, with a loft, and draws its rather low.

embody such a reality does not happen and only architect at an early stage will indicate this.

Thus, competent planning of houses will require to combine an individual approach with the involvement of a specialist.

Of course, there are ready examples, and you can see them on the photos, but making any changes, you get exactly what you want.

So, let's begin to explore some of the nuances of planning rooms of private homes.



  • Do I needbasement?
  • Bathroom and toilet in the house
  • Planning bedrooms
  • dining area and kitchen
  • Nursery
  • Disposition attic and veranda
  • few tips for creating the perfect home

Do cellar Need?

Taking up plan immediately begin to clarify the question as you need a basement.There are a lot of situations where his presence is quite functional.

For example, it saves space area in front of the structure.It can be equipped with cellar, workshop or storage room for old things.

For clarity, a look at the photo design options basements of houses.


Many decorate the basement of the basement,They do it as a boiler or equipped room, where you can manage all engineering equipment at home.

Such planning should take into account the mandatory availability of good lighting basement.

Thus, there will be a basement is planned or not, it depends on you.

Bathroom and toilet in the house

house is not enough land area In a small - is unique.And special attention should be paid to the layout of the toilet and bathroom.

This is especially true when a large number of people living in the home.Of course, it will be a little more expensive, but then it is more convenient.Do not stand at the door, dreaming of going to the toilet hurry.

But for those who are still planning to combine a bathroom, there is a great way to separate the bathroom from the toilet space.

room should be easy to block with sliding partitions, as in the photo.Aesthetically, nice and cheap, and as a result - the separation of functional areas in the bathrooms.

Splitting the screen

When designing separate bathrooms, toilets suitable for the space of just a few square meters.Agree, what it is doing more?

The extra space can be spent with the greatest benefit, for example, to expand the size of a bathtub.Here space plus will not be exact.

Plan location bathroom and a toilet for private houses in their own easy to fit.There are no restrictions footage and siting.

For example, no one stops to allocate to the bathroom 10 square meters.meters or, quite extraordinary, to make the bathroom an additional entrance from the yard.

two bathrooms is usually done in two-story houses - separate for each floor.Most often, they planned room above one another, as it saves on the building material.

But this is optional and each owner has the right to decide the layout of your bathroom.

Planning bedrooms

If placing the toilet and bathroom, it is desirable to plan on the shady side of a private house, it's ideal for the bedroom side of the sun.

This berths should be selected so that they did not get the morning sun.Selection of the area depends on the total square footage at home, but, more often, for 12-20 square meters bedroom is withdrawn.meters.


number of rooms under the bedroom can be a little, even if the one-storey house.It depends on how many people live in the house.

If there is a second floor, the master bedroom is better to build on the second floor.The room is not accepted to invite guests, and the farther it is from the living room or child, the better.

However, if the family living elderly parents, their personal room should be at the bottom.

up and down the stairs several times a day is not really easy and comfortable for them, and get it right from the hallway a lot easier.

dining area and kitchen

Previously accepted the division was made kitchen and dining room to separate rooms, the modern design provides the union of these two rooms in one functional area.

most optimum size for the common room - 20 square meters.When dividing the kitchen is left at least 10 meters and to a dining area - 8.


Selecting a location where the planned improvementkitchen and dining room, not basic.But still they try to place away from the bedroom.In this case, the smells will not interfere with the rest.

With the same purpose suit kitchen away from the living room.

plan their near a bathtub, the owner saves on the pipes during water and sanitation.Many create additional entrance from the yard, which leads from the hallway to the kitchen.


Planning child is a very important step, because your children will live in a room, and there they must feel themselves cozy and comfortable.The main rule - only the sunny side.

large amount of light is beneficial for the child, he lets go of their fears and spend time with pleasure.And the extra heat from the rays will not be superfluous.

room should be spacious and comfortable, located on the first floor.If the two-storey house and your bedroom is upstairs, and the children must be nearby.

The photo shows an example of arrangement.Then you can easily look into it and check their children.

Location of child

Disposition attic and veranda

main decoration of a single-storey house - is the presence of a high and beautiful lofts.It not only enhances the impression of the greatness of the house, but also can serve as an additional room.

Many attic equip the type of children's or guest rooms.

In principle, the attic can be used in any appointment, the main thing - the right to perform calculations sizes of window openings and the total height of the room.

accuracy can be achieved only with the help of professionals who will help to make calculations.

Average parameters are approximately as follows: the height of the center of - 2.5 meters, along the perimeter of 1.7 and 1.8 meters.The house will be higher and more beautiful, it is very important for the overall site design.

Another decoration of a single-storey building will be a veranda, which is desirable to plan together with the preliminary plan of the house and the yard of your site.

In a small area, it should not be a big house, and vice versa - it just spoil all the impression of beauty and originality.


Usually, it is placed near the kitchen orfrom the east or from the west.You can arrange a free entrance from the yard, build on it a summer kitchen or just put chairs for relaxing.

section Beauty will only add a pleasant experience.

few tips for creating the perfect home

Before you sit down at the drawing up of the plan of a private house, the yard and around the area, you should consider certain design factors:

  1. Observe entire operational life at home, family structure and the possibility of change,for example, the appearance of children in the future;
  2. When changing any circumstances be able in every room: living room, hall, children's and so on, either to change or to use all exactly as prescribed;
  3. Provide probability reconstruction of the house and the yard is fully, or any separate room, hallway, living room, bathroom or kitchen, and the whole area as a whole;
  4. Provide the necessary number of meters per person (from 30 to 40), to take into account that the height of the house may not be less than 2.5 meters, the attic - 2.3 meters, ground floor - 1.8 m;
  5. Ladders placed in the hallway or lobby, in small rooms used angular design;
  6. During the construction of two-storey private house, on the first plan accommodation kitchen, dining area, living room, utility room and bathroom.To the second floor will suit children's rooms, bedrooms, walk-in closets.If there is a ground floor, it is possible to equip a games room, a billiard room and a mini gym.So the place of the yard before the house will be saved.

In addition, the design - the process more of a technical than the design, respectively, there exist certain rules and norms of planning.


Based on them, the house is divided into threecomfort level:

  • House 1st-level building with a total area of ​​80 to 120 square meters.meters.For accommodation, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, child is given from 45 to 60 squares, and the total number of rooms are no more than 4;
  • House 2nd level with total area of ​​120 to 170 square meters.meters, of which a living room, with up to 6 (living room, hall, children's room, bedroom) is withdrawn 65-100 squares;
  • 3rd level luxury home includes him a total area of ​​180-280 square meters.meters.Of these, living rooms occupy from 100 to 130 square meters.meters.Their number is from 5 to 8.

And remember that from the competent planning of their private home (single-storey or multi-storey) will depend on the comfort of your stay.

Consider all the nuances of planning in advance and plan your dream home a beautiful, cozy and comfortable.