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August 12, 2017 18:08

The use of magnets for counters and state control


  • 1 counters Stop
  • 2 Legislative part
  • 3 counter stop detection
    • 3.1 Water meter "Aqua-1»
  • 4 applying dissimilar magnets
  • 5 a fun way to stop the counter
  • 6 Remanence
    • 6.1 How to hide the traces of the magnetization counter
    • 6.2 Video of antimagnetic seals

Neodymium magnet has its origins back in Japan.At that time, it was invented and manufactured for industrial purposes.The most powerful magnet alloy consisting of boron, iron and neodymium, used in the manufacture of various engines.Because of its good resistance to demagnetization, a neodymium magnet was indispensable element in the computer systems and transformers.

And after that moment as the magnet became public, it became big and open manufacturing and selling.A craftsmen used a magnet to stop the counter mechanism.Of course, such an alloy is extremely safe for human health, but because of its nickel-copper coating is not a health hazard.In addition, the coating makes the magnet resistant to corrosion and various deformations.In everyday life, rather than its direct purpose, neodymium magnet has found its application in stopping electric meters, water meters and gas.

different devices that control the flow of electricity, water or gas, there are so many.Manufacturers of these devices are trying in every way to construct such a counter, which will be impossible to stop.But the fact is that most of the counters works by mechanical metal parts counting mechanism, which stops the magnet.

counters Stop

Before you start to stop any counter should understand the principle of its operation.Virtually all the meters operate on the principle of "mechanical counting element - reader reading - output indication (display)."If this chain of at least one element is deactivated, the account will stop.Neodymium magnets help to bring down the mechanical counting element.

Caution when using strong magnets dissimilar your meter can come into disrepair and the use of the magnet can be fixed.Now more about it.

If we talk about the electricity meters, the neodymium magnet stops the induction disk performance.His powerful neodymium magnetic field just keeps disk, not allowing it to rotate and to wind Watts.This is the case with induction meter.If the electric meter, the chances to stop it is very small.In rare cases, using a neodymium magnet is large, it is possible to slow down the counter with LCD display for 10-15%.

Talking about water meters, their principle of operation lies in the fact that in the counter chamber have a device similar to a turbine.The diameter of the turbine blades coincides with the diameter of the chamber, and which is connected to the pipe.Through this tube the water goes.And in the use of water, it passes through the turbine blades causes them to spin.Water flow rate and its receipt directly affects the turbine speed.For turbine blades attached magnet and counter chamber is installed second magnet.This second magnet is coupled with the magnetic field which the blades.And when the first magnet rotates - it causes it to rotate the second chamber which is a counter.Due to the rotation of the second magnet, the controlling device can take readings and output them on the scoreboard.

In the latest phase of the operation of the water meter counting mechanism neodymium magnet makes him stop counting.His powerful neodymium magnet magnetic field holds the second magnet, which is in the counter chamber.That is, the counter operates as a whole, as well as the device works: the water passes through the device, the blades spinning with the first magnet, but the second, the key data output disabled.

Legislative part

In 2016, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services has focused its activity on those who decided to save by stopping the counter.Not without punitive measures: now convict attempt to save money, the offender will be withdrawn with a fine of ten times of the amount by which he could cheat the state.

Stickers on the counter antimagnit

stickers counter antimagnit

The fact is that when there is a large discrepancy index counter to the entire home with the sum of individual figures of tenants, all living in this house billed obschedomovyh needs.By the general building needs include payments for electricity, gas, water and other costs, which go out to the most comfortable to live in an apartment building.This may be the supply of electricity at the front door into the entrance and intercom system, landings, and more.

The label on a water meter

Decal Water Meter

From all this we can conclude that a conscientious citizen, on time and fully paying all the bills, due to the needs of the common house will pay the debts of those who stopped and spun down the counters.This is a direct infringement of the rights and freedoms of bona fide tenants.According to the deputy head of the Federal Department of Housing and communal services, Chibisa Andrei clear and concise: "pay for itself, without forcing it to do the neighbors."Also, according to Andrew, those involved in stopping and unwinding performance counter, in fact, engaged in the theft of state resources.Therefore, in an attempt to protect the disadvantaged, the State introduces such punitive measures and tightening the process of bringing offenders to justice.

counter stop detection

In public services there is a specific procedure for checking on the residents of fact stop the counter.

  1. Visual confirmation. The easiest way to make a stop in the counter - magnet see on the counter.But this aspect in practice prove does not work, because those who try to cheat will cheat to the end.Remembering his right to respect for property, the offenders will not be allowed into the apartment of employees of public services.And the law, in this situation, would be on their side.
  2. Teslametr. If defaulting citizen, letting employees at the apartment, managed to remove the magnet, the fact that the stop can easily be verified by a special device.The principle of operation is based on teslametra residual magnetization meter, which indicators would be very different from the counter performance which has not been subjected to a halt.But, this method of detection magnet has its disadvantages.The first - is the cost of teslametra, which ranges from 30 thousand rubles.Not every housing office will be able to afford such equipment.The second - again, the test procedure will take place only in the event that checks fall into the apartment with the consent of the resident.
  3. antimagnetic filling. If there is suspicion, the executive bodies of public services can set non-magnetic seal on the counter.It indicates an attempt to stop the counter magnet, changing its color.There are many ways of cheating seals.One of the easiest: the removal of the seals by freezing.In addition, such seals are sold in the public domain on the Internet.

    Signs magnet installation

    installations Signs magnet

  4. Built-in radio. Recently meter manufacturers often make changes to the design of the meter, adding the sensor.It works offline.It sends warning on duty as a result of attempts to stop the counter, or damage due to induction.
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Water meter "Aqua-1»

the example of "Aqua-1" can be counter to deal with the principle of counters with built-in radios.

first manufactured in Russia water meter with integrated data sending sensor.Ease of use of this counter is that the procedure for taking readings and send them to the relevant authorities of public utilities are automated and autonomous.To send readings used radio "Swift", which is in contrast to all other data modules most budget.For this reason, the counter "Aqua-1" is considered one of the most popular among both automated and easy to use meter.the sensor itself operates on the internal power supply, power consumption of which is designed for a long period of time (about 10 years).The radio "Strizh" is capable of reaching the receiver at a distance of 10 kilometers within the city limits.If the radio receiver are separated by an open area without any obstacles, the index range, and may reach 50 kilometers.

Contact comfort side to use - it is impossible to stop the counter magnet.To be precise, to stop the "Aqua-1" neodymium magnet option is available, but this attempt to save will be fixed and sent on duty.In this report, an apartment and attempts to stop the count time will be recorded.Therefore, stop counters among fans and cost savings, this model water meter is absolutely no demand.For more information about the methods of stopping electricity and what stops are served.

Note that the model of News meters have the ability to stop

applying dissimilar magnets

Today, neodymium magnets are used often and not for industrial purposes.Curious to find any information about the possibility of stopping the counter magnet to find the information you need in abundance.Millions of articles and thousands of videos on the subject.

There are even offices to sell neodymium magnets to their hotlines.In order to buy the magnet does not even need to know what the counter must be stopped.Just call on the line and answer a few questions, the consultant will explain how you describe the counter and what it takes to acquire a magnet.If this electric meter CO-5U, the consultant will explain what is necessary to buy a magnet costing 1 thousand rubles.In addition, the counter will not work to stop, maybe it will slow down to 70%.Most interesting is that after all this, the consultant will make recommendations: you need to change the counter to older models and buy a magnet worth 1000 rubles, which significantly saves costs.That is, stop electricity magnets - this is a business.

It is estimated that approximately one in ten cunning and stops the electric meter.And about half are neodymium magnets.And speaking of those who use the magnets to stop the counter, it is worth noting that not only the residents of houses and apartments use this trick.The car repair service worker also to energy-intensive operation stops counters.And the question on the basis of this procedure, they are responsible that the employer requires them to fulfill this condition as an indispensable aspect of the work in the body shop.

a fun way to stop

counter Also variant with a magnet, there are other ways to stop the counter, people.

  1. pan with boiling water. This method can be implemented only in the cold season, or more precisely in the freezing temperatures.The principle of this method is that if we substitute a container of boiling water directly under the counter, the steam going to the internal elements of the counter mechanism, crystallizes and turns into ice.Thus, the ice stops the counting mechanism until melting.
  2. Rust. simple folk method, working at the counter of water.Its essence lies in the fact that you need to fill in the rust turbine blades at the most.Top attaching the magnet, causing rust particles that get up and stop the operation of the blades.This method does not need a powerful neodymium magnet.Suffice it to a simple magnet that will attract rust.The beauty of this method is that, when possible, check the counter staff of public services, simply remove the magnet rust goes along with the flow of water.
  3. Application stubtsyny.


There is a concept that says that when you use a magnet when you try to stop the counter, the counter appears in the residual magnetization.The magnitude of this residual magnetization can be measured by such a device as a teslametr.And the representatives of housing and communal services with confidence say that

Device teslametr

Device teslametr

detection of residual magnetization indicates that the instrument was applied to a magnet in order to distort the counter.But the fact is that to date there has not established a legislative body of rules that would regulate the issue of residual magnetization.

There is no formally documented procedures and fixed measurement of residual magnetization.If you do not talk about the fixed boundary values ​​acceptable performance and acceptable.That is, the majority of the executive bodies of public services, based on their own conjectures and guesses about what the value might be permissible value of the residual magnetization, prescribe penalties and interest, in their opinion, to offenders.

How to hide the traces of the magnetization counter

And to authorities municipal services did not have claims against you and your



counter at all, there demagnitizatory.The principle of operation of these devices is very simple: they minimize the magnetic field is subject to the condition demagnetized.Previously, this device used to demagnetize the heads, tape recorders and cassettes.

Demagnitizator like a coil, connected to the network.All you have to do - is to rotate demagnitizator included near the object to be demagnitizirovat for 2-3 minutes.As a result of these actions counter magnetization leaves.

Video of antimagnetic seals