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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to scrub the grout with a tile

How to scrub the grout with a tile Grout is one of the most important stages in the tiling.During the grouting quality and correct all the defects are removed, and if the poor performance exterior walls can deteriorate.Grout with tiles removed in 3 stages: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and with the use of special tools.

1 When all seams are filled and you need to get rid of excess cement grout, take a trowel and holding it at a right angle to the tile, gently clean the remains of grout, try not to hurt the joints.If you still have damaged any of the grout from the joint, add it again and gently spread with the help of the same float.

2 After completion of the dry to wet cleaning proceed.To do this, take a bucket of water and sponge with rounded edges.Now gently using a circular motion with a wet sponge remove the remaining cement and dirt from the surface of the tiles.Do everything carefully, so that the seams are not formed pits and dents.The sponge as needed, rinse well.Try as the water can be changed more often in a bucket.Removing all traces of grout, let the seams dry for 20-30 minutes.During this time all the moisture remaining on the tile surface, evaporates and is deposited as cement becomes lighter.

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3 Now that the grout has dried completely, proceed with the removal of light plaque on the tile by using acid cleaner cement, which can be bought in a specialty store.At this stage it is important not to overdo it with the cleaner, otherwise you can damage the seam.

4 great alternative to the cement grout is a grout based on epoxy resin and hardener, as it is composed of elements that ensure durability and high resistance to acids and chemical household cleaners.Its main advantages: smooth and easy to clean.But a disadvantage is the viscosity of the epoxy grout, difficult to use and to remove it from the surface of the tiles after hardening, it is desirable to produce the grout in parts.For starters treat small area and see how fast the grout hardens.Remove it must be at least 24 hours with a special cleaner.In that case, if you do not have time to do it, and the time passed much more, then remove grout from the tiles can only be removed mechanically.But in this case, as a rule, spoil the nerves, flooring and spend the extra cash.