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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to glaze a balcony and a loggia

How to glaze a balcony and a loggia photo

as glass balconies and loggias.

Even some time ago, many have sought to use the balcony as a warehouse of various unnecessary things.And now it has become fashionable to do from the balcony of the portico, or even sleeping rooms (of course, in the warmer months).In this case, it is very difficult to do without the balcony glazing.It is necessary to protect itself from the city noise and street dust.Now a closer look at how to glaze a balcony and a loggia.

1. To get started is to select the type of glazing.Most often used aluminum, plastic or wooden sash and frame.They can be either sliding or opening.Naturally, the choice of material depends on the quality of life and glazing.For example, the wooden frame will last not as long as others, but it is easier to work with them.In addition, the glaze their balcony you can with conventional carpentry tools.

2. Now make sure the railing and railing reliable.Parapet, if necessary, should be strengthened masonry, metal or welding area - this is important.People who are at the bottom must be safe.

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3. Draw a diagram windows.When you're done drawing, note that the width of the hinged flaps must be greater than or the same as the width of the balcony.Take a leaf width of 10-20 cm less than the depth of the balcony, so that they freely opens and closes.Cabinets and shelves on the wall of the balcony is also positioned so that they do not interfere with the slats.

4. Measure the height of the structure from the ceiling to the parapet.From the resulting values ​​need to deduct the thickness of the sill, level difference, transoms above.The result is taken into account in the amount of construction.When measuring the length of the structure are not considered bay and corner joints.Shade must exceed the length of the finished structure at 20-30 cm, and the length of the sill will be more at 15-30 cm. Transfer the measurements to the firm, is made of the frame.

5. After delivering the finished frames proceed with the installation of windows.With the level and plumb set the box.Attach it to the parapet walls and ceiling.Mounting foam seal the joints with sealant and hide the visible foam.

6. You can now set the flaps themselves.This case, it is desirable to professionals, otherwise there is a risk that your windows after a while the "lead" and they simply cease to interlock.Now you can glaze a balcony or yourself, if you do not believe in the power, then contact the professionals.

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