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August 12, 2017 18:06

To pass an old washing machine : for scrap or parts exchanged for a new one, to sell

Old washing machines
  • sale via ads
  • rent for scrap or parts
  • change the old to the new
  • New life for machines

Washing machine is an integral part of the life of every modern housewife.But at one point, the question may arise on the acquisition of new equipment, as the old model obsolete or, worse, broken.Here and there is a legitimate question: what to do with an old washing machine?Where to send it or pass?After all, this type of technology has great dimensions and relegate him just in the trash, you can get a receipt for the fine.What to do?Consider a few options.

Old washing machine for scrap

sale via ads

If the machine is in working condition, having spent a small amount of time and place an ad on the Internet, you can easily get rid of unnecessary equipment in a few hours and get itlittle money.If the technique is relatively new, podavate price not less than 50% of the price of such new models on the market.

can consider another option.According to the ads in the newspaper to find a company that is engaged in the export of free equipment.This is a fairly simple way, and they will come quickly and will make themselves the technique.But in this embodiment, there will be no advantages but make room for new equipment.

Sale of washing machine ad

rent for scrap or parts

to get a small amount of money from the old technology, you can take it in scrap.But the washing machine is not very popular with companies that are engaged in metal.And it may be that the money will be enough only to ensure that the machine drop off points.Therefore, this option is also not all interesting.

Washing machine for parts

If you send the washing machine parts, in most cases, you can get about 10-15% of the original value of your unit.It is not very profitable, but it is one of the best solutions.

Old washing machine for scrap

change the old to the new

But if a new washing machine has not yet been acquired, it is necessary to consider an option that has recently become very popular with the large stores: "I am old technology to the new."You definitely get for your old machine discount on the purchase of new equipment. Let it will not be huge, only a few thousand, but the store does not matter what state your machine .

only caveat: often such actions are a publicity stunt, and the discount can be in the future on the same model, but to give the old machine you do not have.

Comics - the washing machine repairman and

New life for machines

can select any option that you are most comfortable and acceptable.But if you have the design skills and a little ingenuity, you can turn the washing machine in interesting things that will complement the interior of your garden.

  • Taking a drum and proceed with its fertile soil, it turns a beautiful flower pot.Plants in him will not be afraid of any pests.
  • Some craftsmen from the drum construct tables, chairs or small comfortable ottomans.
  • great idea to give - a BBQ out of the drum.It will have the original design and convenient to use.

Be creative, model - all in your hands.Even more ideas you will learn after reading an article about what can be done from an old washing machine.

The lamp of the old washing machine
Shade from an old washing machine