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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine Baby : how to use a small machine , with and without spin , prices and reviews

Стиральная машина "Малютка"
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  • Do all models with spin?
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Washing machine has long been turned into a valuable assistant of any housewife.One type of such a technique are agitator type machines, the most common representative of which model performs "Baby".

Стиральная машина "Малютка"


Machine "Baby" attracted housewives:

  • simplicity of design.
  • small size.
  • lightweight.
  • economical operation.
  • rapidity washing.
Advantages of the washing machine Baby

For such machines do not need a water supply (water is poured through the charging port at the top), so it is an excellent choice for a summer residence. Also it is not required to connect to the sewer, because the drain occurs in manual mode.

big plus for the hosts is that the entire wash cycle in such a machine takes about 10 minutes (1-6 minutes for the main wash, rinse for 1-2 minutes on and 1 minute on manual extraction).In addition, "Baby" item can be washed with any type of tissue.

Such models often buy young families for a hostel or rented apartments, because it is easy to be transported to another place.In addition, in such a small machine can quickly wash things for the child, without waiting to accumulate a full load of laundry in a standard washing machine.

Benefits of Baby washing machine


  • Capacity "Baby" is small and mostly up to 2 kg of laundry.Wash with such a heavy vehicle or large thing will not work.
  • Works unit rather noisy.
  • Many models do not spin, so wash clothes have to wring out by hand.


devices Machines "Baby" is a activator washing machines with the most simple design, designed to perform the main washing cycle.They are represented by the tank, and the engine control module.Functionality includes reverse some machines, which prevents twisting of the laundry in the washing process.To control the washing in the "Baby" provides mechanical timer.

The device of the washing machine Baby

Do all models with spin?

Many mashinkah- "Baby" no centrifuge, so squeezing in such devices takes place in manual mode.

However, there are models with the ability to spin.In such devices, after the laundry items are removed and the water is drained, then inside the tank mounted centrifuge and placed in her wash clothes, and include spin.

Washing machine Baby with the function of spin

can also find semi-automatic "Baby" with two tanks.In one laundry is washed and runs a rinse cycle, and in the second, where the clothes need to shift manually, there is a centrifuge for spinning.

Washing machine , semi-automatic with two tanks


«Baby" can be called a fairly budget machine for which pay an average of from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.To get such a device can be in the art stores and on the Internet.You can also see ads in the search for "Baby", a used, then on your country or rented apartment oversized device for quick wash will be literally for pennies.

How to use?

Laundry in mashinke- "Baby" is very simple, and the only connection to the mains and the water required for the operation of the machine.

necessary to pour water into the machine the desired temperature, immersed in her underwear and turn on the machine.If you need to pre-soak the clothing, put it in the tank, fill with water to the powder and let it sit for a while.To rinse the laundry in the machine to pour clean water.

See videobzor small.


acquisition of "Baby" free from the packaging and check to timely detect manufacturing defects.Next to the selected location for the unit put a rubber mat or grating to the machine does not move during operation.Then install the mat on "Baby" and connect it to the network.

Set the washing machine Baby


Customers speak highly of the washing machine "Baby" in a different way.In this technique a lot of negative reviews.Some users claim that in such a machine broke their belongings, others complain of bad laundry, others are dissatisfied with weak functionality, the fourth - a noisy job.

However, those people who used to "Baby" in accordance with the instruction manual, and appreciated its shortcomings before the acquisition, were quite pleased with this technique.

Tips and Prevention

to "Baby" served for a long time, the machine requires care and attention:

  • buying detergent and determining its optimal dose for washing, consider the hardness of the water you'll pour into the machine.You may need to use an additional tool that will soften the water.
  • Exterior Wipe the machine with a soft cloth moistened with a non-abrasive detergent without alcohol.
  • After washing, wipe the inside of the machine dry, to avoid the appearance of rust, bacteria and mold.To this end, the cover "Baby" for some time after washing should be left open.
  • Also, do not forget to check out all the pockets of clothing before washing to extraneous things could not get into the tank.
  • Buttons and "lightning" on the clothes before washing in the "Baby" are advised to fasten.
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