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August 12, 2017 18:06

Crushers for toilets : fecal and sewage , and device selection

Flowing toilet
  • Purpose
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features
  • Types
    • For cold drains
    • For hot wastewater
  • Selection Criteria
  • Sizes and compact models
  • calculation of minimumSetting power

problem of education blockages in the sewer system is familiar to many.In some homes it is poorly designed originally worn over time, and sometimes the people themselves forget the elementary rules of use of the toilet, dropping to a different garbage, household waste.In order not to be faced with flooding and out of feces, proposed today to set-shredders pumps, also known as fecal or sewage.Let's talk about them in more detail.

Flowing to the toilet in the bathroom


pump-shredder is a box with the pump inside.It is mounted over the cistern and often sheathe plasterboard or paneling to hide from the eyes.This makes it possible not to disturb the aesthetics of the room.To operate the device must be connected to the toilet bowl and the electrical outlet.

diagram of the device following:

  1. Stoke enters the shredder box, where the dense fraction are delayed, and the water goes further;
  2. When accumulated a certain amount, automatically turns the engine that runs the chopper blade;
  3. knife grinds solid waste and diverts pressurized pipe in the sewer system;
  4. Treated waste go down the drain through the drain connection.Typically the diameter is about 45 mm.
Cutter device for toilet


of the main advantages possessed by such devices can be distinguished:

  • Effectively removes all the waste, prevent the formation of blockages;
  • box itself has an attractive design, which can often make it an important element of the interior;
  • Price today is quite attractive, it does not require large expenditures for the purchase and installation;
  • minimum consumption of water, for fear a sharp rise in utility bills is not necessary;
  • With proper installation does not violate the design of the room, because hidden behind the paneling;
The pump - chopper toilet


Together with positive aspects, shredders are characterized by certain disadvantages:

  • Older devices emit a lot of noise that may irritate some.Although modern Soup deprived of this disadvantage;
  • Affordability does not say that the chopper is worth a penny.So a certain amount will have to invest, as well as to invest in the implementation of skin to close the box;
  • If you purchased a shredder questionable production, rely on a long and trouble-free operation is not necessary.Trust only proven companies;
  • device consumes power.Slightly, but it's a little impact on your budget.


When choosing a shredder for toilet stool to take into account the main characteristics.This will look for the best option for your particular toilet:

  1. distance delivery of waste. Pump capacity is selected based on the location of the range of your downpipe toilet.Standard Stock transporting device 100 meters in horizontal and 10 vertical meters.As practice shows, these indicators suffice.
  2. the pump connects multiple devices when needed - sink, tub and bidet. Consider whether it is necessary for you.Some buy shredders for each individual plumbing.This is an unjustified waste of money.Combined pump will cope with all the instruments alone.But if the device is really a lot, then two pumps is required - on the cold and hot human waste water clean drains (sink, bath, bidet).
  3. temperature of the fluid. Usually it is 40-90 degrees Celsius.If you connect the pump to the toilet alone, rather the lowest temperature characteristics.Crushers for cabins, bathroom, shower will require the chopper with the index of 90 degrees.Otherwise, the device under cold drains not stand the heat and fail.
Flowing to the toilet in the bathroom
Flowing to the toilet in the bathroom


Variety sewage pumps, grinders depends not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the installation depth.Allocate:

  • submersible. functionality of their broad, since it does not only divert the water from the toilet, but also pumped water during flooding downpours.Some use it for watering the garden.The housing is created based on its location in the aggressive environment, because the main elements are made of cast iron and stainless steel.
  • Semi-submersible.Their immersed inside the container to be cleaned.Be sure to observe the rule of thumb when installing - pump component designs required to be in the waste water, and motor - on the surface.In submersible pumps pipe diameter is 15 mm, and also have size limitations recycled solids.
  • surface.Their mounted at the edge of the tank with the runoff, and deep inside the hose pumps waste.It is compact, easy to move the pump, can be mounted easily from place to place.

pumps also classified based on the water temperature and the presence or in the presence of the chopper structure.

Cutter device for toilet

For cold drains

There are two classes:

  1. Without chopper. These can be connected to several plumbing fixtures, which drains the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.But you need to carefully monitor what waste gets into the system.
  2. With chopper. Mount behind the toilet.When a certain amount of accumulation of waste is included chopper and chop them, then discharged into the sewer.

For hot wastewater

There are also two classes:

  1. Without imelchitelya. perform multiple tasks at the same time - are connected to the washing, dishwasher, waste water discharged from the tub and sink.
  2. With chopper. easy to recycle waste, where the temperature is 90-95 degrees, and cut the solid components.

Selection Criteria

To properly pick up a pump-chopper, answer a few questions:

  1. What is required of the system performance?At this affects the amount of daily waste in your home.
  2. What size section of sewer pipe?Not all pumps are suitable for a particular type of sewage.Adapter may be required.
  3. What kind of waste will be discharged into the toilet, bath, and other connected devices and what are their sizes?
  4. What is the distance from your toilet to the sewage?
  5. Do you want to connect additional equipment, in addition to the toilet?
  6. What is the temperature of the waste being treated?
The pump - chopper toilet

Sizes and compact models

today issued the standard size pumps, shredders, which can be placed inside your toilet without much difficulty.

However, large devices are not always to the point, if a bathroom or a small space for a little cistern.Comes to the rescue compact models.The width of the duct in such crushers is approximately 12 centimeters.To find a space for the toilet is not difficult and does not require to create sophisticated and robust design of the drywall to hide the box.

Carefully read range on the market, determine the desired size of the chopper.To find a suitable option today is not a problem.

Flowing toilet

Calculation of minimum power

We have already said that the distance from the toilet to the sewage system plays an important role in the selection of power.But how to calculate the power properly, that device coped with its task?

The instructions and data sheet lists all device specifications.However, errors in the choice often permitted.Do not rush to turn to specialists, as they take much for their services, and in practice to understand the nuances of power can be by yourself.

So, imagine that you have selected the pump transports the waste to 80 meters horizontal and 7 vertical meters.Do not think that everything is in reality will.

First of all, indicate the maximum performance in the passport. To implement such a range of transportation need to run the pump at maximum power.This would lead to its rapid deterioration.Buy a shredder with a reserve capacity.

Another important point - the range of indicators and transport height are mutually exclusive.Here rely on a simple calculation formula - for each meter of waste transport up horizontal delivery distance is reduced to 10 meters.

For example, the pump capacity is designed for 100 meters horizontally.But if the waste will have to raise 1 meter vertically, then the first figure is reduced to 90 meters.

Cutter device for toilet


principle grinder pump installation, based on the fulfillment of several fairly simple sequential operations:

  1. tail pipes lay at an angle, using a tee to connect it to the system.
  2. connected to it an outlet for the pump and drain it to, using the flexible structure.
  3. Ensure that the corrugated tube does not sag curvature is completely absent.Otherwise the pump will be provided on the additional load.
  4. Waste will fall into the pump box by gravity, because it is important to follow some rules:
  5. intake port to the pump is located above the outlet of the toilet bowl;
  6. angle of rotation is minimal, and it is better without it.
  7. remains to connect the device to the mains and the installation is completed.