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August 12, 2017 18:06

Large bath : its features and installation

Large bath
  • advantages and disadvantages of large baths
  • Types of large baths
  • baths for two
  • Selecting a large bath size
  • Tips for large bath choice
  • Interior decoration options
  • features a large bath installation
  • Conclusion

Who among us does not dream of a large and deep bath, and if before, large bath was too expensive, but now the manufacturers offer a wide variety of choice of models in different price ranges.

advantages and disadvantages of large baths

By benefits large bath is the fact that if you like to soak in the foam after a hard day's work, do it in a large tub is much nicer and more spacious than thebath of standard dimensions.

In addition, due to the diversity of choice of large baths, you can choose any shape, which will decorate the bathroom.For example, a large bath can be installed in the center of the room to the podium, thus making her accent.In addition to beauty, it is also very convenient, as the access to the bath will be opened from either side.

Since some bath equipped with additional features such as aromatherapy or massage, you can take care of your body and improve health without leaving home.

Baths Spa treatments are also called jacuzzi.Often they are placed outside the house.Dimensions corner jacuzzi and other forms can see in our other article.

Large bath benefits

By disadvantage is the cost of such a bath, because the price for it will be several times higher than the standard version of the small bath.In addition, for each time to fill a bath will need large amounts of water, which also costs money, so this option is not suitable for those who prefer to save.

Large bathtub - a lot of water

Types of large baths

First of all, it is planned to establish when choosing a suitable tub model, is to determine what part of the bathroom.On this basis, it is necessary to choose either a corner bath, which is more suitable for the limited size of the room, a free-standing bath, perfectly suitable for any interior or exclusive model to choose a bath with an unusual shape and parameters.

Read more about Corner bathtubs nozhete you to read our article about the asymmetric baths.

An interesting form of baths

Previously, large bath was a rarity, and not everyone could afford it, but now diversity represented on the market of large baths is simply amazing .You can find and rectangular or circular bath, oval, hexagonal, corner, or the classic versions, and even polygonal - in general, almost all the options that you can imagine.

hot tubs have long ceased to be a luxury and became a necessity.About variety and selection criteria, read our article about hot tubs.

Large Hot Tub

baths for two

Among the wide variety of options for large baths is to provide a bath separately for use together, which are ideal for couples, honeymooners or couple, married for a long time.

Bath in the shape of heart

Spa this format take up a lot of space, and installation is only possible in the bathroom of a large size or in an isolated area next to the pool.

Bath for two

One of the most popular options for the two considered angle type acrylic tub, since this option will occupy much less space than a conventional tub arrangement.In addition, the demand for steam baths unusual shape, for example, in the form of eight or even heart.

Large bath in the form of heart

There are bathtub, divided into two halves, each of which is designed for one person.

Big bath for two

Selecting a large size bath

When choosing a bath, one of the first parameter, which pay attention to is the size.But it is important to remember that, as a rule, differs from the internal volume of external dimensions.Most often, the bath being made oval in shape, as this reduces the amount of water required for complete immersion of the body.

Of course, you need to choose a bath on the basis of the size of the bathroom, it is not necessary to acquire a large bath if your room size a little more than 3 or 4 square meters.For bathroom large range of choice is very wide, the length of the bath can be started from 150 and reach up to 300 centimeters in length, but in this case it is obtained by the mini-pool.

For bathrooms standard size preferable to select those models that allow the adult to stretch at full length.These baths are more conventional in its parameters, but it will not take up much space.

But in private homes or cottages , where a bathroom can reach huge sizes, it is possible to use a model with an open type of installation, which include free-standing large bath of cast iron or acrylic, as well as marble or glass.

marble baths and elegant look unusual.About them we wrote more in the article about baths marble.

For reference: biggest bath in a tub world of solid granite found in Russia.Its shape - a circle with a diameter of 7 meters height -.. About 2 m and a depth of - 1.5 m.

The biggest bath in the world

If there is a possibility to allocate a separate area for the swimming pool, there is most convenient to place greaterbath for a few people, which can be further equipped with hydro-massage.

Small bath
Large acrylic bathtub
Large hot tub

Tips for Choosing a large bath

One of the most popular models are considered bath, made of cast iron, steel or acrylic.Any selected material will be high-quality and reliable, since the large size of the bath meant doubled load, so the build quality in this case special attention.

choosing large-size bath should take into account the growth of the people who will use it, so how to use the bath longer than 2 meters is convenient only for those whose growth is above average.

Large bath of acrylic

In addition, choosing a bath it is necessary to compare the parameters with an area of ​​your bathroom.For large bathroom fit almost any model, which can be installed on the side and in the center of the bathroom.But if the bathroom small size, it does not compensate for the biggest size you can bath with a large internal volume, making with high boards.

believed that, ideally, the depth of the bath should be about fifty or sixty centimeters.Such depth allows you to fully immerse yourself in the water, but it will not have problems when pereshagivaniya through the bath edge.

Large deep bath

determine how many people plan to use the bathroom at the same time.Now on the market are widely represented models for two people, and even for four or six.

Large bath design

options interior design

Large tub in the interior

As for the harmonious combination of the bath to the interior, there is quite difficult is to advise, as everyone has their own preferences, but on the wholethere are several options that will help you choose the right bath:

- if you plan to create in the bathroom likeness medieval boudoir with luxurious décor, it is best to opt for a cast-iron bath.It is in the form of baths immediately to mind images from the history books, where nobles houses were represented;

- to create a modern interior or thematic project (for example, oriental style or sea, etc.) as well as possible better fit a bath of acrylic, which can be installed separately or be integrated in the podium;

- if you want to install a bath near a window or balcony with views of the beautiful landscape, in this case, perfect model of marble or KVAR, which are often installed in country cottages.

Large tub in the middle of the bathroom

installation features a large bath

Before installing it is recommended to specify how much weight have a separate bath and typed with water, it is a very important point, as not all floors can withstand such weight.Calculation of weight you need to keep very accurate, and do not forget that in addition to the bathtub on the floor will stand the other bathroom fixtures and furniture, which are also a lot of need to be taken into account.

Big, beautiful bathroom

bath If bumpers are quite high, in contrast to the standard models, it is better to think in advance about the safe use and attach a small step or stairs to the bath entry and exit.

Large bath with steps

To fill the bath large, require several times more water than for standard tubs.Therefore, it is desirable to acquire beforehand mixer which is fed with water in a wide stream, and therefore will be dialed bath faster than with a conventional crane.

In order to keep the water drains quickly, need to install a special drain which, in contrast to the standard version, will cope with the task faster.

Large bath plenty of water

When installing large bathroom in a private house, even a separate plumbing required to carry out with a specially established feed pump and increase the size of manhole.


Thus, selection and installation of large-size bath requires special attention and careful preparation. But, if all the conditions are met properly, such a bath will bring you and your family only positive emotions.

Big Tub general view

A large hot tub is designed for that procedure will simultaneously receive up to 3 people.Want capacity of more?Read our article about the hot tub spa!