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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plumbing Apollo: range of Chinese brand

Apollo brand

The company began operations in 1982, but the release was showers and other plumbing, it only started in 1996.By this time the manufacturer has become known in the market of equipment hotels and restaurants.Plumbing issue began with the production of acrylic products.A little later in sale are the same cabin, which led the company to success.

feature the brand is that for the production of all goods without exception, used technology developed by Italian masters of their craft.Due to this it is possible to realize the most incredible ideas and bring them to the requirements of the modern world.Annually updated design and functionality of the products.


second important aspect is the fact that in comparison with other similar products on the characteristics of other manufacturers Apollo products are able to maintain healthy competition in both the differentiation of the range, and by providing a more affordable price.This is because the main production facilities are located in China.The quality of the goods in no way affected by the use of decent materials and Italian technology.That is why the brand can boast of compliance of its products with European quality standards, in particular ISO.

Bath Appollo bathroom

Features range

company Apollo manufactures bathtubs, showers, hot boxes and furniture for bathrooms. products have high quality, but affordable prices, for which he fell in love in the CIS and Russia.

Company manufactures products of three classes: economy, standard and elite.Therefore, products from Apollo are available for all budgets.

Bath Apollo spa in the bathroom

All products are tested to be sure to identify the plant before the marriage of the sale.Each product contains detailed instructions, warranty and all necessary accessories.The warranty period for each product should be checked separately.

Apollo All products are certified for compliance with safety and hygiene, which confirms the high quality.