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August 12, 2017 18:06

Weight of cast iron baths and its size, how much weight cast iron bath

Weight and dimensions of the cast-iron baths

acquired to cast iron bath did not cause disappointment, choosing her, should be guided by the following characteristics:

  • weight,
  • size,
  • depth.

latter option often does not pay enough attention.

Before buying choice, measure your bathroom. to bath in it given to the third part, and nothing more.Bathroom size is a major determining factor.

Dimensions and weight of the cast iron tub

The size of the following types of cast iron bathtubs:

  • smallest. width such baths usually is 70 cm, but the length can be 120, 130, 140 cm. It weighs from 77 to 84 kg.This is - the perfect solution for small apartments.Little Tub successfully fit into the bathroom small area or an unusual layout.These dimensions, of course, will not be allowed to lie down, but the semi-sitting or sitting position is acceptable.Suitable for families and it is where there are small children.Take a dip them in a bath simple.
  • Little. This - the most common type of cast iron designs.Their length - 150 cm and width - 70 cm Their weight 92-97 kg..Capacity small bath of about 170 liters.Ideal in the interior of a small bathroom.Using it can men average build.
  • Avg.Their weight starting from 100 kg.The width of the secondary bath is the same as that described above, but the length - 160 cm. Accommodates a 173+ 2 liters of water.Dimensions quite comfortable, but it is difficult to find such a bath.
  • Large.Length large cast iron bath 170 cm, width can be 70 or 75 cm. The weight ranges from 113 to 119 cm. Holds up a little more than 180 liters.If the bathroom elongated, such a bath will be a real boon for its owners.
  • Very large bath. Their length of 180-185 cm, width - 70, 80, 85 cm 190+ 5 liters capacity..Weigh the product at least 115-120 kg.Set it is possible only in the bathrooms a very large area.If desired, you can even take a bath together.
  • Huge. Their length starts from 2 m, width -. 85 cm These dimensions can afford to owners of large bathrooms.It is ideal for people who have more weight.Typically, in such baths open market does not exist.It - only work in order.
Dimensions cast iron bathtubs
Dimensions cast iron bathtubs
Varieties of cast-iron baths

Usually bath depth of 40 cm , but there may be slight deviations.bath depth is directly proportional to the comfort. Note that by measuring the outside of the bath need to take 10 cm. It is this space will be available to take a bath.

The depth and the cast-iron baths

Buying bath should definitely make sure that its size will fully satisfy your needs.