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August 12, 2017 18:06

Glue for ceramic , ceiling , floor tiles in the bathroom.Liquid Nails

Adhesive for tiles in the bathroom
  • Types and purpose
  • How to choose
    • Forms intended
    • Factors influencing the choice of
  • glue consumption
  • Liquid nails
  • Stamps and prices
  • How to lay tile for itshands

15-20 years ago, the choice of means for fixing the tiles was poor and limited cement mortar in adhesives which are sometimes added: casein or PVA.Often the tiles was packed even on gustotёrtuyu oil paint.

Currently achievements of chemical industry increased as a list of such assets, the choice has become an arduous task, and the number of manufacturers, exceeded one hundred, completely confused the issue.Especially for the beginner who has decided not to give up "at the mercy" sales assistant, and sort things out himself.

Types and purpose

In the beginning, you need to understand if you are fairly meticulous and patient man, accustomed to follow the rules, regulations and recommendations, or are willing to overpay a little bit, but to save time and effort.

According to the degree of readiness glue is divided into three types:

  • dry mixture of cement and sand, which for alerting diluted with water;
  • ready-made glue (one-component);
  • two-component adhesive comprising epoxy resin and polyurethane.
Adhesive for tiles in the bathroom

first option is convenient because the water will be added to the house and do not burden the weight of the purchased and delivered by means of .

disadvantage as it is the additional time that will have to be spent on the preparation of the adhesive.Plus - required reading for preparation instructions.It is better to carefully observe the proportions and sequence, than to get a non-business solution exclusively through their own fault.

second option is attractive for its willingness to work fully, which leads to a material saving, and the consistency of glue is optimal for installation.Also positive aspect is the ability to carry out the work with less dust and dirt.

downside is the increase in the weight of such mixtures.Moreover, almost always in a hermetically sealed container are sold not simple, tsementoobrazuyuschie and complicated dispersion mixture, which are more expensive and are required in special cases.

most complex and "fancy " third option - used for certain cases two-component adhesive, which consists of two separate substances, which occur when mixing certain chemical reactions by which the glue becomes their exclusive property. When choosing this type of glue by mixing quantitative proportions required to comply thoroughly mixed substances and stick to a certain temperature for the duration of the works.Another problem is the high price.

Tile adhesive with mixing

How to choose

a good idea at this stage is clearly defined with the formula "What? Where? When?", Because the choice of adhesive greatly influences the material tiles, and its dimensions (What?)the quality and composition of the grounds on which will be tiling (Where?), the conditions under which it will be used (when?).

If you carefully consider any package of glue, you can deduct all the required information about its characteristics and properties.For example, most large letters is sure to be indicated by its purpose.

Forms intended

adhesive types for purpose are:

  • basic (or standard)
  • Reinforced
  • Universal (both exterior and interior finish)
  • Waterproof
  • White gluetransparent and translucent mosaic
  • Other special

By the way are frost-resistant, special adhesive for high temperatures, corrosive environments, etc.etc.

reasonable to repair the bathroom to take it waterproof glue or at least read the inscription on the increased resistance to moisture in the table of its characteristics.

Clay Tile

Factors influencing the choice of

When purchasing glue needed to know in advance the size of the future of tile and its composition.

If ceramic tiles, small in size, the number indicating the adhesion of glue to the accompanying instructions to the glue may be limited to 0, 3 - 0, 5 MPa .For the bulk of tile and adhesive will be logical to choose reinforced with high adhesive properties (strong adhesion).By the way, and he will be more adhesive consumption, because it will require a thicker layer to avoid the falling away of tiles.

Clay Tile

composition tile also affects the weight, porosity, water absorption of the material, respectively, defining the type and amount of adhesive required.So for porcelain tiles you need to have the number of adhesion of not less than 0, 7 MPa, that have the ability to adhere, to stick to the surface must be able to withstand a 7 kg per 1 square centimeter.

When selecting options for finishing the mosaic tiles required special white glue, which, by the way, then you can use instead of grout.

Grounds for finishing can be of two types: simple and complex surfaces.

  • simple foundation - fairly solid, smooth and strong, not amenable to deformation, surface (brick, sand-cement screeds, concrete).They can take the basic glue or universal.
  • For complicated reasons include these types of surfaces such as glass, wood, metal, drywall, plastic and wall surfaces in buildings , since from one year to two years in such buildings is likely to occur progress, displacement, shrinkage or other deformationthat require special adhesive.

There is a difference in the laying of tiles on the bathroom floor and on the walls.Gluing tiles on the wall lining is called, and spitting it on the floor - laying.

Numbers and symbols in the characteristics of adhesives except adhesion, are more important for professionals than amateurs.

So, adjusting the time (the time when you can slide the tiles and glued to rectify the identified irregularities) is usually from 20 minutes to 3 hours.Usually, this is enough.

Of course, if you are fond of doing everything in detail and speed of execution - is not your strong point, you better pay attention to indicators such as the open time.Though hardly 3-4 hours after dilution glue you seem insufficient.

glue consumption

Details glue consumption can be obtained from the same for the application instructions on the package.

But such estimation need to be adjusted depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • evenness of the walls and floor
  • frequency of teeth spatula, which you will use
  • feature your Bonded material (if present)
  • experience and skill depositing wizard.

It is understood that the adhesive consumption figures are somewhat inflated than those indicated on the label, if the repaired surface is far from ideal.And how much they need in alignment, so you will need more glue.If

tiles of small dimensions and its side pasted surface smooth enough for the serrated trowel 0.3 cm., If the tile is greater and the tool for applying glue taken from the increased size of the teeth, and hence the greater will leave adhesive.

is also important angle of the trowel when applying the adhesive, since the decrease in the angle of inclination from 90 to 60 or 45 degrees to provide a significant reduction in material consumption.

usually 25-pound bag is enough for 4-6 square meters.m.

Clay Tile

Liquid nails

impermeable, high-quality construction adhesive, having the basis of synthetic rubber with the presence of polymers, called "Liquid nails", has proved to be particularly durable and easy to use an adhesive material.

Besides its indisputable advantages, widely recognized two of its lack of:

  • very little time correction.About 10 minutes.Later, you will not be able to adjust the position of the bonded, which is not very comfortable with a lack of experience.
  • much greater price than the other glue mixture makes it futile to use "liquid nails" for mass processing surfaces.But the restoration repair of gluing small parts they spend is even possible.
Liquid Nails

Stamps and prices

Each grade tile adhesive, there are about a dozen species, due to the features listed above.

Yes, and prices in different outlets can vary widely.

most popular brands:

  • Plitonit,
  • Knauf,
  • Ceresit,
  • win,
  • Basics,
  • Eunice,
  • Fungenf,
  • IVSIL,
  • Prospectors,
  • Kiilto.

In each of these well-known and repeatedly proven brands have their pros and positive qualities, they will be a great help in your work, especially if you choose is waterproof version of any of them.

can chase advantage and buy less "promoted" and, therefore, cheaper brands of adhesives.

likely the difference in quality will not be very noticeable, but it is worth checking out for sure, so it's shelf-life of the material, and if possible to ensure its proper storage conditions.

On average, glue price will be around 300 rubles.25 kg.

Клей для плитки "Плитонит"

How to lay tiles with their hands

about how to glue the ceiling tile, see the following video.

So you've stocked the right amount of eye pleasing tiles, adhesive and grout suitable beautiful color.We got from the box with tools, have a friend or just bought a spatula with teeth required size.Do not forget to grade primer.

secrets and nuances in self-updating the bathroom a lot, but imagine that you are all perfectly: the surface smooth, straight, no plumbing and nothing prevents the laying of tiles.

start is recommended from the walls.

sure to prime with the surface.You can do it twice.

Then, by making the calculation on paper, or simply mechanically applying a row of tiles to the wall (while not forgetting the required clearance of a few millimeters), it is necessary to imagine a painting installation.If the tiles are the same, then we can nachinat.V Otherwise it is recommended to spread somewhere in an empty area of ​​the floor pattern, so as not to confuse the intended pattern, and then take out the tiles.

If the wall will contain an integer tiles from floor to ceiling, then there will need to use the cut tile, then according to the rules leave room near the floor for such a non-integer layer nailing strip-footing for the second (uncut) series, and thengo upwards.

If you would not communicate with the division of the tile, you can pick up a tile thickness of fillets in the right layer and put the figure will be easier and faster.

gluing tiles

For greater certainty, draw vertical lines on the wall to check with evenness of gluing tiles.

There are three ways of laying tile adhesive for the lining:

  1. The pasting wall (small areas at a time).
  2. Overlay glue on the tiles.
  3. Integrated adhesive application (on the wall and the tiles).

Master Secret: when applying adhesive to both surfaces of the teeth traces of the spatula should turn out approximately perpendicular.With this arrangement, tile more mobile in the pressure on her.Do not forget that after applying Tile necessarily pressed, but the effort should not be excessive in order to avoid distortions or even championing tiles.

After bonding the first following rows stacked.Seams to have the same thickness, set between the tiles dividing crosses.X's size depends on the tile size.

After full placement must be at least 3-4 hours, when you can get the support crosses, clean the slit a sharp blade and rub into the gap grout, matched in tone or contrast with the tile.

When laying tiles on the floor you must take care of the surface of the seal.For this purpose, a moisture barrier is applied to the floor itself, as well as on the walls to a height of 10 centimeters pola.Plitochny adhesive is applied while the third way - on both surfaces.It is desirable to use a level to obtain a clean floor.

Depending on the selected tile laying pattern start from the corner, located on the upstream side, or from the center.But at the full review of sex and the inability to hide the cut pieces of furniture, start putting some of the center, while maintaining symmetry.

Laying tiles on the adhesive

After 2-3 days pass and finally the adhesive is dry, grouting will go and seal the joints with sealant, and after drying, remove the excess with a knife, but the surface itself can be cleaned with a dampsponge in a couple of hours after caulking.

Remember that "Handmaiden" now - it's quite fashionable, it is an occasion to surprise friends and acquaintances, and his own unique plan.The main thing - to think through the process and get a good and friendly helper whenever possible.You may also want to view several videos where similar work carried out by experts before laying tiles.