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August 12, 2017 18:06

Beige Tiles : floor , wall .Combining , design options

Example beige tiles
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  • Glass mosaic in the interior
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Beige finish makes the room more comfortable and lighter thatIt is very important for bathrooms.And if earlier the color contrast was inferior in popularity and bright shades, fashion is now on it's back.As for the bathroom interior planned classical solution without screaming accents and unnecessary frills, the more often it is treated to beige color.What has especially use beige tile in the decoration of the bathroom?


  1. Because beige is a warm color, so its impact on the visual appearance of the bathroom will be shown in the appendix of spaciousness and light.
  2. Beige beneficial effect on mood and is associated with tranquility and calmness.Staying in a beige bath, you will feel the relaxation and tranquility.
  3. beige and shades may make the backdrop for other colors, because it is a neutral range.This color is combined with any other, which gives considerable scope for design ideas.
  4. Beige trim practical, because on it less noticeable stains and dirt.
Beige tiles in the interior
Beige bathroom
Tiles beige color

Known collection

Many tile manufacturers choose beige as a basis for their collections.In these collections beige tiles are products for covering walls and floors, as well as friezes and mosaics.

Peronda Spanish company, which produces ceramic tiles since 1951, offers a collection of Mitologica beige tiles. It includes wall and floor tiles and borders in beige tones.This matte tile with a rough surface provided by rectangular panels and mosaics.This material is ideal for the creation of the old interior.

Tile Peronda

understated, but refined beige tiles manufactured by Naxos in Italy. Her collection in beige tones called Terramare.Wall, artificially aged, as well as floor tiles shows the basic format of 20 by 20 cm, matt and soft natural tones.It can be supplemented with plinths and d├ęcor to add individuality and comfort bathroom.

Beige tile Naxos
Beautiful beige tiles
Collection Naxos
Tile Naxos
Beige tiles in the bathroom
Beige tiles for the bathroom

Create original beige interior in the bathroom, you can use the company's productsGolden Tile, selecting a collection Karat. It includes tile pastel beige tones with discreet floral decoration.This wall is smooth and embossed glazed tiles, floor mat and glazed tiles and relief frieze.

Tile Golden Tile

Another well-known beige collection called Opera features factory Italon. Its basis is the wall tiles with a thin texture in a modern palette, complemented by elegant decor.It is hygienic, safe and functional material to tastefully decorate the bath room.

Opera Tile

about design options bathroom tiles, various combinations read our other article.

Glass mosaic in the interior

As in the bathroom humidity is increased, and the cleaning is carried out frequently, glass mosaic can be considered an ideal material for the building.Using a mosaic of brown and beige, you can create a monochrome background in the room, to subsequently add accents (pictures, shelves, decorations), or to issue the wall color transitions using dark and light shades.

Note that this mosaic visually expand the bathroom and can be used for zoning (eg, glass mosaics can be finished section of the wall next to the bathroom or wash basin).

Decorating the walls with mosaics

Beige mosaic is also the best choice as an unusual textured flooring.Especially for such a function produce material with a greater thickness and high resistance to shocks. Caring for such coating is easy, plus it less visible dirt and debris. Besides, beige tiles on the floor, too, visually expand the space.

Glass mosaic
Beige glass mosaics in the interior
Beige tiles in the bathroom

In conjunction with the general beige-up glass mosaic with such hues as milk, gray-beige and brown-beige, make the interior oriental room.Adding to furnish the room decor in the form of beige mosaic border, you can get an antique atmosphere.Air filled with sunlight, if its design combine beige and gold and the general background of mosaic flooring golden sandy shade.


  • Remember that any beige shade will help to create the impression of additional space that will be particularly valuable for small bathroom.
  • room trimmed with smooth shiny and glossy tiles, you will achieve the effect of freshness, light and some cold, but the use of rough and matt tiles help bring to room atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
  • If you need to conduct a visual correction architectural nuances of the room, this will help different shades of beige tiles arranged with gradient transitions.
  • Do not combine with beige tile grout white.If you want to process the seams light material, let it be shade or a creamy ivory.
  • main advantage of beige ceramic as a floor covering is that a drop of water on its surface is almost imperceptible.
  • in beige bath silver and gold decor seems appropriate, therefore, beige tones are often chosen to create a classic interior.
  • confining mosaic bathroom beige tile is better to choose several shades.Registration will only be attractive if you place the elements of a different color randomly and chaotically.
Beige tiles with golden decor
Beige ceramic
Finish beige tiles
Beautiful beige tiles
Stylish beige tiles
Original beige tiles

Colors companion

Bath can be trimmed not onlybeige monochromatic tiles, although these shades can be called self-sufficient.Beige may well serve as a backdrop for panels and parts of decoration of bright colors, combining well with warm tones and a range of cool colors.

The most popular combination is a compound of beige and brown tones. A good combination is "Beige + Black."In this case, a calm beige soften the strict kind of black.Black interior elements, combined with the warm beige background, pretend elegant bath.For example, a piece can be a mirror in a black frame.Beige also goes well with rich dark colors such as blue and burgundy.

Beige and brown bathroom
Beige and turquoise in the bathroom
Beige and blue in the bathroom

design in beige and gray tones give a sense of peace and comfort. saturated shades of gray color can be made, and leading and complementary.If the beige interior to add a light gray tile, beige heat will be even more emphasized.

Grey and beige bathroom

excess beige room, even though it is paradoxical, makes the space darker.If the bathroom is all beige - walls, furniture, flooring - general view will turn darker.For the "lightening" can be used in making the interior in white.For example, if you are already finished with shades of beige walls and floor, ie the repair is completed, make the room more fresh and helps tidy white furniture and white decor.

White bathroom with beige tiles


Since clearance baths most often in beige color is carried out using material more colors (dark and light), we will consider just such finishes.

One of the methods commonly used by designers in favor "chess" laying the material, when light and dark tiles are laid in the likeness of a chessboard. This is the classic method by which the room will be brighter.

second most common technique is to trim the bottom of the dark tint of the walls, and the top to the ceiling - light beige.Choosing this classic win-win situation, and note - the smaller the size of your bathroom, the more light ceramic should be used in its design.

Chess beige tile layout
Design bathroom with beige tiles
Interior Option bathroom

More tiled bathroom design we discussed in another article.Read and interesting ways to use the combination in practice.

often choose such an option: the floor is laid with tiles brown and decorate the walls in a light beige tone, adding a little brown specks, for example, in the form of a mural on one wall, located along the perimeter of one or more horizontal stripes vertical stripes. Effectively dilute the monotony of beige brown mosaic walls by adding depth and texture.

If you want to arrange a bath only beige, can be achieved using a variety of interesting textures, patterns and textures.

Wooden furniture in beige bathroom
furniture in beige bathroom
Beige tiles in the bathroom with pink
Beautiful beige tiles in the bathroom
Beige Bathroom
Beautiful beige bathroom


Additionally, pay attention to the selection of furniture in your beige bathroom. most organic option is best suited to the beige tiles, a wooden furniture. This will look nice and dark wood furniture and light wooden furniture.Bathroom will light and cozy.Accessories in the beige bathroom can have absolutely any shade.

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