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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plaster lamb for superior facades

Description and scope

Plaster lamb has been popular since the days of the Soviet Union.That's when it was applied as a coating "under a fur coat."It has Kameshkovo texture with different grain sizes.It is used for decorative facades and interior walls of the processing facilities.It is applied in almost all mineral substrates (plaster, cement-lime, clay, lime plastering compositions).

often said that woodworm and similar lamb, so what is the difference between them?The fact that one and the other mixtures containing mineral fillers and have Kameshkovo structure.However, woodworm achieves striated texture and lamb - rough, evenly-grained.Both of them have excellent consumer properties, but produce different decorative patterns on the surface.

produced a mixture of white cement of the highest quality, functional components from leading manufacturers in Europe, mineral fillers.The acrylic compositions are also added to the acrylic resin dispersion.It is applied not only on concrete, plasterboard and gypsum substrates, but also on the mineral wool boards.If the room is in an area with high humidity levels, which are often covered by fungus and mold, then applied on top of a bactericidal composition (a protective layer).

plaster Properties lamb

As already mentioned, plaster lamb has excellent performance characteristics.Available in various colors it, so you can choose the most suitable according to the general color palette.So, the basic properties of the release:

  • Provides excellent adhesion (adhesion material base).
  • has a high level of water and frost (about 75 cycles).
  • has elasticity and impact resistance.The process does not crack.
  • Easy to operate and use.
  • Permanently retains excellent appearance and does not fade in the sun.

technology application

Before applying any plaster composition must be properly prepared base.Do so in accordance with SNIP 3.04.01-87.In fact, under the surface finish must be sound, clean, smooth, smooth.It should not be the last coat of paint, wallpaper, plaster (need to think about how to remove the old plaster).

also removes oil and grease stains with special means.Any bumps, potholes or cracks are aligned with plaster.Dilute the mixture according to the recipe given on the packaging.Next, the base composition of the soil, suitable for concrete base.Thus all the work must be carried out at a temperature ranging from +5 to + 30 ° C (preferably +20 ° C Rising) and a humidity of about 75%.

Next apply textured plaster lamb.It is poured into containers, diluted in water and stir until creamy state.Allow the solution for 5 minutes and stirred again.It is important to use it for 1.5 hours as it is during this time it retains its properties.While it is important in the operation periodically stir composition.

Apply special material stainless steel trowel.The thickness of all layers is equal to the thickness of grain.The result is a structure with a rough surface, due to the grains.layer Drying time depends on the air temperature, as well as absorption of the substrate.

most detail see the process of application and use of the material can be in a special video, plaster lamb which shows the process works, and applied-masters finishers.This will greatly help you in the finish.