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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to glue non-woven wallpaper - the nuances and subtleties of preparing the walls of the process

How to paste non-woven wallpaper: the nuances of selection

Before pokleit non-woven wallpaper, you must decide whether you are going to paint them later, or want to buy a ready-made material of a certain color?The second case - on the less expensive labor, but after painting the joints become completely invisible and topcoat - more durable.About what kind of paint to paint the non-woven wallpaper, we will tell the next time.

  1. Calculate number of rolls.
  2. purchasing wallpaper, do not forget about the glue.If rolls specified recommended brand, it is advisable to buy it.
  3. Remember that before you stick the non-woven wallpaper, you need to stock up on the necessary tools and materials.You will need:
  • ladder;
  • plaster (start and finish);
  • spatulas - wide and narrow;
  • building knife and scissors;
  • wide paint brush for smearing glue on the wall;
  • level;
  • plummet;
  • line;
  • special roller, trowel or brush to smooth the wallpaper;
  • small roller priglazhivaniya joints;
  • soft sponge to remove the excess glue.

Preliminary work - to correct non-woven wallpaper pokleit

Before you begin, you must perform preparatory work.First - clean the walls of the old coating, if necessary - to remove the old plaster and apply a new one, and then align the surface of filler and always primed.This can be a special fungicidal primer to prevent the breeding of fungus (if it has a premise or to a wall spackling have been struck by a fungus).But it is better to use the same glue that purchased wallpaper, spreading in the ratio stated in the instructions for priming the walls.The primer should be dry prior to further work.

With plumb, ruler and pencil, draw a line from the corner at a distance of the width of the wallpaper.If you bought a meter non-woven wallpaper - before gluing them to make sure that took into account the real width of the cloth - it can be 106 cm or so.

Cut the necessary amount for one wall bands, not forgetting that they should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the wall.Adjust the drawing, if any, that it exactly matched.

As pokleit - subtlety

process Spread glue for non-woven wallpaper and carefully smear it over the surface of the walls from top to bottom, slightly beyond the line carried out.

Take the cut strip and dry (for this type of coating is applied to the glue) attach it exactly along the wall held by you on the line.Smoothes from the middle to the edge, making sure not to leave bubbles.If on the face cloth was glue, immediately remove it with a soft damp sponge.This is especially important if the wallpaper will hereinafter be painted.If you do not remove the excess, in these places will not lay down paint.

Remember, stuff that we talk only butt glue.Therefore, each following panel is applied precisely to the previous close, leaving no gap and preventing "creeping".It is very important to accurately draw a line vertically first bonding.

When you have finished processing the wall integral with sheets, you should know how to glue the corners Non-woven wallpaper.To do this, measure the distance from the end of the cloth before the previous corner and add 3 - 4 cm, and then the resulting cut away along the next panel, and apply to angle necessarily overlap, but only a few centimeters.On the next wall begin again from the corner, blocking these centimeters.In the corners of the top and / or bottom panel of incised if it is slightly longer than the wall.After all smooth cloth trimmed with a knife and a ruler.

If after reading this text, you still have questions - video - as a non-woven wallpaper pokleit give obvious answers to them.